Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Are Muslim Paedophiles Incurable?

It’s an important question. The evidence supports the assertion, since Islam prohibits Muslim child-molesters from receiving psychological treatment.

Actually, this whole story reads like a dystopian fantasy by Kafka or Orwell. Muslim prisoners may not be treated for paedophilia because their religion forbids it. But denial of parole for failure to undergo treatment is — wait for it — religious discrimination against them.

The UK has definitely moved into first place in the world “You Can’t Make This S**t Up” sweepstakes. According to The Daily Mail:

Muslim sex offenders could opt out of treatment programme ‘because it’s against their faith’

Muslim sex attackers could be spared a prison treatment programme because it is against their religion, it has emerged.

Rapists, paedophiles and other dangerous sex attackers are expected to discuss their crimes with others during jail sessions designed to stop them reoffending.

But Muslim inmates have complained they should not be made to undergo the Sex Offender Treatment Programme group therapy.

Now the Prison Service’s Muslim advisor, Ahtsham Ali, has said there is a “legitimate Islamic position” that criminals should not discuss their crimes with other people.

An “urgent review” has been ordered, and Muslims could be allowed to opt out of this part of the treatment — despite completing a full programme often being a condition of release.


Some 1,000 sex offenders underwent the treatment programme last year, in 26 prisons. Places are usually reserved for the most dangerous attackers who are serving sentences of four years or more.

Failure to complete the treatment can weigh against the offender when they are being considered for parole.

The possibility of an exemption for Muslims came to light after an unnamed prisoner wrote to Inside Time, the official newspaper of inmates.

The convict said: “I have always insisted that it was against Islamic teachings to discuss your offence to anyone, let alone act it out within a peer group.”

Experts said that, if Muslims were spared the treatment, the Government would face a legal challenge if they made this grounds for keeping the men in prison for longer.

Harry Fletcher, assistant general secretary of probation union Napo, said: “The logic is that Muslims cannot take part in offender programmes and therefore their offending behaviour cannot be assessed and they are unlikely to be granted parole.

“They may then seek legal redress through judicial review on the grounds that they are being discriminated against on the grounds of religion. If they do not take part, Muslim sex offenders are likely to serve longer sentences, possibly the whole of their term, before they are released.”

Are you filled with loathing yet?

Well, don’t quit reading. It gets worse:
- - - - - - - - -
A Prison Service spokesman said: ‘We are currently seeking to ensure that the policy for the Sex Offender Treatment Programme is sensitive to the diversity of religions within the prison context…

“To assess an offender’s readiness, and to ensure that the programme is responsive to their particular needs, a range of factors are considered.

“These include intellectual ability, language, literacy, dyslexia, mental and physical health, disability, drug use and psychopathic traits, as well as religious or cultural issues.”

Mass insanity is the only explanation for this nonsense. The entire administrative apparatus of the British state is now clinically insane.

Maybe it should undergo psychiatric treatment…

Hat tip: Paul Weston.


Henrik R Clausen said...

I think there must be a translation mistake somewhere. It must be paedophilia, not illegal love between adults, that deserves death by stoning.

Talk of disproportionate punishments...

Dymphna said...

The Baron has happened upon one of my pet peeves. Pedophilia cannot be cured, and it certainly can't be adequately addressed in a prison system with a few over-worked forensic psychiatrists.

The Muslim's usual approach -- i.e., we get to opt out because we're special -- ought to be treated for the con game that it is. This kind of Muslim is a sick joke. Quick to offend social mores, and even quicker to be offended when called to account for their seriously sick behavior.

A forensic psychiatrist told me these guys are the hardest ones to reach and he won't work with them. Thinks they ought to be put away permanently -- in their own special prison population.

See here:

Anonymous said...

This is sick. Its getting out of control.....!

Sir Henry Morgan said...

" Mass insanity is the only explanation for this nonsense. The entire administrative apparatus of the British state is now clinically insane. "

No, the administrative apparatus of the British state is not insane. Neither is it incompetent - like the Cylons, it has a plan.

Wish we could work out the details of that plan.

spackle said...

