Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Throw the Book at the Blond!

Our expatriate Dutch correspondent H. Numan has translated an article from yesterday’s De Telegraaf about the latest initiative by the Islamic countries to suppress the activities of Geert Wilders.

The insertions in square brackets and the brief paragraph after the article are H. Numan’s commentary:

Muslim nations: prosecute Wilders

Geert WildersGeneva — The Muslim nations which are members of the UN human rights council [now there is a contradiction in terminus] appealed to the Netherlands to prosecute Geert Wilders for inciting hatred worldwide.

Under leadership of Iran and Pakistan [two nations excelling in human rights protection] Muslim nations called upon the Netherlands to fight the rising trend of “Islamophobia” and discrimination against immigrants to our country.

This call to arms came due to the Fitna movie made by Geert Wilders, in which the PVV leader pleads his case that the Koran is a fascistic book. The parliamentarian hopes Muslims will, after seeing his movie, tear out the verses that call for violence, according to him.

“Despite an impressive number of laws, and many plans to prevent racism and xenophobia, recent actions of certain individuals inciting racism and religious intolerance shocked the Muslim world,” said the Pakistani ambassador Masood Khan to the UN Council for Human Rights, which met Tuesday in Geneva.

“A slanderous documentary by a Dutch parliamentarian meant only to vilify Muslims and subvert the message of the Koran is condemned worldwide,” according to Khan.

The UN Council for Human Rights focuses on enforcing the human rights treaty worldwide.
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Also the Iranian ambassador Alireza Moaiyeri questioned discrimination against minorities in the Netherlands.

Junior minister Albayrak [Dutch, despite the name, the religion and holding two citizenships] repeated in front of the council once more that Wilders’ vision is not shared by the Dutch government. “Preventing prejudice and respecting freedom of religion are primary elements of our integration policy.”

She added that the Prosecutor General’s office is investigating whether the law has been broken by the Fitna movie. Furthermore the Dutch Muslims stand behind the concept of freedom of speech as a basic right in the Dutch society, said Albayrak.

Being lectured about human right abuse by Iran and Pakistan is roughly the same as being lectured by Robert Mugabe about financial misbehavior. Today we know the League of Nations lost all credibility when its members proved no more than a paper tiger defending themselves against Italy, Japan and Nazi Germany. Today we see the United Nations tries to beat that sad record.


A_Nonny_Mouse said...

The stupid Islamo-apologists are trying to kill the messenger. Geert Wilders isn't "spreading hatred of Islam", he's reporting on what Islam itself is doing that causes hatred of Islam.

If the Muslim fee-you-kkers didn't blow things up and kill people for the glory of their bloody Allah, there wouldn't be anything for Wilders to make a movie about. It's MUSLIM ACTIONS, not Dutch movies, that cause anti-Islamic feelings among the citizens of the Western world. Silencing Wilders won't change that fact. Muslim actions are the cause of the West's reactions.

The fleeping Islamists threaten us, then whine, censure, and threaten some more, hoping to distract us from the truth about their "Perfect Religion and Totalitarian Plan for World Domination". Too late. The genie's out of the bottle and he's not going back in. Muslims are obligated to act according to the dictates of their megalomaniac prophet; the world has simply begun to take notice.

and comments posted by Holger Dansker April 14, 2008 5:48 PM
He says:
"To me and many here in Europe we see war as inevitable not because we want it but because we don't see how we can avoid it. We face a religion which is God ordained to rule the world and therefore can't compromise. We can't compromise, or we disappear ... A clash therefore seems inevitable ... Once it starts it is going to be very bloody ... one side will be fighting for dominance while the other side will be fighting for survival ... (and) the side fighting for survival will be better armed and in no mood to compromise."

Screw the EU and its mandates; God bless and strengthen Europe!

Zenster said...

I find it extremely curious how almost everybody involved manages to overlook one simple fact about Geert Wilders' film:


The entire movie deals with an existing body of fact. No significant opinions or unsubstantiated assertions are given forth. Nearly everything shown is historical fact.

When people object to factual presentations, look to those who protest and not at what they are protesting.

