Thursday, April 24, 2008

Jailhouse Romance

Our expatriate Dutch correspondent H. Numan has translated a recent newspaper article for us. First, a brief note from the translator:

Do I really need to comment on this? Perhaps this: I thought I had seen all the Loony Left could throw at us… wrong.

And now the article from Monday’s de Volkskrant (the translator’s comments are in square brackets):

Prisoners get dating service

AMSTERDAM — Logical, a dating service for inmates: “a relationship improves the chance to stay straight.”

The inmate union “Bonjo” starts a dating service. Inmates and TBS patients [extremely dangerous psychopaths hospitalized in special prison institutions] looking for a partner can send their personal details to Bonjo. Responses will be forwarded to the prison or mental asylum where the inmates are kept.

“Relationships often end when people are locked up,” said Nico Epskamp, spokesperson for Bonjo. “During detention it is hard to find a partner. A pity, for a relationship improves the chance to stay straight. That is why we began our Bonjo Dating Service on our website.” In the organization’s paper a call for help will soon be published. Epskamp: “We ask inmates what they are interested in, what they look for and the time they have to serve.” Due to privacy considerations no names will be published, only initials.

According to Christiaan Donner, a prison minister in the Bijlmer Prison, dating service will satisfy a great demand. “‘Most inmates I know dream about a good relationship.”
- - - - - - - - -
Ordinary dating services are useless to prisoners and psychopaths, as they are — in principle — not allowed to surf the Internet. That’s why they have to use contact ads in newspapers and magazines. One magazine, Mijn Geheim, decided to skip this column, as far too many inmates solicited for dates. A reader complained her date was mainly interested in her 12-year-old daughter. “People who respond, know they will have to deal with a convicted criminal [or dangerously mentally insane psycho]. That is their own responsibility,” as Epskamp sees it. “One has to be alert, but that normally applies to all strangers one begins dating. Also, some women like the idea of starting a relationship with a convicted criminal.”

Preacher Donner: “It’s something surprising. I know about a man [read: convicted criminal] who abused many women, and still got 30 letters after an advertisement. A psychologist told me women like to dominate such a relationship. They decide when they start visiting, and take care of such a man. Also excitement can play a role.”


Findalis said...

I thought prisoners already had a dating service. They do in American prisons. It is called your cell mate.