Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Norwegian Straitjacket

Breivik in black

The first week of the trial of Anders Behring Breivik is over — one down, nine to go! — and our Norwegian correspondent The Observer has some thoughts about the larger implications of what is happening in that courtroom in Oslo.

Like me, he sees the careful planning by the authorities going awry as the world listens in on the horrifically lucid thoughts of the Butcher of Utøya.

The Norwegian Straitjacket
By The Observer

Absolutely nothing has gone according to “plan” for the Norwegian authorities in this particular case. During the attack they failed miserably, and now they feel compelled to conduct a proper court case, because anything else would go against every grain of their ‘benign’ ideology.

As Mr. Gjems-Onstad said, the authorities in Norway have been so busy telling everyone else how to manage their internal affairs, and stressing how humane Norwegians are, that anything short of this type of response would be considered pure hypocrisy and a complete and utter loss of face. Their besserwisser attitude has become somewhat of a straitjacket, and it seems they don’t find it very comfortable.

One thing people should realize about the Norwegian authorities is that they are very concerned, almost to the point of obsessiveness, about what foreign political ‘dignitaries’ and governments think of them. They really have a desperate desire to be liked.

It’s an inferiority complex that stems from the fact that Norway was under foreign rule for such a long time. Norway only became an independent nation in 1905, an independence which we of course lost when we were hijacked by the EU-fanatics in our government.

Breivik has managed to scare the authorities to the bone. When you read about all the terrible ideas that have been hatched in his evil little brain, everything from blowing up gasoline tanker trucks in crowded squares to beheading the former prime-minister and killing the entire Norwegian Government, it really send chills down your spine.

I have mentioned previously that we’ll probably see copycats trying to emulate Breivik’s terrorist acts. The Norwegian Government is aware of this possibility, and it scares the hell out of them.

It’s worth remembering that the population of Norway is only five million. The population of Germany, France and England is ten to fifteen times greater than that, and that should in theory mean ten to fifteen potential Breivik copycats in each of these countries. Add the very dismal future prospects in some of these countries to the equation, accompanied by a tsunami of third-world immigrants hitting their shores, and you have a very volatile and tense situation at hand.

Also bear in mind the new regimes that are emerging in North Africa....

We have lived to see interesting times.

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Steen said...

"Straitjacket" - reminds me of the belt round Breiviks waist? Wht's that? Are they scared, he will run amok in court?

Robert in Arabia said...

This is what the LORD says: 'About midnight I will go throughout Egypt. Every firstborn in Egypt will die, from the firstborn son of Pharaoh, who sits on the throne, to the firstborn of the slave girl, who is at her hand mill, and all the firstborn of the cattle as well. There will be loud wailing throughout Egypt—worse than there has ever been or ever will be again.' ” — Exodus 11:4–6

Those Christians and Jews who worship this god have no right to criticize Breivik.

Whiskey said...

I do not think that there will be any copy cats of Breivik. Mass Muslim immigration making native White men, to a lesser extent native White women third-class people, aliens in their own countries, is over thirty years old. Nothing has happened because for the most part, nothing will happen.

Heck, in a deep depression, with ugly televised killings of little kids by a Jihadi, Mohammed Merah, the French are poised to elect Hollande who will be deeply in debt to the far-left, and open the floodgates to the Camp of the Saints. For the most part, most Europeans seem to want to be conquered and made into semi-serfs in their own lands.

Hardly any guy with a grudge in Europe will follow Breivik's route -- he accomplished nothing, if anything makes mass Muslim immigration even more of a reality, with more abasement and groveling by native Men. He faces at best life in jail, at worst life in a nuthouse. A competent security force would simply shoot him dead (as the French, Italians, and Germans would). My guess is that rather any and every person who finds Mass Muslim immigration intolerable will try to find whatever country will take them that will be least affected by it.

As for the motives of the authorities who want to be liked, that's a classic female desire in feminine-dominated body politics. Men desire respect (with even a touch of fear); women being liked. As with everything else, the virtues of each sex become flaws if taken to excess: awful militarism or fawning surrender.

From what I've read of the trial, Breivik seems a lunatic, who accomplished nothing (save to make people dislike John Stuart Mill, Sitting Bull, and other "sources" of his incoherent theory). He's another Cho Seung Hui, One L Goh, or Timothy McVeigh.

