Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Is Europe a “Christian-Muslim” Continent?

According to the doctrines of established Islamic jurisprudence, any real estate that has ever been conquered or occupied by Muslims remains the sacred territory of the Ummah in perpetuity. Regardless of later events — the Reconquista, the establishment of Israel — Muslim land is Muslim land forever.

The juridically recognized domains of Islam are considered to be held as a waqf, or scared trust, by the entire Ummah. These waqf territories include not only current Muslim-majority nations and previously conquered lands, but also the buildings and grounds of mosques and madrassas, Muslim cemeteries, and even the homes and community buildings where Muslims live and congregate.

The OIC flagBear all this in mind when you read the following press release from the OIC. The European ethnic groups that Mr. Ihsanoglu mentions are considered part of “Europe’s Muslim identity” because they were originally conquered and converted to Islam by the sword.

It’s also notable that dhimmi-wannabes like Prince Charles are doing immense damage to the defense of indigenous European culture with their fawning attitudes towards Islam:

The Secretary General of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), Professor Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, delivered a speech at the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies in the United Kingdom on Monday 28 April 2008 in which he tackled a number of crucial issues.

One of these issues was the identities of entities and groups which have been, according to Ihsanoglu, “affected by the vicissitude of times and the changeable fortunes of peoples”. He talked about injustices suffered by the peoples of Bosnia and Kosovo, and questioned the motives behind wars and difficulties in which these two European nations, for instance, have gone through.

Ihsanoglu stated that it is appropriate to tackle these injustices from cultural and intellectual perspectives and not only from a political perspective. Furthermore, he raised a number of questions about the identity of Europe and whether or not Europe does have a Muslim identity in addition to its Christian identity. In this context, he quoted Prince Charles, who praised the contribution of the Islamic Civilization and great Muslim scientists to Europe over 800 years of Muslims presence in Spain.

Moreover, he stressed that Muslims of European ethnicities such as Albanians, Bosnians, Torbich and Romans are all ethnicities of indigenous European origin, in addition to the millions of Muslims who have immigrated to Europe. As such, he stated, our present-day civilization which have strong Muslim roots, would qualify to be labeled a “Muslim-Christian” Civilization. He asked whether it would be right to admit that Islam and Muslims constitute one of the key components of the European Continent?
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In addition to the above, Ihsanoglu discussed how the way the OIC views the future and Islamic solidarity. He noted that during the last decade, the OIC Member States started to sense the need to revitalize the Organization and close ranks with a view to breaking free from the state of despondency and lack of action after a series of setbacks. He stressed that the deterioration of the socio-economic situation in most of the OIC Member States, coupled with rampant poverty, unchecked illiteracy and uncertain future, have compelled these countries to seek remedies for these impediments through joint actions.

The Secretary General also elaborated on the importance of the Ten-Year Programme of Action Document adopted by Mecca Summit in 2005 in dealing with the most pressing challenges facing the Muslim world today. He stated that this Document has constituted a paradigm-shift with a practical and realist timetable to ensure achieving the requested goals of the OIC. The Document has also enabled the OIC to come up with an amended Charter for the OIC which was endorsed by the 11th OIC Summit in Dakar in March 2008.

Ihsanoglu demonstrated the role of the OIC in the cultural, educational, scientific and economic fields. For example, he stated that the OIC Member States are working to promote cooperation to achieve sustainable development and strengthen intra-OIC economic and trade cooperation with a view to establishing a Muslim Common Market.

The Secretary General concluded by stressing on the OIC’s move, at the international level, to disseminate the true and correct teaching of Islam. He reiterated his call for the need to increase emphasis on dialogue and for historical reconciliation between Islam and the West.

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Steven Luotto said...

The day the Muslims play "Me and Mrs. Jones" over the loudspeakers at the Mecca to the circling crowds is the day we can talk about some Islamic rootlets in Europe. Until then, the domains of Islam considered to be held as a "waqf," or scared trust, will be held by us as a "Vaff" as in vaffanculo!

spackle said...

Yet another ham-fisted Muslim (posing as an intellectual) trying to re-invent the European wheel. He is not fooling anyone with half a brain cell.

Anonymous said...

If Cathedrals are empty and mosques are full in Europe, it's not because mosques have gained converts from the Church. It's because the people have failed of the faith of their longfathers of old. Luke 18:8 "...when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?"

Zenster said...

Would one of our Danish correspondents please post a link to the video of a Dane interviewing Ihsanoglu and Qaradawi about the Motoon riots? It is hilarious to see Ishanoglu explode when the interviewer demurely asks him if more couldn't have been done to prevent the ensuing violence.

I just searched for 30 minutes and could not find a link.

Baron Bodissey said...

Ioshkafutz --

I don't know much Italian, but I strongly suspect that "vaffanculo" may be, shall we say, a little bit vulgar...

If any of your fellow countrymen object to it, I may have to discipline you! :)

Steven Luotto said...

Ciao Barone,

That is not vulgarity, but a page from Roman industrial periphery Liberation Theology. And though I will refrain, there's plenty more from where it came from concerning the sacred trusts of Islam in Christian Europe.

No more Vaffs at Gov, I promise!

Decatur said...

Does this mean that there are lands in the Middle East can be recognised as Christian-Muslim, Jewish-Muslim, Jewish- Christian and so on? Or does this multi-religious condition only work one way?

Conservative Swede said...


I don't know much Italian, but I strongly suspect that "vaffanculo" may be, shall we say, a little bit vulgar...

Doesn't look too incriminating at a first glance. It just means "go...behind" - with some preposition and possibly a verb in between.

Conservative Swede said...


No more Vaffs at Gov, I promise!

Vaffangov! That's what I'd feel like saying to Charles Johnson.

Go do it in Gates of Vienna!

I mean, it would be nice if he joined :-)

(Also sounds like van Gogh actually)

randian said...

Romans are now "ethnically Muslim"? I wonder what the Vatican would say about that.

calypso said...

Is Europe a “Christian-Muslim” Continent?

No, it is not.

It sounds like a creation of ground to further S. law agenda.
Be aware.

May said...

Is Europe a “Christian-Muslim” Continent?

Joanne said...

As far as I can see and anticipate is that Germany heads the EU and the German Pope heads the RC Church. I just think it is a matter of time before the EU gets some power behind its punch, and then Europe will not be a refuge for Muslims a moment longer.

I understand Muslims believe the world belongs to Allah; therefore, all is theirs to behold and possess.

PatrickHenry said...

The German teachers, slapping down the muslim students would be classic! A 1,000 year "time out" for them in the corner of the middle east would be appropriate, huh Germany?

I believe most of you realize now that your creation of the EU has been a collossal disaster for all of your countries...just look at hordes of ungrateful muslims it's brought to your doors!

I think most of you know what has to been done now, a clean sweep, a housecleaning, if you will, of all the liberals that have infested your parliaments for much too long. Follow Italy's lead. Shock the liberals all the way to their marrows. Let them find real gainful employment for ince in their lives in THE PRIVATE SECTOR!

Then rewrite your immigration laws and send the recently arriving parasites back to the rocks they crawled out from under. If you don't do it now, you're going to have a nasty fight on your hands. Except this time our liberals "over here," might not allow those of us who would gladly fight at your sides, to come to your aid like we did in WWI and WWII. You'll probably have to do it yourselves this time, unless we can eradicate our infestation of liberals!

I'll be watching. I keep a close eye upon the children of my ancestors. I'm always on your side, and I'm not alone! Good luck!