Friday, April 25, 2008

’Tis not so deep as a well, nor so wide as a church-door; but ’tis enough,’twill serve

A suggestion to our readers: you may want to read Shrinkwrapped’s response to El Inglés’ recent essay here on possible scenarios regarding the future of Europe as it deals with the onslaught of unimpeded immigration.

 Francisco de Goya’s ‘The Lunatic’What dismays me is that the good doctor — whose essays are usually thoughtful and modest in their approach — has, in this case, chosen to give El Inglés a diagnostic label based on this single post, while ignoring the warning that these scenarios were descriptive, not normative. To describe possible scenarios is not “to toy with them,” but I doubt everyone can discern the difference between a consideration of an outcome and its endorsement.

Shrinkwrapped has decided on the evidence of this post that El Inglés is “exhibit[ing] all the signs of a regressive response to anxiety.”

As I said in my comment on Shrinkwrapped’s post, “Say What?” Since when does a responsible member of the psychiatric profession go around assigning diagnoses based on such sketchy evidence? Prior to this demonstration, I would have sworn an affidavit that Shrinkwrapped was too professional, and his boundaries too solid, for him to theorize so carelessly, so wantonly, so unreflectively. Anyone can throw diagnoses around. It’s quite another to prove them.

Nor is that all. Shrinkwrapped uses for his proof Charles Johnson’s ideas regarding the essay. Normally, I ignore Mr. Johnson’s pontifications. I give them the gravitas they deserve. That Shrinkwrapped would choose this man, who has viciously attacked our blog since last October, as his “evidence” is absolutely breathtaking.

He knew full well what ammunition he was handing out to a man who appears negatively obsessed with us.
- - - - - - - - -
Thus, Mr Johnson has reams of material to further scapegoat and attack us, using the credentials of a respected psychiatrist to back him up.

I was talking to Pamela Geller (Atlas Shrugs) a few months ago and our conversation turned to blogs. Pamela stated unequivocally that there was no blogger you could fully trust not to betray you. I offered Shrinkwrapped as a counter-argument and upon thinking it over, she agreed. Well, Pamela, after today’s post I am forced to agree with you. Don’t trust anyone who blogs. Including me.

My psychiatrist often remarks upon the notion that betrayal is a commonplace event; the most common, frequent human experience we will encounter. He says that we must all learn to process and metabolize these events when they occur, especially when we are blindsided by someone we had heretofore trusted. That is what I will do with this one, though it will take awhile. I admired Shrinkwrapped and am sad to be bereft of that admiration of him. I had thought him one of the Righteous Ones, but as it turns out, he’s merely human, an average joe like anyone else.

What is most interesting, clinically speaking, is Shrinkwrapped’s own public dysphoria — quite regressed and anxious now that I think of it — over the fact that he believed Israel had “lost the will to live“. I didn’t agree and told him so. In fact, I sent him several news articles that I hoped disproved his alarmist thesis.

To sum up what I am attempting to convey, I offer this passage from Neal Stephenson’s The Diamond Age:

“‘Nell,’ the Constable continued, indicating through his tone of voice that the lesson was concluding, ‘the difference between ignorant and educated people is that the latter know more facts. But that has nothing to do with whether they are stupid or intelligent. The difference between stupid and intelligent people — and this is true whether or not they are well-educated — is that intelligent people can handle subtlety. They are not baffled by ambiguous or even contradictory situations — in fact, they expect them and are apt to become suspicious when things seem overly straightforward.

“In your Primer, you have a resource that will make you highly educated, but it will never make you intelligent. That comes from life. Your life up to this point has given you all of the experience you need to be intelligent, but you have to think about those experiences. If you don’t think about them, you’ll be psychologically unwell. If you do think about them you will become not merely educated but intelligent…’”

As a result of all this, I am going to take a vacation from Gates of Vienna for a while. I’ll be back sometime. In the meantime, I ask our roster of contributing writers and tipsters to fill in the gaps so that the Baron will not have to carry on by himself. He is already too busy as it is. Had I another choice, I would not leave him to carry on without me.

