Thursday, April 24, 2008

Indigo Red Says You Pronounce “EU” This Way: ‘eeeeewwwww’

Map of a reshaped Europe
He also advises scrunching up your face while pronouncing it in order to get the proper effect.

And no wonder. That unbearable map, which he said the Germans called “The Schlieffen Plan” took only half a century or so to bring to fruition. But in the end, they managed to eradicate the Anglo-Saxon world.

Any comments that Europeans affected by this travesty would care to make, I’d like to hear.

Someone please sing a Requiem.


magne said...






JustTra said...

I am sobbing. Between this map and the essay by El Ingles called "Surrender, Genocide… or What?" I can only conclude that England will soon be gone. I fear that we in America are not far behind.

How have we all come to this? We have squandered our religion, our freedom, our culture. So much of what is American is derived from our English heritage. I can't even express how mournful I feel right now.

May God have mercy on us.

Afonso Henriques said...

Well, at least my country stands tall. And united! And we even get Galiza in the Northwest!

This people on the E.U....

now seriously, I think this map is just a drawing. I doubt it to be implemented.

ZZMike said...

That map bears a striking resemblance (in concept) to our own (USA) map from the Aztlan faction (it got a bit of public attention recently thanks to an Absolut Vodka ad).

Aztlan map

Scroll down to the "What is Aztlan?" caption.

ABout the silly EU plan: what about the rest of France and Spain? Do they just get cast into the Outer Darknesss?