Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Thanks, Everyone

A sword fishLast night, a few hours after we were expelled by Pajamas Media, I laid out our new situation and suggested that we might be able to remain free of advertisements if readers were to give us enough direct support.

Well, so far, after just twenty-four hours, it looks like we may be able to do it. Dymphna and I have been overwhelmed by the generosity of our readers, some of whom we already knew from their participation in the comments, and some we have never met before. Thanks to each and every one of you.

We’ve also received a lot of supportive email, and exchanged chit-chat with several new correspondents. One of our donors replied to Dymphna’s thank-you note with this message:
- - - - - - - - -
Thank you very much for your note — it is indeed an honor to represent my state in such a way. It was my great pleasure to finally contribute, since I have enjoyed reading the posts on GoV for so long. The work you and the Baron do is of such great value and importance that I could not fail to at least do my small part to keep things up and running. After all — every great ideological struggle needs a sound (or at least compelling) intellectual base — without it the resistance to Islam will amount to little more than undirected thrashing about. You help provide the means for that base to develop and mature, using the medium that is best suited to the needs of that effort. It is my hope that today’s work with the pen will prepare enough Americans for that day when we must take up the sword.

Thank you for all the hard work you put into your writing and the maintenance of your site. Thank you as well for being among those who are not content to sit by and watch in silent horror.

This blog has evolved into a genuine group effort, and everyone participates in one way or another. Besides our contributors, correspondents, translators, commenters, and publicly credited tipsters, we also rely on tipsters who prefer to remain anonymous and other sources who help compile and distribute information.

Other readers simply spread the word. Afonso mentioned earlier in a comment that he prints out and distributes some of our posts — there is no more gratifying response than that.

So posting is a little light because we’re dealing with such a large flood of generosity. But things will return to normal soon.

Meanwhile, though it’s been hectic, we have thoroughly enjoyed hearing from readers who don’t comment but want to support our efforts. The whole experience was inspiring.

If anyone didn’t get an acknowledgement, please let us know.

None of it would have happened without the help of Pajamas Media… they came in, and our angels followed after. From all over the US — you Texans are something else — plus Australia, Canada, the UK, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, the Czech Republic, France, and Italy.

Nothing from the Fiji Islands, though.

I wonder what’s up with that?


KGS said...

The Gates of Vienna is showing the way to all other bloggers, on how to be an effective voice in the resistance to Islamization.

The high quality of the posts and discussions published at the Gates of Vienna are of great service to the international community.

The Tundra Tabloids stands fully behind the GoV, and hopes that they remain at the front lines of the battleground of coherent opinion, ideas and sound argument.

It's rare to find a website that dedicates itself to such an open airing of honest discussion and thoughtful analysis of the most difficult issues facing us presently, regardless where we reside. The GoV has truly lifted the bar for the rest of us. For all those in the blogosphere who seriously contemplate the current state of affairs, reading the GoV is not only common sense, it's vital, and its continued support is truly deserved. *L* KGS

Unknown said...

GoV - Unable to contribute monetarily right now, but I do try to help spread the word. I like how on your site nothing is out of bounds for discussion. In a truly free society everything should be open for a free exchange of ideas, even if those ideas are repugnant. By discussing, we learn. The PC police have done enough damage elsewhere. Don't let them dictate to GoV.

As your site shows, even the most "intense" topics can be discussed in a civil manner. You strict enforcement of "good manners" in the comments is one of my favorites things about GoV.

Anonymous said...

Just as an afterthought: the reason I contributed was not because I would dislike new ads. As a matter of fact, my ad blocker is quite effective: I had not even noticed you had any, and the site does not load more quickly for me now...

I contributed because I would hate Gates of Vienna to go offline, and because the quality of information, debate and comment we have here is very, very rare on the Web.

It is not only the quality, of course. It is that we need it. It is a matter of survival.

This site, and a small number of others, have a distinct whiff of the BBC during the Second World War, from a French perspective.

It's that bad.

You guys should be subsidized by your government (only joking, of course).

Charles Martel said...

My donation has just been sent via Paypal. Yours is indeed, a glorious quest.

10ksnooker said...

Free speech is free speech, it's as simple as that. I see nothing wrong with your essay and plan on putting your blog in my favorite column.

Don't change your voice.

IgnorantInfidel said...

You have my full support in your efforts to alert the world to the dangers posed by the expansion of Islam by its physical and political terrorism.

Gates of Vienna is a reliable resource that provides a world wide perspective of these threats. The European views are especially informative.

Thank you

Bilgeman said...

Baron & Dymphna:

If I promise to go away for awhile, d'you think they'd drop more cash in the kitty?

I'm short on lucre...will a barrel of crude oil do?

. said...

I'm happy to make my small contribution as a sometimes contrarian to Gates of Vienna discourse. In case you haven't noticed, I've tried to be politer than I was on a certain other website. Perhaps getting substantive return replies instead of mindless insults helps concentrate my mind a little better.

As for contributing, I think my profound insights are worth much more than mere money could ever be.

Also, my wife would try to strangle me and would cut my credit cards in two if she found a contribution to ANY weblog on our credit card bill!

Best Wishes,

The Poster Formerly Known as Gordon (aka Nodrog)

Jungle Jim said...

I am surprised that I haven't been banned at LGF. I got into an exchange of comments with five o'clock Charley the other day concerning Dymphna and Vlaams Belang.

xlbrl said...

This is the gentlist and most respectful blog I know of. Since I trust completely the character of GOV, that informs me of things I need to know concerning our general condition and place in the arenas of speech and courage. Not good, and eroding all the time.
The Japanese once had a similar misunderstanding of American and Western capabilities, because they only saw our great foolishness. That cost them a great deal. It is ironic that in preventing a look into what may happen to Muslims when hidden lines are crossed, we make conflageration much more likely. It should be obvious that Muslims respect only those things that they themselves inflict upon others. We are doing them no kindness in appeasing them.