For the moment, I will concentrate on the smaller, day-to-day minutiae at my other blog, “The Neighborhood of God,” which I have grossly neglected. At least that is my intention, once I get past this sense of having been slammed in the stomach by someone I used to consider as a man of integrity.

Live and learn. It's the best cure for sadness.


Anonymous said...

Dymphna, please don't take a vacation.... I understand that you're upset (I definitely would be in your situation) but your posts on Gates of Vienna are very valuable.

El said...


you know best, but don't sweat it on my account. i only stumbled across there through the links on GoV anyway.

i thought the post was a bit daft, and the other commenters didn't seem that impressed with it either. the unsolicited diagnosis of a complete stranger shows you the level the guy's operating on. he can knock himself out. besides, i've already diagnosed far too many of my own psychological problems to fuss over a couple more... :)

Anonymous said...

Dear lady,

Take what time you need. Rest, study and come back to fray when you feel ready. R&R is a necessity, especially in a long war.

God bless.

Bela said...

While most of the posters added valuable observation to El Ingles' essay I believe they placed inordinate amount of emphasis on cultural-ideological-emotional aspect of the Islam in Europe.
There will be no violent uprising against immigrants just because of Sharia, honor killing and other trivial matters for the ruling Marxist elite police force sufficiently strong to crush any such attempt.
Add the economical side to this equation - then the image will be completely different.
Only an economical downturn is capable to unleash the suppressed tension that will sweep away the Neomarxist oligarchy.
It's a pity that El Ingles left out the most important part of the societal landscape, namely the fight for bread when it's becoming scarce.

Wait till our economy tanks due to the energy crisis then the open border question will cease to be "moral" or other abstract issue:
unemployed leftist are just as violent a breed than the sister Nazi brand.

Jungle Jim said...

Dymphna, I'm really sorry about this nonsense from LGF and Shrinkwrap. Last night when Johnson called you a 'fascist sympathizer' on his blog I responded in the comments that he was being inaccurate and unfair.

Johnson responded with more of his lame BS. Showing perfectly well that he can be stupid in the sense of the quotation from Stephenson's book.

I hope both you and Baron come visit me at Provocateur.

christian soldier said...

I have been betrayed by close "Christian" "friends" before-you lick your wounds-and continue the fight. Take your time to heal - we'll be waiting for you.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
christian soldier said...


Is that a Goya?

Your choice of the illustration of the prisoner...

Have your seen the movie-Goya's Ghosts...?

Found it - by accident - at Blockbusters.

Dymphna said...

Xtian soldier--

Yes, it's Francisco de Goya's "The Lunatic". Is the subject me, Chaz, or Shrinkwrapped.

Your call.

The movie sounds interesting, if depressing. Is it Spanish?

As for betrayals within belief groups, they are the most vicious. You have only to look at the bloodletting of the Orthodox Communists to know how lethal it can be. Yes, Communism fits the definition of a religion, complete with fervent believers. I once watched an order of priests at a monastery rip one another to shreds. The good ones left. Ugly, ugly are the unexamined defenses...

The current Democrat contest is another example.
@robin --

It doesn't take a psychiatrist to see what a malignant personality Charles Johnson is.

True. However, it *can* take a psychiatrist to miss that diagnosis, even with reams of virulent statements from Chazzer sitting in front of him or her. However, CJ was never one to let reality interfere with his ambitions or obsessions. Onward and upward, junior birdmen!
Jungle Jim -- I'll be over to see you, now that I have some free time. But make your site a live link because we all be lazy bums around here: Provocateur Jim . A classical liberal, huh? Interesting. The environment no longer supports your species. You'll expire from asphyxiation.
El-- If we are not willing to hear those with whom we disagree, then eventually there will be no one to talk didn't deserve the verbal abuse from either of your antagonists. But sometimes, fecal matter extrudes and we deal with it.

I hope you post again.
Thanks for everyone's good wishes. Friendly remarks are most welcome at this point.

Dymphna said...

