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The Platform for Catalonia Branches Out

Josep Anglada is the leader of Plataforma per Catalunya (Platform for Catalonia), the rising Catalan anti-Islamization party. He opposes what he calls “the scourge of Ethnomasochism” — the deadly tendency for white Europeans to assume the blame for all the evils in the world.

Mr. Anglada hopes the Platform’s brand of nationalism can be adapted and spread to other regions of Spain. The Catalan-language video below was posted on the site of Plataforma per Catalunya some four weeks ago ( “Entrevista al canal taronja”).

Many thanks to Hermes for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The following interview with Josep Anglada was posted on the Burbuja economic forum (originally published last month at Alerta Digital, but no longer available at that site). Once again, we owe a great debt to Hermes for the translation:

AD Interview with Josep Anglada: “Europe suffers from a moral decay that leads to a loosening of policy”

Part I

A. Robles. — In a country where everybody fishes feverishly in the sea of political correctness, one has to bow to the consistency of a leader who motivates thousands of Catalans without much to fish in a short term in the tempestuous waters of Catalan politics . He is followed because of his loyalty to stated principles, a history and a cultural and ethnic heritage. Josep Anglada (Vic, 1959), president of Platform for Catalonia (PXC) has been in recent years the target of all insults, all the blaming, and all the outcries. His example of Catalanism, of loyalty to and love for Spain, all fitting his ideals, would deserve all honors in any society not as weak and defenseless as our own.

Anglada talks again with AD, the reference newspaper for the ever-increasing number of Catalan identitarians. He is relaxed, hesitation-free, and aware of his enormous responsibility regarding the future of Catalonia. Josep Anglada know that many people are interested in silencing him. He knows he will remain under heavy criticism from the fiercely mainstream press, and that the harsh verbal attacks against him will only intensify as the political expectations of PxC continue to grow.

But here’s Josep Anglada, without masks or disguises, ready to continue to defend the sublime concept of Catalan and Spanish identity, with the enormous responsibility of knowing that he not only represents the people of his party, but also many Catalans who, out of fear, still make worthless decisions when voting.

It is no understatement to say that Anglada represents for many thousands of Spaniards inside and outside of Catalonia the hope for our collective survival. While expecting almost nothing from traditional Catalan politicians, Anglada delivers with his behavior and his words daily lessons which may well be a source of inspiration to many who are involved in politics, or many others who, with their silence, have become allies of submissive policies out of fear or convenience. Here is Josep Anglada, grandly carrying ideals he always remained loyal to. And here is he now, struggling daily against those he proclaims to be his sworn enemies: those who want to reverse the cultural model and turn Catalonia upside-down, who claim that the tolling of bells has the same emotional value as the calling to prayers of a muezzin , or that the couscous is as Catalan as the “tortell of Reis.”

Many would like to catch Josep Anglada in a frightening or bad gesture. It doesn’t work. It’s time for dialogue, and Anglada does it. It is another very different issue if the principles he defends are violated or his people, which are also ours, are offended. Again, Anglada responds as he is, as a Catalan and a Spaniard.

What does Josep Anglada expect from the upcoming French elections?

I hope that Marine Le Pen will reach the second round. She embodies the hopes of a France choked by immigration and exploited by an indecent political class serving the dictates of the international markets and banks. Marine Le Pen has just declared that she is the candidate of the people against the financial powers.

I hope the French will not swallow again the opportunistic electoral lies of Nicolas Sarkozy, who begins to talk again about immigration just before the elections, or the demagogic and deceitful speech of François Hollande, promising to act against international banks, when the PSF has always been their devoted server. Obviously both are terrified of Marine Le Pen’s electoral advances; that’s why they try to steal her arguments.

The Church, in favor of the immigrationist lobby

In a recent survey, the readers of AD largely opined that only the identitarian parties can prevent the annihilation of the European culture, and that even the Church and the community institutions are powerless against it. What factors have contributed to a growing perception that traditional European institutions lack effective responses to address our current cultural and ethnic reversal?

The empirical factor. That is, the objective observation of reality, and that an unavoidable conclusion derives from it: the Church and community institutions are not only incapable of preventing the decline of European culture, but in most cases they are active agents which collaborate in the irreversible alienation of it.

The European Union is today an Euro-global union that fails to defend the European identity, economy and industry. Regarding the Church, its position in favor of immigrationist lobby is clear. As a Christian, I wish it were not so, but it is. There are always laudable exceptions, but the official line is to ask for open doors to immigrants.

Rapes in Sweden, the imposition of sharia in many British districts, intifada in France, restrictions on ideas of identity in Germany. What is happening in Europe, Josep, that such significant examples of political surrender of the ruling class still do not cause a reaction of native Europeans in order to ensure their own survival?

We Europeans have been inoculated with a guilt complex for many decades. From the media, literature, the film industry and other weapons of propaganda, the idea was launched that Europe was guilty of everything, guilty for causing all Third World disasters, guilty of the disasters of post-colonization, guilty of hunger in Africa, guilty of creating widespread chaos in Central America, guilty of the endemic problems of others, and that we should expiate these sins by opening the doors to the millions of immigrants who would come to our countries escaping their own misery, which — at the very heart — is our mistake. This is a wicked falsehood that has permeated the collective mind of Europeans, who are suffering from what many authors have classified as “ethnomasochism”, which leads to resignation and acceptance of the unacceptable. It is a moral decay that leads to a loosening of policy.

The first thing to do is to expose and eliminate this absurd ethnomasochism. Europeans are not guilty of anything; the blame for the underdevelopment of the Third World lies with their own leaders and their own populations. Of course, we are willing to help, but always in their places of origin. And we’ll not allow them to invade our lands, collapse our economies and destroy our ancient cultures.

In Catalonia, the moral double standard of the leadership has reached grotesque levels. For example, what would have happened to Josep Anglada if he had made a plea in favor of the mistreatment of women, as recently the imam of Tarrasa did?

That is something that happens in Catalonia, in Spain and throughout Western Europe. As you say, it is something grotesque and has much to do with ethnomasochism. I repeat, it is not something typical of Catalonia. If someone in Bilbao, Madrid, or Malaga says the same as Anglada in Catalonia, the double standard and media lynching will be the same that I receive here.

The situation is ridiculous. A foreign imam says that women must be mistreated, and the only complaint comes from Platform for Catalonia. I say something as logical as that natives must come first and the mainstream media don’t stop insulting me and calling me xenophobic, racist, undemocratic and other nonsense. This is further evidence that many have lost their common sense.

Part II

Liberal feminists, the puppets of multiculturalism — What do you attribute the foul silence of feminists and liberals to when news about attacks to the dignity of women in Catalonia arise?

Liberal feminists have long adopted the role of puppets of multiculturalism and pro-immigrationism, even if it means a blatant contradiction with their positions from a couple of decades ago.

The same women who burned their bras in public as a sign of liberation are now those who dare not speak out against violence to women as brutal as the wearing of veils and female circumcision. This has certainly nothing to do with “liberation” The shameful attitude of those feminists clearly shows their moral standing.

You coined the phrase that the political caste is rotten. According to current events it seems that you were even too mild in your assertion...

Let’s say that this assertion defines the political class as a whole. You could add several more adjectives, none of them favorable, but that’s precisely what our politicians are. A caste, in the sense of an inbred group with their own interests, these being different from those of the rest of the population, and (they are also) parasitic, because they live on the resources of that very population they defend no more, hoarding them like parasites. The phrase still seems rather valid.

What price does Josep Anglada have to pay for publicly speaking out about what many say only in private?

When I decided to dedicate my life to the political defense of the native Catalan population against the flood of migration and the tyranny of the political caste, I knew I was taking a number of risks. I took courage and accepted the challenge. Personally I do not complain about any of it, and I do not want to make any eulogy of my personal performance. I Just fulfill my voluntarily assumed duties.

“A Muslim or Ecuadorian who speaks Catalan is not a Catalan”

Do you think that Catalan nationalism will one day realize that “Houston, we have a problem” regarding Islamic immigration?

No, never. This pseudo-nationalism is actually a threat to the true identity of Catalonia. Convergencia i Unió and Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya have been the first to welcome mass immigration. They have called those who came from the Third World “nous Catalans” (new Catalans) and they have spoken of a “multicultural” Catalonia. They will never be conscious (of their acts) because for them to be a Catalan is simply to speak Catalan, which is just a ridiculous and reduced vision of the Catalan identity. A Muslim or an Ecuadorian who speak Catalan are not Catalans, and this is something that goes against the anti-identitarian pseudo-nationalism of CiU and ERC.

Catalonia is the opposite of what Eurovegas represents [Eurovegas: A recent project to make a new Las Vegas in Spain —translator]. Your party has positioned itself against the proposed plan to create Eurovegas mainly due to ethical reasons. What hidden interests do you believe are behind this project?

I fear that the interests are not even hidden. Its promoter, the mogul Sheldon Adelson, is characterized by doing dirty business and engaging in intolerable labor exploitation. Eurovegas is an anti-ecological project based on gambling, luxury prostitution — as Duran i Lleida itself acknowledged — and all sorts of filthy businesses surrounding this kind of decaying world.

CiU approves it because at a deeper level Eurovegas match their liberal and plutocratic model of Catalonia. We want another Catalonia for our children, one based on honest work, healthy leisure, social justice, morality, a Catalonia which is utterly opposed to what Eurovegas represents.

PxC bids all over Spain

Many readers demand the presence of PxC in Spain. Will there be a platformist candidate for every Spanish electoral district in the next European Parliament elections?

On March 31 we will make the official presentation of the symbol with which we will develop our activities outside of Catalonia; that is, from that time on the presence of Platform for Catalonia in Spain will already be a reality.

In the European elections, Spain is a single constituency and our plan is of course to submit an application. We have two years until June 2014 to work and see the possibilities we have in order to place one of our representatives in the Parliament in Strasbourg. We know that we will have a major support from European identitarian parties. That very year, in autumn 2014 provided no advancement is done, Plataforma per Catalunya will run in the Catalan elections with great chances to enter Parliament, and a few months later, in the spring of 2015, Platform will present hundreds of candidatures for the municipal elections in Catalonia and in the rest of Spain.

What would you like to be the main objective of PxC to be met this year?

This year we have a double objective: to stimulate activity in all regions of Catalonia and open several delegations in various parts of Spain, where we already have important support groups. 2012 will be a year of teamwork for us.

The two faces of PP

Which of the two models the PP holds regarding Muslims seems most plausible: that of Catalonia or that of Melilla, where a Muslim was appointed as head of the Delegation of Government?

As stated in your question, the PP has two models regarding Muslims, according to the place their representatives speak. That’s why neither one nor the other is credible, but it is the mask they use depending on the audience, a speech which in the end is the same: tolerance and cooperation with Islamization. Look at the case of the sorcerer’s apprentice García Albiol. After all his (anti-Islamist) propaganda he ended up authorizing the construction of a mosque in Badalona.

Are you surprised that the debate on flags in Catalonia has intensified when the worries and concerns of the Catalans are rather different?

No, nothing surprises me. When the political elite has no solutions for specific problems, they invent fictive ones to cover up their inefficacy. Some speak about the issue of the flags, others about the alleged linguistic conflict in Catalonia. This is just smoke.

The only organization which talks about real problems and provides effective and concrete solutions is Platform for Catalonia. We are the people and talk to people. The results of the next elections will confirm this.

Platform for Catalonia
Immigration Policy

Massive immigration is one of the consequences of globalization. The waves of illegal immigration cause a rise in crime, unemployment, and social spending. They create linguistic, religious and cultural conflicts together with a huge level of social exclusion, thus causing a serious menace to the identity and the social cohesion of Catalonia.

PxC believes that:

  • The immigrants have their rights and obligations, but by no means shall they have more privileges that the rest of citizens in Catalonia.
  • The immigrants must adapt to our social model, and not we to theirs.
  • We will require immigrants to follow the laws of our country, and we will prosecute those who do not want to pay taxes just like any other citizen.
  • Although respecting freedom of belief, PxC will not give subsidies from public money to the building of mosques.
  • We will intensify the policies of international cooperation with the countries where immigrants originate in order to curb in a drastic way the flow of migrants.
  • Illegal immigrants must be expelled.
  • Criminal immigrants must be expelled after serving their sentence.

