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The EUSSR Grows Bolder

The Fjordman Report

The noted blogger Fjordman is filing this report via Gates of Vienna.
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Notice how this senior member of the European Parliament states that the media “must” engage in breaking down resistance to increased mass immigration to Europe. The fact that political authorities clearly view the media as just another arm of the transnational bureaucracy demonstrates just how far down the path of totalitarianism the European Union has already gone.

EUSSR? No!The EUSSR is taking shape right in front of our eyes. As I have said a million times before, the only possible solution to this is to get rid of the EU. All of it. The entire organization is just a big pile of corruption, sharia and Utopian ideologies. It needs to go if the European continent, and the civilization it gave birth to, is to survive this century:

From EU Observer:

Instead of the narrow-minded approach suggested at the Anglo-French Summit Europe we need to agree a far more ambitious package: one which combines the fight against illegal migration with the creation of legal migration channels and development and security policies that actively bolster third countries.

Before our ambitions can be achieved, however, parliamentarians and the media alike must commit to engaging in the crucial step of changing public perceptions. For without public confidence and backing, an ambitious global migration policy for Europe is unlikely to see the light of day.

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Henrik R Clausen said...

the crucial step of changing public perceptions.

AgitProp. Or NewSpeak.

La Belle said...

Sorry- this isn't related to the article, but it is in need or urgent attention and a pro-active effort on our behalf: There is a petition to support Geert Wilders online. Please give your support at www.michellemalkin.com:


All the best and I hope you contribute.

Bert Rustle said...

The linked article mentions a pamphlet "Making Migration Work for Europe" By Graham Watson. Does anyone have a soft copy?

. said...

No, Fjordman, the answer is not the elimination of the EU and the return to the days of aggressive nation states. That was Europe's history for centuries before 1945. And Norwegian or Swedish or Danish or Finnish identity doesn't have a long-term chance in such a milieu.

The answer is to take over the EU, reform it, and convert it into an agent not of globalism, but of Europeanism. While there are certainly sub-cultures, Europe from Cape Clear Island to the Urals has a distinct, western culture. The EU can preserve and enhance that culture against immigration from other parts of the world.

But breaking down the European culture into a German culture, and French culture, and a Spanish culture, and a Russian culture, and a Danish culture? That way has been trod before, and led to the disasters of 1914-1945.

Are you so historically myopic, Fjordman, that you cannot see this?

Devilfish said...

I don't have a problem with the idea of a unified Europe, the only problem is that it's controlled by multiculturalists.

Since when is it the media's job to 'change' public opinion. That's just so wrong in so many ways. The media is there to report facts to the people, not to spread propaganda.

Afonso Henriques said...

To ex-Gordon:

How dare you to talk to Fjordman in that manner? Do you at least know what you're talking about? I think not.

I think you are a Neocon. You can not diferentiate Nacionalism from Imperialism.

I'll give you a case study: The Iberian Peninsula. From 2000 b.C. to nowadays.
A family is a group of related indivudals. A tribe is a group of families. A tribe is a group of related families. A Nation is a group of related tribes. A cultutre is a group of related Nations and a Civilisation is a group of related Cultures.
This is the normal way things are suposed to be.

And yes, the Americas are abnormal situations where there are nothing as the previous, just groups of colonists. The closer those colonists are with each other, the more sucessfull the country will be.
That's why "white America" was best than "multicultural America". This is also why "WASP America" was more cohesive than the "white America".
I find some Americans have dificulties to realise this simple and basic truth.

Going back to the Iberian Peninsula. We here are only 50 million people. We are, according to your vision, endangered by the great European powers.
Worst, we were (and are) Historically divided.

When there was already a more or less united France, an Imperial England and a strong Holly Roman Germanic Empire, we were 5 or 6 independent kingdoms, each with its demos, its people and culture.
We were never, by no way, wndangered by the big powers.
The big power that threatened us was Castela, today Spain.
Despite all, Portugal still subsists for almost 1000 years and even within Spain there are very different National cultures alive such the Catalan, the Basque, the Northern Portuguese (Galician) and even the Southern Andaluzian.
Even today, some people fight for their culture and right to have an independent Nation.

The thing is, Europe is great as long as the essence of it - small states - can strive.