BTW, El, I haven't heard anyone but my mother ever use the word "daft." It's a favorite of mine.

When she was dying of Parkinson's and dementia was setting in, she had a confused moment and then grew very still. She said, "you know what this means, don't you?"

I admitted I didn't, so she informed me, "it means I'm daft."

You can never be too old to miss your mother's humor...or daftness.

Another time, we had an invasion of lady bugs. They were everywhere, including her bed. She knew what they were, but couldn't bring up the name, so she called them "God's cows" -- and so they have been ever since.

BTW, though very devout she strongly questioned God's wisdom in bringing forth bugs. She really was meant to live in an apartment in a busy city, not out here in the woods with all the critters.

Daft...what memories...

Jewel said...

You aren't daft, Dymphna. I am sorry to hear that you have been so tarred and feathered. I really hate seeing this internecine war between people who should be on the same side, but I am with you on this. Analyzing and assessing all the potentials of whatever happens in the future isn't racist or anything else. It is self-preservation. I think, that until we are to look into the abyss and see the horrors that await us if we don't assess the situation honestly. Apparently, we aren't the only people who can't look into our dark sides.

dienw said...

The "we" that sees the inferno of Islam coming is composed of many parts: believers and unbelievers; the believers are fragmented between those who are Protestant, Roman Catholic, Jewish, and Pantheist; even , the first two are ground finer: those who confess Jesus Christ and those who merely attend to the religion of their ancestors. And the Jews are equally divided: those who are disaffected, nonbelievers and those who believe that God is.

This approaching inferno is the leading edge of the spiritual war we who believe in the God of Israel, Jesus Christ for us Christians, have been informed and warned about. We know that the sword is hungry for our blood. And much will be taken. Yet, we know the final victory does not belong to the darkness. We ask for courage and strength and endurance from God and he gives us the measure we need. Thus we can look into the flames and know what needs to be done and what will not be done. We are not defeated.

The other members of the "we" are running about and in fear are turning upon each other: they so fear to turn their swords upon the enemy that they wound, some attempting mortal injuries, each other. Those who are able to gaze into the fire and understand are being attacked by those who do not.

And I will say one more hard thing: all these fearful people who claim to be part of the counter-jihad will be come the enemies of the Christians and Jews. They will do so thinking that they can save themselves.

Frank said...

What nonsense, what bombastic twaddle. "Regressive response to anxiety" indeed.

Shrinkwrapped is as a head doctor whatever he may be, but he clearly fails in the logic department. By his rather turgid proclamations, Churchill ought to have been sent to a sanatorium for his alarmist projections, followed closely by Roosevelt; not to mention Jinnah, Nehru, and a host of post-colonial leaders who saw the worst before it happened.

Shrinkwrapped falls flat on his arse in the simplest of all distinctions: between "ought" and "is." One does not make the day warm, or cold, or cloudy, by forecasting that it will be one or the other, and one does not advocate genocide by warning of it.

Shrinkwrapped compounds his mistake with sublime irony:

"If only all the Jews could be cleansed from Europe in the 1940s, or Palestine today, the indigenous population could happily continue to follow their own true path to nirvana. If only the old guard could be cleansed in Cambodia, the new, communist man could arise and create a worker's paradise. If only the troublesome Kurds could be erased, Saddam Hussein's Iraq could have been the wonderful, peaceful place imagined by Michael Moore.

Right. They happened. And if someone could have seen these things coming, and warned the rest of us about them, he ought to have been locked away to be cured of "regressive response to anxiety?"

Leave if you have to Dymphna, but it's not you who is crazy. In fact no one is crazy at all...some folks are just not as bright as they esteem themselves to be, no matter how many polysyllabisms they wrap themselves in.

Dymphna said...

Leave if you have to Dymphna, but it's not you who is crazy

Oh, I don't know about that. Saint Dymphna is for us neurotics...

...besides I am weary of all this right now. I need a break to just write about what crosses my mind: flowers, kids, relationships, the changing seasons.