Video transcript:

00:03 Plataforma per Catalunya is preparing to extend
00:06 outside our country [region] after having grown in the last
00:09 municipal elections. This Saturday, leaders of the
00:12 party will meet in Sant Boi with people from all
00:15 over the country in order to study the possibility
00:18 of presenting some tens of candidatures outside
00:21 Catalonia for 2015. Sant Boi on Saturday will be
00:24 the gathering place for people from all over the
00:27 country who define themselves as "identitarians",
00:30 meeting with leader J. Anglada and David Parada,
00:33 a prominent member, secretary of the organization and
00:36 councilor in this town of the Baix Maestrat, among
00:39 others. Anglada explained to our channel the
00:41 goal of his party in spreading to the rest of Spain.
00:44 "Yes, this is something we already had in mind
00:47 long ago. I believe that the time has come,
00:50 and moreover, I believe that it is not good to
00:53 have this two-party system on a national level
00:56 in Spain between the Popular and the Socialist
00:59 Party, and we assume that the formula of P. per
01:02 Catalunya, which has been successful in
01:05 Catalonia, can also succeed in the rest of Spain
01:08 and give many, many thousands of Spaniards the
01:11 possibility to vote for other political options
01:14 besides the Popular and the Socialist Parties. We
01:17 assume that nowadays it is important to have this
01:20 third alternative of hope, because I believe people
01:23 are disappointed with the political class we have in
01:26 Spain. The main goal... because we must understand
01:29 and acknowledge that (people) are a bit behind
01:32 regarding platforms on a national level, the main
01:35 goal for all platforms all over Spain is nowadays
01:38 the next municipal elections of 2015."
01:41 They will now work out how to put forward some
01:44 tens of candidatures for municipalities outside of
01:47 Catalonia in the next municipal elections of 2015.
01:50 Let's not forget that after the last elections the number
01:53 of PxC councilors rose from 17 to 67. The party
01:56 also has contacts in Europe with the Italian Northern League,
01:59 the French National Front, and other parties from Sweden
02:02 and Austria. If nothing changes, they will be in
02:05 the European elections, and regarding this issue,
02:07 the party leader had this to say:
02:10 "We have also many contacts on a European
02:13 level; I myself was in Italy last week. If
02:16 nothing changes, I'll be traveling to Brussels
02:19 as a guest at the end of April or beginning of
02:22 May, and I'll travel again to Italy, more exactly
02:25 to Milan, in June. But regarding the elections,
02:28 everything will depend on... because as you
02:31 know, we are a honest party, and contrary to
02:34 other parties in this country, we don't have much
02:37 in the way of financial resources. So, the main goal of PxC
02:40 will be the elections for the autonomous regions
02:43 to be held, as far as I can remember, in 2014, but
02:46 perhaps they will be held sooner... if so, then now
02:49 we would not have enough resources to participate
02:52 in these elections, but it seems that on a European level,
02:55 there's much interest to see Plataforma per Catalunya
02:58 in the next European elections, but if there's no
03:01 chances, we do not rule out that we won't take part
03:04 in the next European elections"
03:07 The leadership of this party which has been cleaned
03:10 of any link to radical Catalan movements, has now
03:13 strengthened its anti-Islamic and identitarian agenda
03:16 of European populism, and considers that they are
03:19 strong enough in Catalonia to make the
03:22 big jump beyond.


laine said...

So Spain has its well spoken champion, as Holland has Geert Wilders. What heart these men must have, riding out to battle impossible odds for a people many of whom are unworthy and do not appreciate their sacrifice.

Robert said...

"...riding out to battle impossible odds..."

Reminds me of a recent performance of "Man of La Mancha" I saw, with a song which contains lyrics:

"To dream the impossible dream...
to fight the unbeatable foe..."

Josep Anglada seems like the Don Quixote-like character Catalonia needs in that regard.