Tuesday, April 08, 2008

A Field Trip for Infidel Puppies

Sagunto emailed us this morning from the Netherlands with his translation of an article that appears in today’s De Telegraaf:

Mosque calls infidels “dogs” during school trip

What should have been an educational school trip to a mosque for ten year olds from the public primary school “The Horizon” in Amsterdam turned out to be a tirade about unbelievers.

The stupefied children from group 7b and their senior companions got a lecture by the chairman of the mosque “El Mouchidine” who stated that unbelievers are dogs. The multicultural school regularly organizes trips to various religious institutions […] because the board thinks it important that their pupils become acquainted with all kinds of religious backgrounds.
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In a letter to the parents the school authorities say they regret the incident: “We are shocked that the chairman of the mosque during the tour said to the children accompanied by their parents that unbelievers are dogs. This statement is unacceptable to us, because we involve our children is this project in order to develop respect for a free choice of religion.”

The board meanwhile has stated to the mosque that the behaviour of the chairman is unacceptable. Both parties don’t wish to give any further comments. “We will sort it out together and I’m not at all in the mood to talk to the Telegraaf”, says Mariët ten Berge from the school board. “We went to the mosque before and it always went well.”

Google ads in De TelegraafWhen I pulled up the De Telegraaf story to check the link, I found the Google ads shown at right accompanying the text.

This has become more and more common lately — the most rabidly Islamophobic websites and blogs feature context-sensitive ads that are clearly aimed at Muslims, thanks to certain keywords that appear in our texts all the time.

Do you think that Islamist websites that rant and rave against the evil pornography and booze of the infidels are accompanied by ads for Jim Beam and Hustler magazine?

If so, it would be poetic justice…


mikej said...

It's a great pity that all Western school children can't be exposed to this kind of multiculturalism. Children of liberals would doubtless ponder new ways to placate Muslims, but normally intelligent children with a normal sense of self-preservation would develop a strong hostility towards them. In a generation, the West could be saved.

christian soldier said...

The chairman of the mosque gave the children and their parents a true picture of Islam.

Islam exposed - in other words.

I see a bright side to this.

Sagunto said...


The management sent a letter to the parents on April 3rd. One parent forwarded the letter to newspaper SP!TS, which published the story on its front page. The parent got an angry call from Ten Berge. Mother Martine Boesten says the school intended to downplay the story, and that this attitude is exactly the problem.

"Maybe it's an incident for this mosque and this school but in general it isn't. How can you still trust such a chairman?"

Kind regs from Amsterdam,

randian said...

So where are the trips to a synagogue or Catholic church "in order to develop respect for a free choice of religion"? This alleged "respect" seems to be in only one direction...

closed said...

Agreed. This program was a great success. The children were given an accurate impression of Islam.

Unknown said...

It will be a cold day in hell before my child goes on some excursion to a mosque.

Joanne said...

darrin - my sentiment exactly!

no2liberals said...

That's some weird reverse Dawa by that imam.