So I'll pick up the long-neglected Neighborhood of God and do some fun -- not work, no hyperlinks -- blogging until my spirit is restored.

Then I'll come back and "go off half-cocked", as Archonix put it. Hi sname has been stricken from my list of euologists for that one.

Y'all get your flak jackets while I'm gone, hear?

Dymphna said...

Oh, and I do have a few duty posts to write -- mostly book reviews that I committed to prior to this Black Friday.

no2liberals said...

If this piece by shrinkwrapped provides ammo for CJ, then CJ is firing I long suspected.
I read El Ingles' piece, and took the message to heart that the piece was descriptive, and a follow-on to the other piece he wrote.
I must not get as emotional as some, as El's piece didn't inspire any thoughts of what his diagnosis would be. If shrinkwrapped is indeed a psychiatrist, then he should be fully aware that in the DSM IV, there is a diagnosis for every person on earth, including him. With that in mind, I could give a diagnosis for him and CJ, and stand back and watch the fur fly.
Dymphna, don't sweat this stuff, you and the Baron do excellent work. It sounds like there might be just a wee bit of burn out anyway, so chill, take some target practice, and relax. We will be here to cheer and offend, when you return.

nikolai said...

Take care.

Anonymous said...

t doesn't take a psychiatrist to see what a malignant personality Charles Johnson is.

If you have to take a break, take a break. But do return. All the difficult subjects need to be fleshed out, whether the LFG good squad likes it or not. These people should not be able to shut the conversation down.

Zenster said...

From Shrinkwrapped:

Everywhere that the Islamists have been able to temporarily gain control, they have quickly become hated and their religious views repudiated. This is as true in Iran under the Mullahs as in Fallujah under the tender ministrations of the butchers of al Qaeda in Iraq.

... Many Muslims around the world may cheer when Israeli, American, or European infidels are murdered in the name of Islam but the vast majority have no interest in entering an existential fight they know they would lose.

Might I suggest that this couch-renter has some serious problems of his own, like cognitive dissonance?

If Islamists, “Quickly become hated and their religious views repudiated”, how does that reconcile with, “Muslims around the world may cheer when Israeli, American, or European infidels are murdered”? Muslims who cheer infidel deaths ARE Islamists.

Further, whenever Muslims have been offered a choice between the rigors of inflexible Islamist orthodoxy, of whatever variant, versus more personal freedom, those who have experienced freedom are loathe to give it up.

What’s more if Muslim immigrants exposed to freedom, “are loathe to give it up”, then why do they invariably install their putrescent shari’a law everywhere they are able to? Please pardon me but my BS meter is pegging right now.

Many Muslims applauded the rioting that followed the cartoon Jihad, but many more were embarrassed by their co-religionists excesses.

So, why didn’t we see all those embarrassed Muslims denouncing the Motoon rioters and vigorously defending freedom of speech? Answer: We didn’t because they didn’t. Not even in most-free-of-all America did any significant number of Muslims bother to raise a ruckus over such repulsive filth as the “Freedom Go To Hell” or “Death To Those Who Insult Islam” placards waved about by their co-religionists. To date, the biggest use I’ve seen Muslims make out of Western liberty and freedom is in turning those cherished ideals against unbelievers.

Europe may yet commit cultural suicide, but genocide as a defense is indefensible.

When a sworn enemy has vowed to kill every last man, woman and child of your faith or culture, eliminating that foe from contention is not genocide, it is self-defense. Muslim appeasers continue to ignore the plain fact that it is Islam whose doctrine specifically exhorts its followers to commit genocide. Even the most cursory examination of Muslim majority nations clearly shows that ethnic cleansing is the norm wherever Islam gains dominance.

Furthermore, it is ethically and morally bankrupt to purposefully abuse one’s professional credentials in an attempt to discredit speculation—not advocacy, mind you, but sheer speculation—by smearing it with a tag of mental unfitness. That is the favored ploy of communists and unsuited to civilized discussion, which was most certainly El Inglés’s intent.