Holger said...

There are so many blogs out there dealing with the islamization. You can't read them all, so you have to pick, and this blog is always the one I come back to check because it's nuanced and has opinions rather than just news.
Keep up the great work!

OMMAG said...

Good fortune to you.....an interesting development and perhaps a milestone of sorts in the ...
Evolution ? of blogging?

Avery Bullard said...

So Commissar Roger Simon ('ex'-leftis, now a neocon) has purged GOV. You should consider it a compliment that you are offending the neocons who would happily flush Western civilisation down the toilet. you must be doing something right.

Frank said...

This is truly one of those rare occurences on the internet...a blog...

1 ...operating on a postgraduate level,

2 without the usual polysyllabic bombast,

And rarest of rare:

3 the comments section is as enlightening and well texted as the posts themselves.

Betcha were surprised at all the support you didn't know you had...and that's just the beginning, I suspect.

Peggy Snow Cahill said...

xlbrl hit the nail on the head:
"This is the gentlist and most respectful blog I know of. Since I trust completely the character of GOV..."
I read so many blogs, but I always save this one for last, because the gentle and respectful spirit of it is sweet after some of the bitterness around the blogworld. Not to mention that the posts here are of the highest genuine intelligence, not the stuff that is being paraded around as "brilliant" when it is, in fact, reeking of darkness than light. I have learned soooo much here. Thanks, guys, you are the best!

Rondo said...

...free of advertisements if readers were to give us enough direct support...---

WTF? this blog is hosted by google(blogspot.com)for free.


costin said...

Moko, you don't know what you are talking about. It takes a lot of energy, time and money to do what Baron and Dymphna are doing. It's not about paying the host.

Anonymous said...

Jungle Jim, what's your username at LGF? I'd love to see what you said over there...

Old Atlantic Lighthouse said...

When I read of this sort of thing, Pajamas Media, pulling its support from Gates of Vienna, I feel it in my
stomach. This is just betrayal by Pajamas Media is how it feels to me. I feel its a betrayal of me and sends the signal I and others like me are not just expendable, but they never cared for me at all. It was just pretend.

X said...

Hey Moko, mere hosting isn't the problem. If it were I'd quite hapilly host them on my server - though in that case I'd be out of pocket for the huge amount of bandwidth this place generates. Think about how prolific Gates of Vienna is when it comes to articles. Quite apart from the guest articles there are thoroughly researched articles by the Baron and Dymphna, articles that require a great deal of time to put together and perfect. As you are probably aware, time is money. Literally; those little bits of paper and numbers in your bank account are a direct exchange for the amount of time you put into your job. The amount of time it takes to put together an article for this place... well. That's what the PJMedia adverts would cover, I imagine. What's wrong with trying to replace that revenue stream?

@Gordon: I know that pain. Fortunately I have a forgiving wife and a separate business account, so not only do I get my own money I get to claim it as a business expense. :D "Consultancy fee", perhaps...

What I like about this place is that it has people who disagree with me. on substantive issues and have the knowledge to back it up. Often (in fact generally) more knowledge than I have. It's fun. I learn new things every time I visit.

Cobra said...

I do not have enough words to thank you and congratulate you for the classy and full of substance site you are running.
Long live GOV, long live free speech!

Reliapundit said...





PapaBear said...

The downside of accepting ads, is that the gravy train is dependent upon you not saying anything which would drive away your advertisers.

So the dynamic opinions which got you your audience, the audience which makes you attractive to advertisers, suddenly needs to go in order to maintain profits.

Freerepublic.com has existed for a long time as a member-supported, ad-free site, and that allowed it to remain free wheeling. GoV can do the same

TouchStone said...

Found your site via "A Western Heart" and have been readin' it for a while.

Added a link to your page on my "Favorites".

Never Surrender, Never Forget, Let God do the Forgiving.


Keep up the great work Gates of Vienna.
You have supporters Down Under in little New Zealand.
I often quote your commentary in posts of mine.
We have a token lefty on our blog to provide balance who does not agree, but I find your commentary thought provoking, stimulating and educational.
Please drop by at www.nominister.blogspot.com when you can.

All the best and good luck

Old Atlantic Lighthouse said...

Planning for contingencies is a basic part of rational decision making under uncertainty. This is the basis of insurance, financial planning, military planning, emergency planning, etc.

If an outside agent were to stop contingency planning that would be harmful. Imagine a Chinese agent in the Pentagon who stops contingency planning for China's theft of secrets.

Planning can't be confined to within large organizations with the public having no right to plan or comment on contingencies. The purpose of the freedom of speech, etc. is in part to engage in such planning and develop better plans.

Those outside large organizations don't have a big budget to do planning for society, so their plans won't look as good as internal ones prepared at great cost. But we have to do what we can.

It appears key demographic changes are not planned or those who study them are afraid to speak up, e.g. James Watson. So we have to do the best we can with those willing to participate with the budgets we have.

The Machiavellian said...

Google ads, widget bucks, or bidvertiser are 3 pay by click ad services that don't slow down the blog.

Google ads pay the most, but the others are worth a look.

Beach Girl said...

Finally, you are not supporting PM - good for you. You'll do better now that you won't be forced to conform to a defeating attitude.

Baron Bodissey said...

Beachie --

Actually, we didn't try to conform to PJM standards, whatever they might be. In fact, I never even thought about them -- I just posted what I wanted to post.

Due to the recent unpleasantness, in the back of my mind there was always the idea that they might decide to give us the boot.

And now they have, and life is thereby simplified. :)