Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Finally, a Kindness to Our Commenters

After I looked around on our template, etc., and found the magic button, the Baron has enabled the open I.D. setting. Now everyone can comment without the mysterious hoops that Boogle sets up.

His nose being so close to the grindstone (yes, it has made his nose pointy), the Baron simply doesn’t have time for keeping up with anything other than his work, which seems to be in high gear at the moment. However, once I opened the right page (it was a guess), he hopped right on the bandwagon and put up the Open ID thingy.

He’s been so busy lately that I begin to wonder if he’s entertaining young ladies up there, plying them with Danish beer. I was keeping a firm hold on the Akvavit he brought home from Denmark. However, the future Baron is temporarily dwelling among us till graduate school, and for some obscure reason the level in the bottle slowly declines.

Yesterday was the fB’s birthday. He got a bottle of Scotch, some wine, a book on the Norman invasion and a little bit of Canadian mining stock. Sheesh, I guess that means he’s a grown-up.

I’m trying to find out where he hid the book.

Commenters, enjoy our new application, courtesy of Blooger.

[end of news report]


Teresa said...

A slightly belated Happy Birthday to the fB.

It must be this month or something. I've been working like crazy and so has my husband. Is there an eternal full moon lasting all through April???

Anonymous said...

Seriously, April has definitely been the busiest month EVER so far... I'm glad to see I'm not alone.

And of course, happy birthday to the fB :]

Annoy Mouse said...

The economy is tanking... everyone look busy.

Sodra Djavul said...

Danish beer?

Everyone here knows me as a straight-shooting American, so once again I'll put in my two cents: Belgians, particularly Belgians brewed by monks, or in lesser cases the "abbey ale" contracted out, is the noblest form God intended barley.

How about some of our Danish friends float some recommended types of Danish beers to try. I love to try new beers, and would welcome standing them up...

Sorry, I'm a bit of a beer snob. I would like to try some good Danish beer, however..

Happy birthday, Baron!

Baron Bodissey said...


It was the future Baron's birthday, not mine!

I'm a beer snob, too, and the finest beer in the world is Theakston's, brewed in Masham, a tiny town in the regional entity formerly known as Yorkshire.

By the way, Sodra -- I'm now going to out your name.

With its umlauts fully inserted, "Södra Djävul" means "Southern Devil" in Swedish. I don't know the significance of the nickname, but there it is.

Mother Effingby said...

The economy is tanking so fast that my husband is only booked for the entire month of May, and others must wait til June for their painting to get done.

kepiblanc said...

Södra Jävul, some good places to start your journey: here , and here and here and here.

Dymphna said...

Sra Scherzophrenic said--

The economy is tanking so fast that my husband is only booked for the entire month of May, and others must wait til June for their painting to get done.

Your husband's work is a good barometer of the economy at large. I think the doom-sayers have been caught in the nets of the MSM, who are hoping such predictions will ensure a Dem victory in November.

Their "feelings" don't have to correlate with reality...