Finally, it is a privilege to participate at a site like Gates of Vienna where people have enough courage to confront the very gravest issues facing our world. Any refusal or unwillingness to do so constitutes an unacceptable degree of moral and ethical abdication. Relinquishing that duty to one's self is the surest path into those exact nightmares.

So it is in trying to resolve the West's conflict with Islam. Candy coating this turd does not change how poisonous it is. Nor does sweeping it under the rug mask its noxious stench. There are some issues so dreadful that they simply cannot be palliated. Europe's pending fate is a case in point.

Dymphna, Baron Bodissey and El Inglés do us all a priceless service by drawing back the curtains that so many others wish would continue shrouding this anguishing moral dilemma. The brickbats flung about over this matter are, in actuality, Badges of Honor and should be worn with pride.

Those who consign these vital topics to the perdition of aversion or censure only hasten the arrival of such horrors.

X said...

Then I'll come back and "go off half-cocked", as Archonix put it.

Well. I'm glad you mentioned it so I didn't have to try and explain. I've been awake all night trying to work out how to introduce it without seeming like either an egomaniac or a... something. Lack of sleep. Dictionary. I dunno. It's amazing how you can build up a relationship over so many months - or, what is it, nearly a year and a half now? - and then blow it all away with just a few words. Six words to destroy something so precious. Sort of like the verbal equivalent of a nuke. It's so easy to casually hurt people on the net without realising the consequences. I mean, we can see here what happens when people do that. It's happened to me, too, which means I really should have known better. I don't want to be "that man". What I said was wrong, and I was stupid to even think of saying it. Stuid enough to let my ego get in the way and assume I knew what was best. A complete twit, in fact. What I said wasn't even true and I can't offer any particular reason why I put it down, except that I was... I don't know. Egotistic. Oh I can help! I'll craft a situation where there's no choice but to choose the correct path as I see it! Idiot...

So, you've had my half-hearted attempt at a private apology and here's the public one. I'm sorry.

Everyone else: let this be an object lesson. Don't be an idiot. It hurts.

Anonymous said...

This episode has revealed much. I found it incredibly disheartening to see this flare yet again . . .simply due to a lack of Charles reading comprehension - intentional or not. Baron clearly placed his caveat in his introduction. . .
Remember: the article below is descriptive, not normative.
Having taken the remainder of the article and mischaracterizing it as "advocating genocide", Charles revealed his need, his quest for approval.

Having been a registered member of Charles site since late 2004, I witnessed the site deteriorate - from an open discussion board where topics were freely discussed on their merit - to a site where banishments became routine followed by increasingly frequent open enrollments to fill the growing void.

The great irony here is that Charles unabashedly practices the very act he claims to find so abhorrent. Those posters that do not reflect unity of thought, his thought, are banished, without warning or opportunity for redress.

However, should the Europeans so much as contemplate 'banishment' of those threatening 'unity' of thought . . .are deemed criminal racists sans trial and sentenced to immediate/permanent banishment.

Once a haven for open discussion where all sides of a topic were freely discussed, LGF is reduced to an echo chamber.

I visited the site regularly taking note of the links provided for further reading, only occassionally choosing to post comments. More recently, I preferred to utilize one of Charles' newer features which gave 'members' the option to +/- tick the featured article, link and/or individual related comments.

As this topic heated up, I took advantage of this feature, only to find myself banned by either Charles or one of his recently appointed aids.

Clearly, dissent is unwelcome in any form, despite presenting the option for such. Appearances are deceiving.

Very revealing and surprisingly, a welcome relief.

Enjoy your break Dymphna. Count me as one very much looking forward to your return.

Steven Luotto said...

Hugs of solidarity and encouragement to Signora Dymphna.

The Hilltop View of Morris County said...

You are one of my favourite bloggers,
and I read you daily.
I'll miss your commentaries, and hope you are able to overcome the burnout.
God bless you and the Baron for all
of your efforts. Remember being
righteous is usually a thankless
thing. Also you're not responsible
for the lack of literacy on the inter
net, which is a growing problem.
Take care.

spackle said...

