Thursday, April 12, 2012

Gang Rapists Convicted in Småland

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At a trial in the southern Swedish province of Småland, seven young men have been convicted of gang-raping a woman. By American standards their sentences were appallingly light, given the sadistic brutality of the crime. But in Sweden, four to six years pretty much constitutes throwing the book at them.

Gang-rapes by immigrants are relatively routine nowadays in Sweden. What makes this case unusual is the fact that the culturally enriched nature of the perps is acknowledged in the media report. The ethnic particulars of the crime were hard to avoid, given that six of the rapists will be deported to their native Afghanistan when they finish serving their sentences.

Here’s the report from The Local:

Seven Convicted in Brutal Gang Rape Case

Seven of the eight men charged with the aggravated rape of a woman at a housing facility for asylum seekers in Småland, southeastern Sweden, last year were convicted and sentenced to prison on Wednesday in the Eksjö District Court.

“I was hoping I’d pass out, that it would be over and that someone would enter the room,” said the woman, according to daily Aftonbladet.

The woman, a 29-year-old mother of two, had been having a good time at a party, which was held in early December 2011 in a flat inhabited by asylum seekers and part of a Migration Board (Migrationsverket) housing complex.

The gruesome details of the crime have been placed below the jump. Sensitive readers may wish to skip the remainder of this article:
However, quite out of the blue, the seven men forced the woman into a bedroom, tore off her clothes, held down on a bed and proceeded to take turns raping her.

“I didn’t understand anything. I thought at first that they were joking. Everyone had been so nice before, and then suddenly it happened,” said the woman, according to Aftonbladet.

The men restrained her by holding her hips, arms and shoulders against the bed, and covered her mouth to prevent her from screaming.

She tried to get free by kicking her legs, thrashing with her body, and banging her head against the wall, but to no avail.

According to the woman, none of the perpetrators tried to stop the others from raping her once they had got started.

“They were clapping their hands and laughing and not one said no at any time,” she said during interrogation, according to the paper.

When the 25-year-old man who had initially brought the woman to the party returned to the flat after a few hours, the woman hoped he would save her, but instead he joined in with the others.

It wasn’t until some of the men had left and others fallen asleep that the woman managed to alert the police herself, after crouching behind a rubbish bin.

All seven men denied the allegations but the court found the body of evidence against them to be convincing. Two of the men admitted having had sex with the woman but claimed that it was consensual.

However, the court found the woman’s version of events to be credible and where she was unable to provide details there was other evidence to support her story.

The forensic investigation unearthed DNA traces both on the woman’s body and in the room where the rape took place.

One of the eight charged men were acquitted of the charges but the remaining seven received long prison sentences.

Four of the men were sentenced to six years in prison, two to six years and six months and another, below 21 years of age when the crime was committed, to 4 years and six months.

Prosecutors labelled the incident as a planned attack. All seven were therefore convicted of aggravated rape as they carried out the attack together.

Six of the convicted men are Afghan citizens and will be deported from Sweden and not allowed back for at least fifteen years after they have served their sentence.

The 29-year-old woman will also receive 300,000 kronor ($44,226) in compensation.

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Hat tip: C. Cantoni.


Liquid said...

"The 29-year-old woman will also receive 300,000 kronor ($44,226) in compensation."

From whom? From impecunious Afghan asylum seekers?

Anonymous said...

Allowed Back!?!

Alan W. Wright said...

44K??? Small price to pay for a lifetime of pain! My heart goes out to this poor woman!

Asylum seekers, my ass!!!

LindaF said...

Why on Earth will they be permitted back at ALL?

Anestis canelidis said...

I am glad they will at least be deported back to where they came from but they should have gotten 20 yrs and then deported to that hell hole.

Anonymous said...

Finally, they are deporting these disgusting animals. It is amazing how the Swedish government is okay with letting all these barbarians into their country. I wonder what would have happened had the Romans opened Hadrian's Wall....

Unknown said...

My god..I hope that by now even multiculti sillybillies know better than to go to parties in an asylum-seekers apartment..
Shouldn't we sue the police authorities for endangering their own citizens..Surely they've known all along what's happening?!

Anonymous said...

Operation Bullfinch, anyone? Planned behaviour, crimes that are not carried out "in the heat of the moment". And underlying the behaviour is a profound lack of respect for women. Isn't multiculturalism grand?

Anonymous said...

I hate to say it, but the woman was foolish as can be to party with a bunch of Muslim males who just came from Afghanistan.

But hey she's probably believed all the garbage that the Left and government says about these 3rd world savages and their tribal blood god.

Qualis Rex said...

Paardestaart - you eccoed the sentiment from a previous post of mine. There wouldn't have been a rape if this "29-year-old mother of 2" had stayed at home with her children instead of going out drinking with assylum seekers. Once again, this is not an indictment of the victim; but it IS a harsh lesson in cause and effect.

S. Templar said...

Words fail me once again.
We all need to educate our people about the danger. These stories need to be circulated far and wide to counter the propaganda machine that operates 24 hours a day telling everyone how great multiculturalism is.

Anonymous said...

Some women are too weekminded to take care of them selves , and it doesnt matter too much in this perspective , whether it was from lack of education or from inside . Bad men take advantage of such weekness , while good men instinctively will try to protect it against evil . More than anything , it is this natural protection which has failed miserably .

Ole B

Qualis Rex said...

Ole - Some women are too week minded to take care of them selves

Surely, you mean "some PEOPLE are too week minded..." Being weak-minded is not a matter of gender; all you need to do is watch any Mohammedan rally to see very weak-minded people of BOTH sexes.

I certainly don't know the victim personally, but it doesn't sound like she was told she would be out doing charity work in a soup-kitchen and instead tricked into partying and drinking.

Anonymous said...

Europe has gone mad. It believes it's own propaganda.

The fundamental problem with every Western war since WW2 is that we are too PC to REEDUCATE the conquered peoples. Schooling in Afghanistan should teach a Western curriculum and it should be occupied for 50 years until 2 generations holding our values are produced. Only graduates of Western schooling should be allowed into the West.

Anonymous said...

Qualis Rex
Surely the woman must be a "slot" , and operhabs on the border of becoming somthing even worse , a prostitute .
And surely there are male variations of the same theme .
How did she become like that ?
What I tried to express was the feeling of male responsiblity to protect such weekminded women , on the personal level as well as on the political level . If she was my daughter or sister , it would have been MY fault as well as her own . We are resonsible for each other in our daily lives , and that includes for males the moral responsibility to take violent action ,and perhabs brake the law, when it becomes necesary in order to save someone close from evil .
My wife would expect nothing less from me , and this kind of expectations is something that only a coward will try to deny .

Ole B

Qualis Rex said...

Ole - as a Christian, I do not have the power to judge whether this woman was a "slot"(SP) or on the verge of becoming a prostitute. I think that is incredibly uncharitable and not realy the sign of someone with a good respect for women or humanity. In fact, that's what the Mohammedans called her, so is that really how you want to be identified/associated?

As I have already said (and was the first to say) this woman exercised extremely poor judgement. And she suffered the consequences of bad decisions. As a husband and a father, of course it is my duty to protect everyone in my family, including the women. But I don't treat them as less than human or unable to make their own decisions. I was very fortunate to marry a wonderfully intelligent woman (a doctor) and we both have core strengths in our relationship. If I had married a mentally inferior, weak-bodied or emotionally unstable woman, then maybe I would feel differently, but that is just not the case.

babs said...

Does Sweeden have a nice island where misinformed criminals can serve their terms? Or, must they lock them up in prisons?