And we'll always have the Britts to help us out when some Hitler or Napoleon shows out.

The rest is natural selection.
Only the strong cultures will live. So, Denmark will live if it wants to. If they want to join Germany, that will happen. Only those who are able to die have a Nation of their own.

The weakest Nations... well, they will be just fine. Don't worry with us.

Nationalism is not Imperialism.

Europe is a mere Civilisation. Nothing more than it. And it's not the Civilisation that shape the Nations, it is the Nations that shape the Civilisation.
That's how we have been since... and we just turn out to better, far better than the rest of the world...
It speaks for itself doesn't it?

. said...

Afonso: If my history serves me correctly, Portugal was actually forcibly incorporated into Spain by Philip II in 1580, and broke free in 1640 only after the Spanish state was significantly weakened. And, fortunately for Portugal, Spain has never regained those "glory" days. In fact, if Spain had stayed strong into the 17th century and beyond, Portugal would be just another Spanish province, like Brittany is a French province, or Bavaria is a German province, with a mildly distinct subculture, but not much more.

Bela said...

gordon is a hard core Marxist and from that stand point everything in the universe that not serve the Socialist New Man, like history, language, traditions, Arts are bourgeois degenerations and must be abolished at all cost.
The two Socialist genius of modern times - Hitler and Stalin- both denied the legitimacy of national cultural heritage and envisioned a brand new "Aryan" and "Proletarian" culture that will rule the world.
Let's abolish the German "subculture" like Beethoven, Thomas Mann, or the French, Italian, English etc. Arts -and "convert it to Europeanism".

Care to explain what the heck is "Europeanism"?

Should we replace national languages with Esperanto? Or Latin?

"The answer is to take over the EU"
By who? By the Red Brigade? By Chavez? Putin?

This guy is spouting so much incoherent stupidity that one wonder about his mental state.

Charlemagne said...

What are the reasons the Eurocrats explicitly cite for needing/wanting millions of immigrants from the 3rd world? Support the welfare state? Prevent declining GDP? Increase "diversity"?

What are the unspoken reasons? Tighten grip on power by exploiting the ignorant and needy? Elimination of European culture? Creation of multi-culti Utopian super state? Supply of cheap labor for big business?

And finally - why are the Europeans being so passive in their acceptance of it all? This passivity has to stop if the West is to survive.

thll said...

From EU Observer: "...For without public confidence and backing, an ambitious global migration policy for Europe is unlikely to see the light of day."

Do they really think they'll get that public backing? What makes them think the mass media can do any more than it already is doing to support the status quo?

Rather than being worried by this I am heartened - it just shows how desperate the ruling elite is becoming. Next they'll be calling everyone Nazis... or have they already done that?

Bela said...

charlemagne you should know that Europe first cultural achievement was the discovery of the Philosophy by the Greeks. Since that time the European social model strictly followed the prevailing ideology of the time and no deviation or different interpretation was permitted.

Thus Europeans are very doctrinaire people, more so than Americans.

With Marx entering the scene a large segment of Europeans wanted to destroy the old order and replace it with utopian Communist model hence after the founder Antonio Gramsci, the Frankfurt School came into being.

The goal of these mostly Jewish Marxist philosophers was to destroy the bourgeois order from within, starting with Christianity (see ACLU's war on religion) destruction of the traditional family (support for homosexuals)and
importation of alien cultures - (multi-culturalism) to eradicate nationalism and resistance.
From Marxist stand point Christianity, family values, nation-states represent the greatest obstacle to the spread of Socialist world order.

For the ruling leftist elite the ultimate goal is the implementation of the Marxist-Leninist society and any step in the way that weakens the present status quo is welcome event.

Afonso Henriques said...

I don't know wether Gordon is a marxist or not. All I know is that I do not agree with him. I recently learned that one shall not scream "Marxist!" or "Communist!" each time we see one to the left of ours. This is because, if a given people does not consider himself a marxist - even if s/he is - our words will sound just like insults and the person in question will not listen to what we have too say. Believe me, it was a hard lesson.
You also said that Hitler wanted to forge a new "Aryan culture". I don't agree with that at all. That "Aryan culture" was, in the best case, European culture from Pagan times, occultism and an idolatration of German culture as superior to all others. So, "Aryan culture" was not an abstract creation; Hitler's Germany may have created some new things, but it was just normal cultural progress instead of our actual cultural decadence.