James Higham said...

The trouble is Geert Wilders gives so much fuel to gthe other side by being so extreme himself. We're not talking ideas here - just tactics.

Findalis said...

Now that the UN made it illegal to insult Islam, they can make any European country do what they tell them too.

Let them try that in the US. They will get laughed out of court.

Henrik R Clausen said...

Much better proposal here:

Contradict Wilders. Please...

We want to see Wilders proven wrong, we want to see Islam become a religion of peace of tolerance, we yearn for a day where we can honestly say: "Wilders is no longer right".

Instead they want to gag him. Typical.

Related, the 'counter-movie' Schism shows Christians, even children, to have a genuine understanding of philosophy and non-violence. That's better than just about any Islamic leader I've ever seen. It underlines what we've seen before:

Christianity is a Religion of Peace. Islam isn't.


It is time to abolish the un, now that the religion of insanity has taken control of it,it is just another exclusive club anyway and we can do without its pretensions to world government,all it does is keep the africans alive long enough to enable them to invade my country and live for free at my expense,why should i be responsible for thier catastrophies,how did they feed themselves before they met the white man?

Anonymous said...

Let's talk about how Hindus, Christians and Buddhists are treated in Pakistan. Or let's not. The only job that Christians are considered "fit" for in Pakistan is latrine cleaner. They are regularly murdered and raped and imprisoned for the "crime" of being Christian. I am so OVER the hypocrisies of the Muslims and their Western liberal-leftist enablers. Geert's next movie should be about the life that the dhimmies endure in Egypt, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc.

Rondo said...

The Muslim nations which are members of the UN human rights council---

Division by zero.

Zonka said...

Henrik Wrote:
Contradict Wilders. Please...

With the movie, I can't butr with his extra.-movie comments, I can: His call for the Koran to be abolished or outlawed, is way beyond the mark... That is against any definition of freedom of expression.

Freedom of expression not only allows the Koran, but “Mein Kampf” and other inflammatory works as well. We need to counter insanity with sanity not with prohibition.

Sagunto said...

It's a funny thing.. over here in the Netherlands, everyone knows that Wilders often has a "typical" way of putting things on the political agenda. Leftist or should I say, elitist commentators know that Wilders didn't really mean to ban the Koran, and what's more they are higly frustrated about the fact that Wilders' way of drawing political attention to the many dangers of Islam is very successful.

Not one of the chattering classes ever thought twice (or once for that matter) about the post-war partial ban on "Mein Kampf". Certainly no one stormed the newspapercolums to exclaim à haute voix that freedom of expression was threatened, but Lo Behold!, Mr. Wilders made a bold statement and all of a sudden, these good people all wanted to be the first to allow "Mein Kampf", in the name of liberty.

Oh well..

Sagunto said...

Geert Wilders and many other excellent warriors of the anti Jihad are wrong about one important thing. He stresses its up to Muslims to remove their favorite parts of their holy books and not us.
I ask you what would happen if we left it up to the Nazis to remove anti Semitism from their ideals? To leave it up to Stalin to remove his worst elements?
As much as I am grateful to Wilders and many many like him, they drop the ball at the 5-yard line.

Sagunto said...

Excellent point..

However, Geert Wilders is a Dutch member of Parliament who's actually got a lot of well.. balls, and not some anonymous citizen of blogoland, who can pretty much drop the ball anywhere he so pleases ;-)

Have a little more faith in Blondie. said...

Sagunto said "However, Geert Wilders is a Dutch member of Parliament who's actually got a lot of well.. balls, and not some anonymous citizen of blogoland, who can pretty much drop the ball anywhere he so pleases ;-)"

Let me be as clear as I can. I did not in any way mean to take anything away from Wilders. I am not only pleased at his stance but salute him and admire him greatly.

I just feel that his final point, which is the same final point a lot of very public speakers have in the counter jihad, like Daniel Pipes who has the same closing argument, is incorrect and needs to be addressed. Again, these brave men have done more for the anti Jihad than I can ever do and do not wish to take anything from them at all.


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