Wednesday, April 23, 2008

They’re Rioting in Algeria…

Jihad Watch has a story up today about the evacuation of Denmark’s embassies in Algeria and Afghanistan.

Burning Danish flag, Manfactured Part 935/02. It appears that the the seething masses are being used for kindling once more. This particular episode of contrived outrage concerns newspaper reprints of the motoons back in February. So I guess officials use a delayed charge mechanism.

Those ’toons are right handy. Anytime an Islamic government wants to deflect from its own problems, it releases a little steam from the very real dissatisfactions of its suppressed citizens by pointing to the latest edition of the cartoons, and then lights the fuse.

You know these riots are not spontaneous. If they were, there would be a lot of dead/detained Algerian citizens.

What is intriguing about the story…
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…is the fact that the Danish haven’t left either country. Instead, they have been taken to “secret locations” where they will continue their work.

My guess is that they are in these secret houses because there is no safe exit from either hellhole. It’s probably not a good idea to attempt to fly out. And of course, we know what the pirates do to ships.

Sartre was wrong. Hell is not other people. Hell is Islamicists on a rage bender against the evil infidels.

Talk about a limited repertoire.


christian soldier said...

I am reminded of the last stanza of a long poem by Kipling:

"We never pay any on Dane-geld,
No matter how triffling the cost.
For the end of the game is oppression and shame,
and the nation that pays it is lost!"

I wonder how often tribute has been paid - over the years - by the Europeans?

Zenster said...

Talk about a limited repertoire.

Islam may well go down in history as the ultimate One Trick Pony™. The only difference is that even a pony can be made to do work.

Here is an Italian cartoonist's take on the Motoons that was published in Iran. It concisely sums up Islam's towering hypocrisy and pathetically ridiculous glass jaw.

For artistic expression to be equated—even remotely—with Islam's own hideously evil terrorist bomb attacks speaks volumes about how Muslim egos are so fragile and susceptible to mockery. That a culture can be so hysterically fearful of freedom (Remember that protester's sign: "FREEDOM GO TO HELL!"?), should be a collective character flaw so shameful as to command instant remediation.

Instead, Islam glories in its complete and total inability to accommodate even the most tiny shreds of liberty. This ghastly celebration of vice as virtue remains one of Islam's most repellent and stereotypical features.

Mikael said...

My guess is that they are in these secret houses because there is no safe exit from either hellhole.

It's not like the staff is hiding in an attic somewhere. Business is still conducted as usual by phone and e-mail according to the Ministy of Foreign Affairs (Link in Danish.)

Dymphna said...


You missed my point. I didn't imply they were "hiding in an attic somewhere."

My statement was meant to convey that it is unsafe for them to leave the country. They would be targets no matter what mode of transportation they took home.

The Danes stuck there will just have to wait until the Algerian government decides to call off the dogs so that they can either return to their embassies or to Denmark.

I'd recommend the latter.

This situation bears some resemblance to the kidnappings, don't you think?