To Charlemagne:
You are really not helping, fellow:
"why are the Europeans being so passive in their acceptance of it all?"
Because our Marxist Masters order us to do so. Why are young Americans so happy about Obama and multicultural wet dreams?
You see, mockering around is not benefical to neither of us.

To Thll:
"What makes them think the mass media can do any more than it already is doing to support the status quo?"

Well, the fact that much more than 50% of Europeans are hard core leftists and blame all the evil on the world upon the "extreme right", "racism" and lack of "communitarian and social solutions". Also, this kind of people see Capitalism as the favourite toy of the Devil.

Now, and finally, to Gordon:
Yes, Gordon, your story serves you correctly.
Your problem is that you can not see the "big dimension" here.
Before Historicall lessons, I will try to adress to you the issue of culture:
" if Spain had stayed strong into the 17th century and beyond, Portugal would be just another Spanish province, like Brittany is a French province, or Bavaria is a German province, with a mildly distinct subculture, but not much more."

You are right, for example, when you say that Bavaria is a mildly distinct subculture within Germany. But I can assert you that so does Austria which has Historically been an independent country and even an Empire.

On the other hand, in Hispania - the Iberian Peninsula - Catalan and Basque culture, for example, are not "mildly distinc subcultures" within Spain. Those are strong National cultures. Those two cultures have more cultural identity, historical vallue, strenght, whatever you want then say, "Slovak culture" or "Bielorrussian culture" which are independent States. I could go on and on.

The thing is, a culture doesn't die - or at least a "superior culture" like I believe my own is - do not die off just because there is no State to adress to it. The State is irrelevant. That's why Galiza, in Northwest Spain, despite had never integrated a "Portuguese Kingdom" or a "Portuguese Republic" is much more Portuguese in culture, than it would ever be Spanish.
The only way for you to destroy a "superior culture" is by mass immigration (colonisation). That's why I "hate" to see my Nation filled with "ethnics", because they are a bigger danger to our "culture", "genetic carachter", "National survival" than the Spaniards could had ever been. Multiculturalism does indeed destroy "culture". Not to talk about genetics, which is indeed Nazi to talk about.
You have the United Kingdom but Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Cornwall maintain their National carachter, culture and traditions. CAN YOU SAY THE SAME F*C*ING THING ABOUT LONDON? Have you noticed that?
Even different regions of England have different "cultural carachters".
So I hope you can agree with me now.

Historically speaking, Portugal was not anexated to Spain. Our dear King of the time, D. Sebastião was an orfan of father, 18 years old boy. He was not raised by the traditional Indo-European warrior elite. Instead, he was raised by our dear Catholic Church, which definetely favoured the mui Católica Spain instead of the Historically rebel Portugal. The head of the 18 years old King was made so that he would go to Morocco fight the muslims, not caring about leaving a real delphin to my beloved country.
He was killed by the muslims in the Portuguese colonie of Alcácer-Quibir, in Northern Morocco.
The Spanish king, Filipe the second, was then the next in the line to the throne.

Some resistance arouse, but it was prontly crushed and both countries were united by royal geneolagy. Not by a Spanish atack against Portugal. All Portuguese Empire and Nation went to Spaniard hands but that king made sure Portugal would be like Scotland now is within the U.K. and so it went.
But he died.
His son and grandson were real bastards and they started wars against Portuguese interests (they even started a war against England!), they sent Portuguese men to fight their wars, well, that kind of the worst opression...
The Portuguese Empire felt.
The Dutch went on and stole South Africa, Northern Brazil and Indonesia from us; The French stole us many colonies in Eastern India; We lost Asian colonies to Asian peoples... even the English gained some part of Africa and the Carabean from us during this time.
For you to have a clue, we had to fight the Netherlands overseas for some of our colonies that we did get back. In Northern Brazil, the Portuguese "colonialists" (people of European-Portuguese descent living in Northern Brazil) fought viciously the Dutch there for many years, even long after 1640. Even the Native Americans went on against the Dutch because many (after all not so) important Portuguese man had married Native American girls due to the rarity of "white pure christian women" in that areas. So, all of Brazil kicked the Dutch out from there. There legacy there is almost nill. I think the most important Dutch legacy there, was that even nowadays, Northern Brazilian call blue/light green eyes "Dutch eyes". But I don't really think that there is any real substative Dutch genetic contribution in Northern Brazil.

