Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Indonesia Pulls the Plug

As I reported last week, the Indonesian government threatened to shut YouTube out of the Indonesian market if it failed to remove copies of Geert Wilders’ movie Fitna from its site. YouTube did not comply, and the Indonesian government has followed through on its threat: local ISPs have been forced to block YouTube and MySpace.

In the photo that accompanies the news story you can see a screen cap of a Fitna video being watched by an Indonesian. There’s no way to tell if it’s a version subtitled in Indonesian — the frame in the screenshot has no text — but based on the traffic that has arrived here from Indonesia over the last week, the Indonesian translation of the movie, as well as the existence of a version of Fitna subtitled in Indonesian, were widely known in the archipelago.

So I’d like to think that we played our little part in this sordid drama.

Try this google search. The last time I attempted it, Gates of Vienna was second on the list, the first non-Indonesian site in the search results. Not only that, this search puts us in the top two positions. Thus it’s no surprise that Indonesians wind up here when they attempt to watch what their government wants to hide from them.

So for all our Indonesian readers: the YouTube version is unavailable, but until your government bans the ZippyShare, Rapid Share, and Pirate Bay versions, you can still download and watch Fitna.

I’ve posted a new version of the Fitna download table below the jump. But first, here’s the news story from AFP:

Indonesia blocks YouTube, MySpace over Dutch film

Watching Fitna in IndonesiaJAKARTA (AFP) — Indonesia has blocked access to YouTube, MySpace and other websites showing an anti-Islamic film that has sparked widespread protests, Internet providers said Tuesday.

Indonesia’s main Internet providers said they had acted on a government request to block websites showing the film.

The move came after the communications minister last week wrote to the file-sharing site, YouTube, asking it to remove the 17-minute film, “Fitnah,” made by far-right Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders.

“We apologise, we have for the time being blocked sites and blogs which carry ‘Fitna,’ at the request of the minister for communication and IT,” Internet provider Speedy said on its website.

Speedy said it had stopped users accessing eight different sites, including blogs that carried the film.

Another provider, Radnet, told users it was “temporarily closing access” to YouTube and MySpace, a popular social networking site, at the minister’s request.


The minister wrote to Internet providers last week asking them to block access to sites that carried the film on the grounds that it could “disturb religious and civil harmony at a global level.”

Muslim groups here have held several protests outside the Dutch embassy in the capital Jakarta.

Most have passed off peacefully, but last Wednesday dozens of members of a Muslim student group attacked a Dutch consulate building on Sumatra island, burning a flag and breaking down the gates.

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has banned screenings of the film and barred Wilders from entering Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim nation with some 90 percent of its 230 million people following Islam.

Below are the Fitna download links. I recently added a version with subtitles in Greek (thanks, Gaia):
- - - - - - - - -

Update: I revised the table below to remove three dead links (thanks to an alert reader) . Evidently Rapid Share is being targeted, because the three links were all from that site, and returned the same message:

This file has been deleted.
Reason: THIS FILE IS FORBIDDEN TO BE SHARED! Complaints received.

36 AJM dedicated server - very fast
2 Isohunt links to torrent sites
7 LinkpinAVIDivx 5.0
5 LinkpinMPEG-4, Perianmp4+iPod
6 LinkpinWMV/A 9 Standart 
46 ViddlerFLVeasily downloadable if you are a Viddler member
48 YouTube  
8CzechPravda o Islámu  
27DanishThe Pirate Baytorrent 
38EnglishDaily Motion flagged as inappropriate - must register to see it
32EnglishGoogle Video  
34EnglishGoogle Video  
43EnglishLiveLeak unofficial
44EnglishLiveLeak with content warning
14EnglishRapid ShareAVI 
16EnglishRapid ShareFLV 
12EnglishRapid ShareFLV 
10EnglishRapid ShareFLV 
21EnglishRapid ShareFLV 
11EnglishRapid ShareFLV 
9EnglishRapid ShareFLV 
17EnglishRapid ShareZIP 
26EnglishThe Pirate Baytorrent 
47EnglishYouTube requires registration
33FarsiGoogle Video  
4FrenchLa Yihad en Eurabia from Français de Souche
35GermanGoogle Video  
22GermanRapid ShareMKV 
61GreekGoogle Video via Ελληνικεσ Γραμμεσ
59IndonesianRapid ShareAVI 
58IndonesianThe Pirate Baytorrent 
29PolishThe Pirate Baytorrent 
30PolishThe Pirate Baytorrent 
52RomanianYouTube Part 1
54RomanianYouTube Part 2
19RussianRapid ShareAVI 
28RussianThe Pirate Baytorrent 
3SpanishLa Yihad en Eurabia from Anclaos
31TagalogThe Pirate Baytorrent 

Hat tip: Henrik.


Unknown said...

Here's an Australian version of fitna - Mahdur ad-dam.

Henrik R Clausen said...

FYI, Gates of Vienna is NOT blocked from Indonesia.

How do I find out?

Quite simple, actually, once the trick is known. Find an Open proxy in Indonesia. Enter the IP address and the port number in the advanced settings of your browser (I use Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer - in that order), and check if GoV loads.

It does, slowly. Which means that Indonesians are able to access our download lists - and get Fitna :)

Snake Oil Baron said...

The Indonesian action would explain why that version has out lasted the Dutch, English and other versions as a "regularly" uploading file on my BitTorrent thing-a-ma-what's-it.

Bezzle said...

BTJunkie's bittorrent meta-index.

Snake Oil Baron said...

To mike18xx: