Monday, April 02, 2012

Some Burqas Are More Equal Than Others

It seems that wearing a burqa in Australia is no longer a matter of freedom of religion or freedom of expression or freedom to dress as you like or any other kind of freedom. If you’re not a Muslima, and you wear a burqa, you are a “racist”, and may expect to be pushed around and spat upon.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

Here’s the accompanying article from ninemsn:

Burqa-Clad Men Prompt Anger in Sydney

Ugly scenes erupted between a group of burqa-clad protesters and a Muslim man outside NSW State Parliament in Sydney today.

A group of men dressed in the veiled female garb as a publicity stunt to try and get the outfit banned.

Members of the group Faceless ventured into a Sydney CBD courthouse, pub and bank without drawing much reaction, but faced a stronger backlash later outside parliament.

“It’s got no place in Australia — it’s a front to a civilised country like Australia,” Faceless member Nicholas Folkes said of the burqa.

Nine News filmed a man outraged by the protesters, shouting in their faces and pulling off their veils.

“That’s what I think of you,” the man said after spitting on the ground.

The argument became more heated when a man connected to Faceless referred to the prophet Mohammed as “a rat”.

No one will be charged over the stunt.


Qualis Rex said...

A corection: These are NOT "Burkahs", chey are either "Chador" or "Hijab" with Niquab. Burkahs are only from Afghanistan and look like the beehives.

I do so like that the Aussie man caught the "racist" ploy: Mohammedans love to throw out how anyone who is against them is a "racist", while never seeming to understand that Mohammedanism is not a race.

Nemesis said...

Nick Folkes and all the others who took part in that 'stunt' are true patriots! Those 'nice young gentlemen' featured on this video who so obviously are from the religion of peace, just love getting in the infidels face. It was good of them to let all who bothered to watch just how intolerant and lacking in a sense of humor, they really are. Well done to the boys and girls of Faceless!

Anonymous said...

The number of people who where the full Chador is insignificant. In 20 years I've only seen a handful of people wearing it, and I live in what other Australians would call an 'ethnic' area of Sydney.

These guys are picking a fight over a non-issue, and the fact that only one person objected, out of all the people they came across, should help them reach an obvious conclusion to their research.

We have bigger issues to worry about in Australia then this. Your problems are European ones.

Qualis Rex said...

Anon - you are so wrong. Watch this short video of Abaya/Chador-clad women trying to skirt the law. The problem in Australia is not as bad as it is in Europe since a) there is no real "Australian" culture to protect (it's an off-shoot of the UK) and b) the Mohammedans are very crafty in Australia so as to attempt to remain off the radar to date. Why? To get a foot-hold into society and collect benefits. But just because you don't come across them in your day-to-day does not mean the problem does not exist.

Anonymous said...

From watching this the police in Austrailia seem to be fat lazy and scared. If that little jackass Muslim pushed an older man during a protest in American he would have been slammed by the police or an American standing to the groud or shot. The stand your ground law in Florida allows no one to threaten or push anyone around without consequences.

laine said...

The first Anonymous makes a grave error dismissing full Islamic veiling as insignificant. I remember the first such woman assuming she was a woman that I saw in full black regalia pushing a loaded shopping cart in a supermarket with her bearded keeper-husband bopping along beside her during what should have been working hours. The sight was utterly creepy and unusual at that time. Now, only a few years later, that entire part of town is indistinguishable from any Arab country, with such creatures seen at every intersection while white people are now a shrinking minority in more ways than one.

No less an authority than Al-Quaeda's Ayman Al-Zawahiri Declared that Muslimas' drapes make them warriors in his declared mission of Islamic world domination:

"I congratulate every Muslimah observant of her Hijab and chastity in the face of the fierce Crusade against the Hijab, which exposes their immorality, decline and degeneration. And she should know that the Hijab, symbol of her modesty and purity, tears them apart inside, because it exposes the depravity of their civilization. And I remind her that by holding fast to her Hijab and Deen, she is a soldier in the battle of Islam against the Zionist Crusade and its helpers, the traitorous idol-kings."

That veiled wraith is a soldier in the army of Islam. Her mummification is an outward sign of her family's belonging to the most devout i.e. the most extreme Muslims. It's the equivalent of having immigrants wearing nazi regalia congregating in the West after Hitler's aggression had started. Also please note, the direction is always one way toward more veiled ones, more hijabs covering the hair, never the other way around. The Muslim pressure by both men and women is constant on bareheaded Muslimas. Try to think of a single acquaintance, school chum or shop girl who STOPS wearing the hijab in the west. There have been a few high profile cases Of Muslim girls who wished to assimilate with western ways including refusing the hijab. For their rebellion against their families they were murdered in honor killings.

Qualis Rex said...

Iaine - I agree with you half-way: 50% of the year I live in a part of Europe which is very traditional; the population regularly attends church, they speak a local dialect/language and the family unit is very important. I cannot count on my hands and feet how many former Mohammedans I know from Eastern Europe, Bengladesh/Pakistan and Africa who have converted to Christianity; shedding the shackles of their own religion and culture to join the community in which they now live and are accepted. The point is this: you cannot rationally ask the Mohammedan to abandon their ethics and faith (wayward as they are) in favor of nothingness. There must be an exchange...and a viable one. And most of Western Europe at this point simply is not capable of providing one.

Anonymous said...

Qualis Rex,

It is fairly obnoxious of you to claim that there is no Australian culture. I live in Australia, having emigrated from NZ about 10 years ago. I have travelled widely, including Russia, Korea, the UK, Canada, the US and Samoa.I lived in three of those countries for more than six months.

The is a real if difficult to define Australian culture. Canada, the US, NZ and England are all English-speaking countries, yet once you are in one, you have no doubt about the differences from the other.

I have a great respect for your intellect, Mr Rex, and enjoy and agree with most of your erudite commentary. But here you go too far and speak, I think, from a position of either arrogance or ignorance.

Might I suggest you read some Banjo Patterson or perhaps listen to some Slim Dusty? The recent movie "Red Dog" is also very good, shot as it was in my adopted state of Western Australia. All the above works spring from Australian culture and could not have been created anywhere else.


Anonymous said...

Rex, forget about converting them, it
would be like trying to empty an over-flowing bath with a tea spoon, with the taps full on.The fear angle is better, if it could be achieved.
As some article said, Islam is pumped up with fear, like a car tyre, under
constant pressure.We just have to find a greater pressure, perhaps a greater fear such as terror.

Qualis Rex said...

Anonymous said...
Rex, forget about converting them

I cannot, as my God and my religion command otherwise ("preach to all who will listen..."). As I said, the results are clearly visible: if you go to any number of churches you will find Mohammedan converts (you just have to open your eyes, or do a simple google search). The harshest example I can think of is Somalis: any convert in Somalia is fair game for rape, robbery (what little they or their family posseses) and murder. You will not find any churches in the open in Somalia. But just over the border in Kenya where there are armed guards in the refugee camps, you will find thriving Somali Christian communities. The same with Somali populations (mostly Bantu Somali) around the globe. It comes down to education: in most cases the Mohammedan simply does not see or understand there IS an alternative, because Christianity (and Judaism) has been so demonized as part of Mohammedanism that buy adulthood they are brainwashed...unless they have critical thinking skills. And many do.