Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Latest “Fitna” Downloads

As I mentioned last week, Geert Wilders has released a new version of his movie Fitna with a different bomb cartoon. It’s now available with French subtitles at three different sites: Bivouac ID, ADrive, and MegaUpload.

A version with Finnish subtitles has also been uploaded.

In addition there is a Serbian version in two parts: Part 1 and Part 2.

The Finnish and Serbian versions were created and uploaded with the help of Rosetta Stone project volunteers. Thanks to everyone who contributed.

The full table of 65 Fitna download sites is below the jump.
- - - - - - - - -
36 AJM dedicated server - very fast
62 BTJunkie A bit torrent meta-index, many links.
2 Isohunt links to torrent sites
7 LinkpinAVIDivx 5.0
5 LinkpinMPEG-4, Perianmp4+iPod
6 LinkpinWMV/A 9 Standart 
46 ViddlerFLVeasily downloadable if you are a Viddler member
48 YouTube  
8CzechPravda o Islámu  
27DanishThe Pirate Baytorrent 
38EnglishDaily Motion flagged as inappropriate - must register to see it
32EnglishGoogle Video  
34EnglishGoogle Video  
63EnglishGoogle Video New version, with a different cartoon
64EnglishLiveLeak New version, with a different cartoon
43EnglishLiveLeak unofficial
44EnglishLiveLeak with content warning
14EnglishRapid ShareAVI 
9EnglishRapid ShareFLV 
10EnglishRapid ShareFLV 
11EnglishRapid ShareFLV 
12EnglishRapid ShareFLV 
16EnglishRapid ShareFLV 
21EnglishRapid ShareFLV 
17EnglishRapid ShareZIP 
26EnglishThe Pirate Baytorrent 
47EnglishYouTube requires registration
33FarsiGoogle Video  
66FrenchAdriveAVINew version, with a different cartoon
65FrenchBivouac ID New version, with a different cartoon
4FrenchLa Yihad en Eurabia from Français de Souche
67FrenchMegaUploadAVINew version, with a different cartoon
35GermanGoogle Video  
22GermanRapid ShareMKV 
61GreekGoogle Video via Ελληνικεσ Γραμμεσ
59IndonesianRapid ShareAVI 
58IndonesianThe Pirate Baytorrent 
29PolishThe Pirate Baytorrent 
30PolishThe Pirate Baytorrent 
52RomanianYouTube Part 1
54RomanianYouTube Part 2
19RussianRapid ShareAVI 
28RussianThe Pirate Baytorrent 
69SerbianYouTube Part 1
70SerbianYouTube Part 2
3SpanishLa Yihad en Eurabia from Anclaos
31TagalogThe Pirate Baytorrent 


blogagog said...

Google video deleted my (original version) copy today. I think it is ID #32 on your list.

They didn't give a reason. It just suddenly says 'rejected' in my list of uploads, and can no longer be watched.

Baron Bodissey said...

blogagog --

Thanks for letting me know. I'll delete it from the database so that it won't appear on the next update.

babs said...

"second wave of blasphemous characters that were published in European newspapers of the Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him)"

This quote is from the site "Secret Dubai" which, I believe is written by rather educated men residing in the U.A.E. which have been educated in the west. They dso not post very often but, one thing I have found in common with them is development planning as they are always complaining about the built environment that continues to engulf them. In that, I think we have something in common as they experience the same swamping of their regional facilities just as we do when faed with a building boom.

This "second wave" were published in solidarity to the finding that at least three individuals of Islamic religion were arrested for plotting to murder the artist of the cartoon that depicted Mohamed with a bomb in his turban...

The initial publication of these cartoons created deaths all over the MUSLIM WORLD... I am not aware of any deaths in the Western world over the publication of these cartoons...
What I am aware of is Muslim people marching in the streets of London with signs saying "Behead those that shame the prophet" and " The 9/11 has yet to come." I am aware of four very educated muslim men trying to blow up the Glasgow airport...
How do you, as an educated Middle Easterner, account for this behavior and, what license do you think the west should give before it finally decides that the continued importation of the Arab/Muslim world within our western culture is suicidal? Because, I will tell you that the common man has reached the end of his rope. If we, in the west, as a whole could vote, I feel assured that avenues for immigration and education for arab and muslim men in the west would be curtailed in their extreme...
Are any of you proucts of western education? Do you hold any kind of allegience to the institutions that educated you or, do you just want to take your education and send it back toward the west as some kind of spanking? Funny how very rich people are able to do that at the expense of the poorer classes...
You wonder what should be done about "attacks" against your religion... Get over it. I couldn't possibly count how many times my religion or politics has been placed under attack in the western press. However, it never gave me cause to drag a plastic Ronald McDonald out into the street and set it aflame while beating to death the indiginous franchise owner... Do you have any idea how this plays in the west?

Being the educated men that I am sure you are, I am pretty confident that you realize, as do I, the intolerance and ignorance of your side of the equation as compared to ours... Please site for me one rally in the west where anyone lost their life standing up for the Islamic cause (I actually think you would have a hard time siting people that were even detained for their extreme Islamic rhetoric).
If I didn't know better and by that I mean that no Christian would be willing in the year of our Lord 2008, to murder an unbeliever. Unfortunately, the murder of unbelievers seems to continue to be a rather violent refrain of your religion.

Actually, Fitna is a very good example as the Muslim world was willing to condemn it before they even saw it... Indosnesia shut off youTube to censor it and the OIS was willing to file an official
protest to the U.N. before they even saw the short video... It makes them look like a bunch of fools to the level headed people that follow the U.N....
I think the tide is turning and all the loud protests by the Muslim world are falling ever and ever on deaf ears. There have been too many instances of Muslim racism that have finally leached out into the western world for your pristine era of victimisation to continue as traction in the west...
Please, don't get me wrong. I wish all of you the best. I just have to wonder why, after 50 years of continued prosperity you are unable to educate your populace and place them in meaningful jobs. Why do you still rely on foreign workers to earn your profits? And, why do you condemn those workers with such abandon? It must be a cultural thing. Fortunately, your culture will not be able to sustain itself... Some day your women will be free and your men will have to work for a living (sales of Clorox stain stick will skyrocket as all the men in their pristine white robes struggle to maintain their status)...


8:24 AM, April 14, 2008

nikolai said...

Done a great job with the Fitna thing.