A little OT. I am invaded with "Gods Cows" every October and they remain in my walls and inside my home all winter. This year has been the worst. They are too dumb to get outside so they collect on the windows attracted by the sun. They get EVERYWHERE!! I even had to buy a hand vac to suck those buggers up which has become a daily chore. Ah yes, country living. Have a good vacation.

dienw said...

What are "Gods Cows"?

Dymphna said...

@Zenaster --

Furthermore, it is ethically and morally bankrupt to purposefully abuse one’s professional credentials in an attempt to discredit speculation—not advocacy, mind you, but sheer speculation—by smearing it with a tag of mental unfitness.

Wish I could have been as eloquent.
As are so many others on this thread. It's a humbling experience.



I don't care what Chazzer says. In fact, I haven't gone over to read his essay. I only know that an intelligent, reflective man whom I considered a blogger friend used the arguments of a person who continues to attempt to persecute and belittle us with name-calling to make his point.

The sense of betrayal will pass. It certainly did with Chazzer. I don't give a tinker's dam what he says; he has simply morphed into a fascinating specimen of slime mold. Interesting to watch it grow and diminish.

(by the way, so am I a mom of four...oops I gleefully typed that bit before it hit me: one of mine died. God help me, I keep forgetting and still say I have four children. Ah, the hell with it. She's still lives on in the hearts of those who loved her and miss her amazing sene of humor. For us she will never die. So, I *am* like you, justamomof4. For one thing, I fully recognize the burden of laundry under which you stagger)

IoshkaFutz --

I am honored.

It's nice to know someone reads me every day. That never fails to amaze me.

Thank your friendly federal gummint for those darn infestations of ladybugs. Their employees climb into crop dusters and release those bugs by the thousands. The Baron's office is in the upstairs room where God's cows congregate most so he keeps a vacuum cleaner with a long hose at the ready and presto! they're gone...

...ever had one fall in your cup of coffee and render it undrinkable? They have a foul, bitter something-or-other that they spray as they drown...darn things bite, too.

Dymphna said...

Archonix...poor Archonix.

What can I say? I have put my foot in my mouth so often that I have long since learned to hop nimbly on one foot.

Lying awake all night is too much of a penance. Tell your persecuting super ego to go away.

One of my very good friends calls these moments "pillow biters" -- i.e., the things that one has done which cause him or her to lie there in the dark, biting the pillow and saying "omg. What was I thinking?"

Having had many pillow-biting moments, I can tell you the answer that resounds in my head nowadays:

"You *weren't* thinking, Dymphna. You were being human. So who do you think you are? God, maybe? Do you actually believe you -- perfect you -- are not permitted to make mistakes. Pshaw!"

And then I go to sleep.

Heck, I even put you back on my list of possible eulogists, and I insist that you talk then about my tendency to "go off half-cocked."

You have no idea how many times the Baron has said, puzzled, "whatever possessed you to say that?? Fortunately, he has long since abandoned getting a rational response.

There was this time we had dinner at the home of a woman known both for her exquisite culinary skills and for her exquisite sensitivity. While we were eating a wonderful soup -- which happened to contain sausages -- I said brightly to a late-comer, "oh, taste this great soup! It's wonderful. But watch out for the mouse heads." Our hostess fled the dining room in tears. The Baron looked at me in blank amazement.

So, see, I'm a bigger sinner than you are.

Go have a nice lie down with a history book and a goodly quantity of a bottle of 1961 Chateau Latour.


KG said...

Zenster said:

"Dymphna, Baron Bodissey and El Inglés do us all a priceless service by drawing back the curtains that so many others wish would continue shrouding this anguishing moral dilemma. The brickbats flung about over this matter are, in actuality, Badges of Honor and should be worn with pride."
Hear hear!
And that was a very fine apology from a commenter I admire. Good for you, Archonix.

Bilgeman said...


For what it's worth, The Bicyclist just blocked my LGF account and deleted the comment where I pointed out that he had tarred me with a very large brush.