Good! I say keep piling it on. Every insane special treatment Muslims request and are granted will just push their luck past the tipping point. And we all know what will happen after that point has been reached.

Dymphna said...

Sir Henry:

Not sure I agree with your assesssment. Just so I won't kill the thread by mentioning the little Austrian with the moustache (and a plan), I will revert instead to the lessons of his confrere, old Joe (with the larger moustache).

Stalin definitely had a plan; he had any number of them. But he *was* insane by any clinical definition. The creep died because his associates were afraid to approach his bed for fear of losing their heads...and so the old man died slowly of a stroke.

The price of insanity for the individual. A much higher price for those under his thumb.

Just because a penal system has a plan doesn't it's not incompent, nor does it grant sanity to those who implement that "plan."

It's evil.

Spinoneone said...

Of course a Muslim should opt out. After all, Muhammad was the "most perfect" man ever created and he raped Aisha when she was nine. That is held up in every biograph of Mo as an example to be followed by all. In the ahadith there are extensive discussions of the desirability [no pun intended here] of deflowering your new bride before her fist menses. This "insanity" has been going on for 1400+ years and has always been seen as not just condoned but encouraged by Islam.

Afonso Henriques said...

"It’s an important question. The evidence supports the assertion, since Islam prohibits Muslim child-molesters from receiving psychological treatment."

Well, muslims are indeed right. You can not treat people with "sexual desire for little, naive, unprotected children".

I think you must get this people a place where they can live but far, far away from any children or any women so that this kind of I-don't-know-what-to-call-them, maybe individuals, do not pass their genes upon the next generation.

The rest of the article makes me wonder... it is scarying normal!

It is a bit like OZ, the "dream-prision" of McManus that helps only the "big sharks" (remember what happened to the guy who destroyed a statue?). There must be prisions of three kinds: To people that have commited some mistakes; to bad people who can be helped and to people who do not disearve to live.

All our concepts as a civilisation are flawed, in a way or in another.
And I honesteley can not see how to remediate it.
I am hoping a good ditactor to came to power in my country. Only that way we can become a "functional civilisation" again. Like (I hope it's true) Serbia.

Russia, help us!!!

Homophobic Horse said...

You're flying off the handle Afonso.. You don't want a dictator but you do want serious action to be taken. Nothing wrong with that.

Mediocracy has a rather excellent flow chart on the decline and fall of civilisation. Give it a read.

And here's a video on Islamic child abuse of crawling babies. No I'm not being a demagogue, go click.

Finally, I've said it before and I'll say it again. PC, Diversity Training, these are forms of cognitive impairment: institutional insanity.

the doctor said...

Actually there is a cure for paedophilia , simply inject 125grains of lead , inter-cranialy , at 1200fps
and it works every time .

Tuan Jim said...

What I find extremely ironic are the tales from my buddies in Afghanistan of "Boy Love Thursdays" - wherein all sorts of interesting things would go on at the same time every week (many visible from the guard towers).

The hypocrisy in these people is off the charts - here's another interesting link - great read, but you may get some not-worksafe ads: http://www.viceland.com/int/v14n11/htdocs/syrian_whorehouse.php?country=us

Sir Henry Morgan said...


Yes, I'll have to concede on this one. Their having a plan does not necessarily exclude their being insane or incompetent. And collective insanity and/or incompetence is far more serious than individual. They get together in their smoke filled rooms and feed off each other in an ever rising spiral.

Evil? Definitely.

Joanne said...

Mohammed was a paedophile, so Muslim men probably consider raping a child is all good.

I say, "One strike and you're out." It is too bad, it is so hard keeping them out or making sure they even went.

Findalis said...

There is a cure for pedophilia: Castration!

Guaranteed to keep the offenders from ever raping a child again.

Works regardless of race or faith.

X said...

Very often the clinically insane have the most effective plans, simply because they see things differently. People can't figure out how they'll act. Other times, though, they're boringly predictable...

The insanity driving the member-states of the EU is actually a verys imple one: they're destroying everything as fast as they can, in order to provide a foundation for the new United Europe. The old nations will disappear, replaced with hundreds of regional entities about the size of Wales. The ultimate goal of the EU is to create a single demos across the entire continent but, they reason, this cannot be done without first destroying everything that keeps society functioning.

The insanity comes in believing that a single demos is possible across such a broad culturally heterogeneous area. The masterful plan comes in making the entire process so incredibly slow and boring, so completely impenetrable, that most people give up tying to find out after the first few hundred pages of meaningless waffle. Most of the main agreements of the Maastricht treaty are still to be implemented and are just starting to kick in now. This particular incident is the end result of a process that probably started anywhere up to twenty years ago.

The best trick the devil pulled, as they say...

Afonso Henriques said...

Homofobic Horse,
Of course, I don't really want a dictator. I do want "serious action to be taken" but, when I think about it, and I did, I come to the sad tought that no "serious action" can take place, unless an elite of people come to power and have unlimited power over "the People".

I can not really see a way out. In my country, muslims are by no means the worst minority. But yesterday, a TV channel talked about an area in Lisbon that was more than 80% muslim. In the worst neighbourhoods of "blacks" where the worst criminals are from (except the great white-collar socialist pedophiles such as Paulo Pedroso) such as "Cova da Moura" ("The (female) Moor's Cave" in English) there are already "cultural islamic centres".
If the "black muslim Nation" in the U.S. starts to be supported by MTV (which would not be astonishing) beeing muslim can easily become fashionable among "our" "ethnics".
It will get pretty nasty.

About your link concerning "Mediocracy":
Thank you very much. It is true, and a nice diagram. Easy to understand. I was already aware of those "systems" but is always good to read one again. I will just say what is in my mind, that the Hard Left, as well as the Hard Right are Social Engeneering.
Whereas the Right tries to elevate the society to another level, a superior level; the Left tries to put the society into a low level.
For exemple in 1917, Russia:
1st, you kill all the Nobility and Priests. Those represent the "spirutual" and the "human" elites.
Second, you destroy the "burgoise" the rich, those who have been sucessfull
3rd, you empower the lower strata as you can get so that those who are "somewhat inferior" and "uncapable of being sucessfull" are the easyest for you to control. This "inferior beings" will be your "best slaves". In Socialistic Europe it goes down into the ridicule of "importing" those "inferior beings" in order to elect them as your "new people". They are easier to manage. At least they have no idea what Tradition is. Maybe I have already said too much and I am not making a lot of sense but the hell with it...

Concerning your link about muslim children's rapists, I will say:
It is bad, but it is a less evil.
Here, where I am, there are European Socialistic members of the Parlament such as Paulo Pedroso who have been raping little poor children in "home-shelters".
He and no one conected to the Socialist Party (in power) was convivted. Also, even some highly notable European (Portuguese) Media figures such as people with their own TV show were convicted for going there having "parties" with poor children.
They were conected to some Belgian and Brittish and I think French too, pedophile nets.
My premise is, I have no right to criticize what muslims do to their children when there are people (from the left, what a surprise!) who are even worst here.
I will not tolerate muslim behaviour such as this near me, or against liitle children whith whom I may have some conection (even if it is only Nationality or cultural afiliation, it is a lot), but I am only going to make my little Cruzade to Iraq and Afghanistan after all those European people within my country who practice such vile acts are dead or in prision.

Before we go after the muslim, the immigrant or whatever, we have to go after ourselves. You see, what is our real enemy here, the poor islamic terrorist or that Leftist-European-Blood that controle our cities and let all this happened?

As Fjordman says, "It is the greatest betrayal in History".

The "ethnics" would have no power if we were not so kin on giving them that power.

PS- I heard right now on television an high ranking doctor saying that in the "Nordic-Socialist-Paradise" nobody smokes and there are no deseases related to air polution.
Anybody here from Norway, Sweden or Denmark to attest it?

David M said...

The Thunder Run has linked to this post in the - Web Reconnaissance for 04/09/2008 A short recon of what’s out there that might draw your attention, updated throughout the day...so check back often.

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Dymphna said...

recommending death or punishment for gays is a giant step beyond the Gates of Vienna rules for commenting.

This one definitely was not civil.