The Portuguese Navy, one of the most powerfull of the world, was so weakened that it was destroyed during the battle against the English Navy when our navy ingressed in the "Invencível Armada" or Unbeatable Navy, along with Spaniards ships.
Do you really think that if we were motivated, the English would have a chance against both Portuguese and Spaniard navies? The Navies that conquered all the Americas, all Africa and almost all of Asia?

Well, we, because we have a strong cultural/National identity went tired and then our elites started to see that their future would be better without Spain. We fought a war, the "Orange War" against them, we bit the Spaniards (again! what a boring stuff!!) and we got our Nation back. With the hell! We even conquered some Spanish territory that we devolved as soon as the Spaniards recognised our right to exist. When we were fighting the Spaniards (one of the greatest armies on erath) we were simultaneously fighting the Dutch overseas (one of the greatest navies on earth).

The dead King D. Sebastião became a National icon, and a great figure in Portuguese Tradition. He is also, I dare to state, the main figure of Portuguese Mysticism, Occultism and a great inspiration to Poets and Legends.

A poem by Fernando Pessoa:
The poem is called "THE FIFTH EMPIRE" the legend and Tradition of Portugal says that Europe will be down to its knees sometime in a near future. Then, our adored King, D. Sebastião will return and found thr Fifth Empire, an Empire that will be like the Imperium Romanorum or a German Reich but that will have Portugal at the headfront. Portugal will emerge as a leader within Europe and will revigorate Europe in such an extent that what the Romans have done will be nothing in comparison. The thing is, the King is dead, he will not return. Only a powerfull Portuguese man will arise that is the King's reencarnation.


Triste de quem vive em casa,
Contente com o seu lar,
Sem que um sonho, no erguer da asa,
Faça até mais rubra a brasa
Da lareira a abandonar!

Triste de quem é feliz!
Vive porque a vida dura.
Nada na alma lhe diz
Mais que a lição da raiz-
Ter por vida a sepultura.

Eras sobre eras se somem
No tempo em que eras vem.
Ser descontente é ser Homem.
Que as forças cegas se domem
Pela visão que a alma tem!

E assim, passados os quatro,
Tempos do ser que sonhou,
A Terra será teatro
Do dia claro, que no atro
Da erma noite começou.

Grécia, Roma, Christandade,
Europa - os quatro se vão
Para onde vae toda a edade.
Quem vem viver a verdade
Que morreu D. Sebastião?

Now, my English language nasty translation:

Sad of (s/he) whom lives in (his) house,
Happy with his home,
Without a dream that, in the raise of the wing,
Turns even hotter the burning coal
Of the fierplace one must leave!

Sad of whom is happy!
(and) Lives because life lasts (in Portuguese it can also mean life is hard).
Nothing in the soul says to him
More than the lesson from the root -
To have the grave for life.

Eras abova eras are added
In the time that in eras comes.
To be unhappy (discontent, not satisfied) is to be Man.
That the blind (occult) forces (to) become overwhelmed
By the vision that soul has!

And so, passed have the four
Times (been) of the being that dreamed,
The Earth will be theathre
Of the bright day, that in the hall
Of the dark night (had) begun.

Greece, Rome, Christianity,
Europe (the four great Empires) - the four had gone
To where goes all the age.
Who is going to live the truth
That D. Sebastião is dead?

Here, Fernando Pessoa aludes to the fact that Europe is doomed and that not even Portugal will be here for her once the man capable of restoring Europe's glory, D. Sebastião, is dead.

As you can see great cultures, "superior cultures", are immortal, they do not die, as Rome,they are immortal. The only way to kill such a beauty is to call inferior peoples with inferior cultures and mixe them up so badly that the "superior culture" gets tainted. That was what happened to the Greeks and to Constantinople in 1453 and it is what is happening now to the West throuth Multiculturalism.
Why is it so hard for you to get it?