I told him that an apology was in order, that I had put forth some humane and legal alternatives to genocide and repression,(ones that do NOT involve "running to the government" to beat down on Johnny Muslim, btw).

But The Bicyclist is WAAAAY too important a personage to apologize to the likes of me.

So he blocked my account, and deleted the comment.

And isn't that just what a REAL Nazi would do?

"Hey...what about the Jews?"

"What Jews? I don't know what you're talking about. There's never been any Jews.
What are Jews?".

He's a total parlor-pink.

And it's too bad, because he used to BE something, before he got all important and such.

(You disagree, Charles? then reinstate the comments and let folks decide for themselves who's an a**hat).

Betcha won't...

Bilgeman said...

Charles Johnson, comment #1108, speaking to American Jewess in Jerusalem:

"Please. One last time: even if you want to buy the "intellectual exercise" argument, he concludes by advocating--yes, advocating, not dancing around it as he does with genocide--a police state. Why is this hard for you to see?"

No Charles, it is YOU who cannot see it.

You are the one who has areas of thought where you refuse to go, not us.

And by going there, we are not automatically endorsing or approving what we find.

Charles old boy, you are the one who is blind, and it is because you refuse to see.

(my deleted comment is above his #1108)

Dymphna said...

@Bilgeman --

For what it's worth, The Bicyclist just blocked my LGF account and deleted the comment where I pointed out that he had tarred me with a very large brush.

I told him that an apology was in order, that I had put forth some humane and legal alternatives to genocide and repression,(ones that do NOT involve "running to the government" to beat down on Johnny Muslim, btw)

Congratulations for leaving The Hive with a valiant adios.

I recommend the Gulf Coast Forum as an alternative. It's lively, more reasoned and reasonable, and has a broad range of topics. I would go there but I'm a ditz and keep forgetting my ID and password.

Yes, Chazzer is blind indeed. He stumbles from one obsessive hatred to another.

There are none so blind who will not see, or who even poke their eyes out and blame their blindness for their dilemma.

Oh, I just noticed that MarineTBryant has joined Gulf Coast.

They are amusing, varied, and have no axe to grind -- not even really Chaz anymore. I believe GCF was started by some heretics who were excommunicated from the Church of He Who Must Be Obeyed Without Demur.

Just google for them...I am growing too tired to link them properly...

Zenster said...

Bilgeman: For what it's worth, The Bicyclist just blocked my LGF account

Most distinctly his loss, mate. Your insights are always worth the price of admission.

EW1(SG) said...

Bilgeman, as Dymphna noted, you would be welcome at GCP.

And Dymphna, you of course are also always welcome~even if you can't remember your own name! ;)

I don't know about

"... more reasoned and reasonable, and has a broad range of topics. ..."

though. I think there are plenty of topics because most of us there are daft.

SwampWoman said...

EW1 is most certainly not daft.

He's adorable with a quick wit and dry sense of humor.

Perhaps that does qualify as daft to a lefty.

dienw said...

Seems to me that PJM wants to move up into respectability: they want approval of the "in" people. They are CIWOs (Conservatives in Words Only: kee'-wo}: Jani who present one face to the conservatives and their real face to the default, liberal, cultural establishment whom they seek to please.

Dymphna said...


Two news words...thanks. I like Jani -- probably more correct for a Latinate word than Januses. Sounds better too.

And CIWO is more accurate than RINO.

Zenster said...

Dymphna: probably more correct for a Latinate word than Januses

"Januses" has a special ring (as it were) to it too. said...

ShrinkWrapped is right to tell us that the "El Ingles" article is showing a regression caused by the anxiety about the muslim danger.
What he was not able to understand (and for a psychoanalyst is a grave error) is that regressive response to a stimulus are not always pathologic.

If someone is attacked with the intent to kill, the regression is needed to enable the victim to defend himself. The "regression" is to lose the blocks that prevent us from killing other for any frustrations. The "regression" is physiologic and useful if it can be controlled and used only against the attackers and is under control; it become pathologic if the reaction is uncontrolled and target the wrong targets and is damaging for the regressed person.