Thursday, April 19, 2012

Murder at the Convention Center

Two years ago an “Australian” named Zialloh Abrahimzadeh killed his estranged wife in front of 300 witnesses at the Adelaide Convention Centre. The issue between them was a quarrel over the financial settlement of their joint property in their native Iran. Mr. Abrahimzadeh took the opportunity to kill his wife during a Persian cultural festival at the convention center.

This case has a Mohammed Coefficient of 0%, but it still seems very culturally enriched. After all, Mr. Abrahimzadeh was reported to have said that “he would rather kill a family member than be dishonoured by them.”

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this news video from Adelaide Now:

Below are excerpts from the accompanying article from

I Am Also a Victim, Tyrannical Wife Murderer Zialloh Abrahimzadeh Tells His Son

IN a ranting letter to his son, murderous husband Zialloh Abrahimzadeh condemns those who “put wealth and materialism” before “integrity, principles and dignity”.

Yet Abrahimzadeh did exactly that when he murdered his wife, Zahra, in front of 300 shocked witnesses inside the Adelaide Convention Centre in March 2010.

He was, at the time, obsessed with the belief that she had blocked the sale of their Iranian home and denied him thousands of dollars.

Yesterday, Supreme Court judge John Sulan jailed Abrahimzadeh, 57, for at least 26 years.

He said there was no doubt the March 2010 crime was the deliberate act of an “autocratic” man who repeatedly abused his family.

He said the letter, sent by Abrahimzadeh to his son, Arman, showed his lack of remorse.

“It demonstrates how you are completely self-absorbed and fail to have any regret for the misery you have caused to your family,” Justice Sulan said.

In the letter, released to The Advertiser, Abrahimzadeh tells Arman he “deplores” enemies “who laid the foundation” for the murder.

“I condemn those who put wealth and materialism ahead of integrity, principles and dignity,” he says.

He blames Zahra and her family for driving him “towards insanity” by denying him three quarters of the equity in their former Iranian home. “How much do you think the body and mind of a human being can tolerate?” he says.

“How long can a human being live with fear and anxiety, and with no security?”

Abrahimzadeh fills 1½ pages with details of the family’s possessions, including televisions, jewels and gold. “I will not allow anybody to take what is rightfully ours,” he says.

“When someone is trying to destroy you in any possible way, you would defend yourself and sometimes this defence results in the destruction of the opposing party.”

He closes the letter by asking Arman “as an Eastern man” to judge him fairly.

“In any case, I am really sorry about what happened,” he says.

“I think I am also a victim of what happened.”

In sentencing, Justice Sulan said Zahra’s decision to divorce Abrahimzadeh also fuelled his murderous mentality.

He rejected Abrahimzadeh’s claim that, at the time of the stabbing, he was hallucinating about his youngest daughter, Anita, being attacked by “dark, ugly men”.

“That was, in my view, fanciful ... I am satisfied, beyond reasonable doubt, that your act was premeditated and deliberate,” he said.


He also took into account incidents when Abrahimzadeh:

SLAPPED his wife and daughters on the face and shoulders.
THREW Zahra into a window.
BROKE a cordless telephone aerial across Atena’s throat.
WHIPPED Atena with a belt for an hour.
SMOTHERED Atena with a pillow.
DEMANDED Atena beg, on her knees, for his forgiveness.
BURNED Atena’s fingers for biting her nails.
VERBALLY abused Arman.
VOWED to kill his entire family by burning their house down while they were inside.
SAID he would rather kill a family member than be dishonoured by them.

Hat tip for the article: Russkiy.


eurisprep said...

Interestingly, such types not only need the violence but they also have to show it to everyone. In France Mohamed Merah filmed his acts while doing it, similarly in Lybia the ones who finished Kadhafi had to film themselves with cellphones, or countless "courageous believers" videorecording with cellphones while stoning a girl to death.

Especially in the stoning case, since many of them record, where only a few would be sufficient, I deduce that there must be another reason beside fear propaganda. I suspect an horrible blockade, deep in those poor souls. The opinion of a professional psychatrist would be very interesting.

X said...

Rather neatly demonstrating the fact that everyone from islamic-majority countries will tend to think like a muslim, simply because they are embedded in an islamic culture.

Islam corrupts and degrades everything it touches. It strips out the humanity of everyone exposed to it for a long enough period and forces them to think the way it wants them to think - and they often don't even realise it. Anyone exposed to Islam for long enough starts to think a little like a muslim.

Adapting to the prevailing dominant idiom is a basic human survival mechanism but, when that idiom is as violent and repressive as Islam, the outcomes are obvious.

Robert said...

“How much do you think the body and mind of a human being can tolerate?” he says.

“How long can a human being live with fear and anxiety, and with no security?”

Why doesn't ask a random Jew living in any Islamic-controlled country? Any one of them could tell him about exactly those kind of conditions.

Anonymous said...

I thought the "How long can a human being live with fear and anxiety, and with no security?' self-pitying whine was a corker. Remember this guy's gripe was about losing a percentage of his gold and real estate back in Iran to his estranged wife.

And as for Robert's comment upon that whine, one doesn't need to find a random Jew in an Islamic-controlled country, a random Jew in any major Western European city will do: Rotterdam, Antwerp, Paris even little Toulouse.