Bela said...

afonso: I am unable comprehend your logic as to why shouldn't we call a Marxist as such?
They killed 100 million people worldwide, (read more: The Black Book of Communism)at:


Did you go through some special brainwashing session?
Bush became the joke of the century when he renamed the murderous Islam as "Religion of Peace" ...
Please, cut the crap, - name a spade a spade.

Afonso Henriques said...

"I am unable comprehend your logic as to why shouldn't we call a Marxist as such?"

Well, Bela, I am aware that you are in America and I am in Europe. Today there is much more tham a mere ocean between us.

My view of Americans is that they are "regular people" and that there are also some "excentric people".

Here in Europe, the "regular people" can not be regular but with friends and family.
The "regular" here is to be way to the left.

I learned that, in order to make people undress their prejudices, and to make them see that they are indeed wrong, you can not start the conversation by calling them Marxist/Socialist/Communist. Even if the person in question is indeed such.
They will be much more open to hear you if you "look" to not be "prejudiced" against their "ways of looking to the world".

If you want to "convert" people, let them see how dumb they have been, you can not call them what they might, indeed, be. At least here in Europe.

Cutting the crap, you have all the right to call Marxists, Marxist, but it can be not that productive after all.

Did I make my point? If not, I am sorry once again. I will like to explain my "logics" to you, because I know you will understand it. Thank you.

Bela said...

afonso please stop your sanctimonious crap. I am Eastern European, we lived under Marxist oppression imposed upon us the Red Army for too long. In 1956 during the anti-Communist uprising people hanged many Commie bastard on lamp post: Marxists, Communist are despised and hated scum in Eastern Europe. I spent time in Commie prison along with thousands...
Try to go to Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary etc. and spawn Marxism: people on street will beat the s**** out of you.
You Westerners feel free to suck up to the Commies, you always did it .....- anyway the Muslims will devour you eventually and nobody will say sorry...
Get it?
Remember Kipling:

PhreedomPhan said...

Fjordman is absolutely right. If Europeans are smart, they will scrap the E.U.S.S.R. just as Americans will stop the North American Union S.S.R. before the money powers can complete it. If we are smart. I fear neither of us is smart enough. The whole historical drift (now a torrent) toward consolidation and centralization has been brought about by the economic dominants of each era or phase in the movement. These people always try to move power to the level that will best protect and further their interests. Sadly for the human race, their interests are now global and that's where they want government. The E.U.S.S.R. and the N.A.U.S.S.R. are just interim phases moving toward the World S.S.R.

That's the reason why immigration to Europe is being encouraged, maybe better said, forced on the people's of Europe. The global money powers are already looking ahead toward the ultimate consolidation of the Global Hill in which no worker ant in the colony is distinguishable from the others. The same is being done to us in America where the claim is made that the government just can't stop the illegal immigration from Mexico. The government doesn't want to stop it. A fifth-column is being built to help the merger of the U.S. with Mexico when the N.A.U.S.S.R. Is formed. The similarities between the U.S. and Canada probably make immigration from that country unnecessary.

In the meantime, a similar global immigration to the U.S. is being encouraged by low to no interest loans to immigrants to take over American businesses. The Indians are driving the white and black man from the land, only it's a different type of Indian. But they aren't alone.

Believe it or not, the plans for the E.U.S.S.R. and the N.A.U.S.S.R. and a number of other regional superstates were drawn up and published in Philadelphia PA in 1941-42. Of course, the E.U.S.S.R., then called “The United States of Europe” was small. The Axis Powers were “quarantined,” so not included, and the countries of Eastern Europe and a number of other countries, some of which successfully resisted, were already ceded to the Soviets. . You can't justify NATO and massive deficit spending for defense without an enemy that appears expansionist and has already gobbled up many of its neighbors, so the enemy was created. The former S.S.R.'s were not released from captivity in the U.S.S.R. until they were needed to make the E.U.S.S.R. a viable superstate.

I've posted the map and plan in the New World Order – Death of America post in my lostliberty blog if anyone is interested. I'm not sure how to post the link. If I fail, you can reach it by googling PhreedomPhan AND lostliberty.