Monday, April 21, 2008

The Latest Mental Illness: Iranophobia

Forget Homophobia. Forget Islamophobia.

The latest politically correct mental illness is the irrational fear of Iran.

Are you afraid of Iran? If so, you are not alone; there are many people who sufferer from this ailment, including Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

But don’t despair! Your condition is curable. Consult a mental health professional, preferably one from Quranic Open University, which specializes in the science of Quranic Psychiatry.

As we all know, nobody in their right mind would fear Iran, and anyone who does is definitely in need of help. According to Reuters:

Iran says U.S. shows “Iranophobia” over Iraq

Iran accused U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice of “Iranophobia” on Sunday for trying to blame Tehran for Iraq’s security problems.

Rice said last week she would press Iraq’s Arab neighbours at a meeting on Tuesday in Kuwait to do more to support Baghdad’s government and shield it from Iran’s “nefarious influences”.

Iran, as a neighbour of Iraq, will also attend the gathering.

“Regarding Rice’s statements, these statements are not something new. American officials follow the policy of Iranophobia,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammad Ali Hosseini told reporters in a weekly news conference.

“We see the developments in Iraq today are the outcome of the U.S. administration’s illogical policies. The American officials want to externalise the problems they are facing inside Iraq,” he said, adding U.S. policies in Iraq had failed.

It’s obvious that there is really no external interference in Iraq. It’s just our overworked and Iranophobic imaginations that think otherwise.
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Washington accuses Tehran of funding, training and arming Iraqi militias, a charge Iran denies. Tehran says the presence of U.S. troops is behind Iraq’s problems and wants them out.

Hosseini said Tehran would encourage Arab states to be more active in Iraq where Iran, unlike Arab states, has an embassy.

“We have always encouraged those countries to play a more active role inside Iraq … and also resume diplomatic relations and open their embassies and support the political process in Iraq,” he said.

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Stephen Gash said...

Presumably calling the USA "the Great Satan" is the height of sanity?

Zenster said...

Cost of US Embassy in Iran: Several million dollars.

Cost of liberating Iraq: 800 billion dollars.

Watching ultra-xenophobic and hyper-intolerant Islam's spastic contortions as it tries to label everything else as "phobic": PRICELESS

Findalis said...

Until it is listed by Psychiatrists as an mental illness, it is just considered normal paranoia over their rhetoric.

Now Iran is has become the world's largest insane asylum.

Diamed said...

What the west really suffers from in the hundreds of millions is Truthophobia. It is a mental illness, and it is killing us.