Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Fairness and Neocon Strategy

The Russian volunteer who recently contributed his translations to the Rosetta Stone project goes by the pseudonym “Peter1”. He has also contributed the essay below.

Fairness and Neocon Strategy
by Peter1

In this short essay I am going to defend the Neocon doctrine of spreading democracy.

To excuse myself, I must say that I never believed in the possibility of democracy in Muslim word. Neither did I believe that the persons of dictators are the source of all evil on Earth, and when they are removed the freedom-loving peoples of the Earth will immediately start to build a wealthy and peaceful life. Many authors criticized those wishful beliefs and demonstrated their leftist origin. Nevertheless, I started to support the Neocon foreign strategy recently, and here I briefly explain why.

First, we must admit that the leftists’ fairness doctrine is now widespread in the West. The reason for that may be discussed elsewhere (maybe in another essay, if GoV would like to publish it). Though criticised by conservatives, being fair and generous is imperative in the modern West. Being fair and sharing is taught at school and in the church, enforced by laws. That may change sometime in future, but currently it is so.

Everyone who proposes to be unfair with any group of people, or propose that cultures are unequal, or that we should not share our wealth, will be marginalized and have no political influence.

So, what can we do in such a situation? Something must be done immediately, we can’t wait indefinitely until the political imperative changes. Conservatives feel that some unfair measures should be taken against dangerous groups, but that is politically impossible. Complaints are many, but they don’t help.

And here come the Neocons with their ingenious doctrine. I don’t know if they really believe it or it is only a strategy. Probably both.
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So, what do they propose? They propose that we must be fair with Muslims and share with them… democracy and liberal values! Nothing is as incompatible with Islam as that (maybe only the Protestant work ethic). It undermines the patriarchal Islamic culture from within. And it works politically — they managed to mobilize the strongest power in the world on this mission for five years.

The reason is that we are fair — we share the best we have, our democracy and liberalism. And I believe that the Neocons are hated so much because it works.

True enough, this strategy has its drawbacks. Democracy is still not there (such a surprise).

We also would like to have it the other way: we would like to live in our wonderful and safe cities, protected by a border fence and police. We would prefer to never hear of barbaric tribes, who seek to dominate the world.

Unfortunately, that isn’t going to happen. The only feasible strategy to resist Islam now, not sometime in future, is the Neocons’ strategy. And thank God we have it.


Henrik R Clausen said...

While I agree in the principle of offering the Islamic world the best we have - couldn't we find a somewhat less .. expensive way to deliver the goods? Like sattelite TV or something?

Anonymous said...

Amen Henrik..
Let's make another film and shut our borders

Pastorius said...

I nominate this for Strangest Post of the Year.


I detect layers of irony, or is this post a Rohrschact test, or is it Chance Gardener.

I'd rather not know the answer.

I would rather be mystified and somewhat delighted by its strangeness.

Cobra said...

As a person who understands that there is more than meets the eye behind the neo-con agenda, I disagree.
We must be firm against Islam, but Islam is not the only threat to the West.
I would argue that the main threat to the West comes from within, by stealing our values, morals and Constitution from us, thus opening the door to external threats like Islam.

dienw said...

The ju jitsu of fairness: be fair? very well, let us be fair to your harm. I am sure we can come up with some koan.

Unfortunately, it is the left and its controlled media that determines the proper and good application of "fairness". The "good" thing is they have made the populace saps for such syrup so that it can be used somewhat against them.

In the end, remember that fairness has replaced justice in our vocabulary: we now use a subjective standard instead of being able to appeal to an objective one.

xlbrl said...

Yes, Cobra, the threat to the West is from within. Those who hate themselves first used communism by proxy to destroy us, and now encourage rot through socialism, multiculturalism, and Islam.
But socialism is subtle where Islam is not, and so Islam is a poison that no other remedy can reach--into our insincerity and cowardice. An extreme rigor is more certain to arm everything against it.

Henrik R Clausen said...

personally, I'm simply a conservative. Like Daniel Pipes, asked if he's a Neo-con, said: "No, i'm conservative."

We can just defend what's ours, strongly, and lay out relevant plans for the future. Like gaining energy independence.

Civil liberties and the Rule of law are matters we take for granted - in the positive sense that we use them and defend them, not least against religious bigotry and intimidation.

Yes, I heard about this here Islam. It is so intrinsically flawed that I can't take it seriously. I can recommend investigating the details so we won't be decieved by mock religions again.