His real reason: he just wanted to kill people. Because he's nuts.

Higher IQ, more forethought/planning lunatics are more dangerous. Ted Bundy was a threat because he was careful, unlike Richard Ramirez who was soon caught. The Zodiac and Zebra Killers never were. Some just go out on banzai-charges, like Breivik and McVeigh. But they are sick. They're not even Whitey Bulger evil, who killed maybe 50 people, but all for bucks.

Valeofignorance said...

Many Europeans feel utterly impotent and dispossessed by mass immigration, multiculturalism and loss of their cultural identity, values and way of life. But Western governments have chosen to harass, silence and humiliate the opponents (victims, in fact)of their nefarious policies. This has left many Europeans feeling utterly dispossessed and impotent as their culture, values and way of life are wiped out (by the very people who should be defending and protecting them).

I am sure there will be more Breiviks. For me, his act of cold-hearted act of terrorism underlines the growing mistrust and resentment between the supporters of multiculturalism, on the one hand, and those made to suffer under it in humility and silence, on the other.

However, when an individual suddenly becomes willing to die, and kill others, for their beliefs (however crazy or ill-founded) I think it is pretty clear that the stand-off has just escalated to a frightening new level.

Anonymous said...

Today's Aftenposten
- Elderly end their lives in the corridors

In yesterday's news
- Norwegian roads inferior to those in Ethiopia and Azerbajdzhan

Due to lack of money
- This is Norway 2012

Only a couple of years ago, during a climate conference, Jens Stoltenberg handing out hundreds of millions, was asked by an English journalist

- Where DO you get the money from?

Stoltenberg, the happy donator, smiled and replied

- It's not my money. I only collect them from the taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

Preparing for 1814 Constitution celebration in 2014

Eight state financed projects. Among them one which is working on defining National Identity in Norway today.

Will the Norwegian identity be counted out?

spinoneone said...

Gee, Robert, are you a member of the faith of Allah? Do you know the context of the Exodus quote you cite? Pharaoh held the Jews in bondage and Moses was trying to get them freed. Pharaoh said no so God said, "Let my people go." When Pharaoh refused, God bought forth the ten plagues until Pharaoh relented. Is that any worse than the commands issued by both Allah and Mohammed to "kill every Jew behind every tree and under every rock?" How about laws enforced today in the Muslim world with the severing of hands of thieves; stoning of women for adultery; beheading for murder or apostasy; etc.? How logical is it to take the word of a pedophile, murderer and rapist as the voice of god? Hummm...whose logic applies? For at least 100 commands to commit violence on the peoples of the world in the name of allah, see here:

Anonymous said...


Heads up for the GoV blog admin.

Youve made the UK organization Hope Not Hate's recently released Counter Jihad Report.

Bruce Bawer discusses it here...

The Scandalous Lies of ‘Hope Not Hate’


Anonymous said...


I disagree.

Eventually, 'terrorist' groups will emerge fighting in the opposite direction, just like they did in Northern Ireland. Bombings of mosques and so-called 'Islamic cultural centres', doorstep killings of muslims - all that is yet to come. But it won't happen until things get much worse in Europe and the UK. It could be many years away, but it will happen.

Anestis canelidis said...

Humane would be a speedy trial and then a rope around Breivik's neck. But, I gather there is no death penalty in Norway.

Anonymous said...

Dear Baron,

Ted Belman at Israpundit has started a petition to reinstate Lt. Col. Shalom Eisner.
The petition is here:

Lt. Col. Shalom Eisner, who on Saturday was filmed striking Danish pro-Palestinian activist Andreas Ayas in the face with his rifle, has been removed from his post as deputy commander of the Jordan Valley Brigade and will be prohibited from holding a command position for two years.

Andreas Ayas and his group of thugs has already been agitating in the area for two hours. One of the protester had already broken Lt. Col. Shalom Eisner’s hand.

It would be nice if you could include the video showing how the Danes treat their protesters found here:

I think this man deserves our support and any post you write would be the prefect antidote to help remove the nasty taste of Anders Behring Breivik out of our mouths.


p.s. I do not know how to shorten urls

Liquid said...


What you said about men and women could've been copied entirely from Breivik's manifesto.

bilbo said...

"Anestis canelidis said...

....... I gather there is no death penalty in Norway.

4/21/2012 1:03 PM"

there is.
it has been passed on the Norwegian people and their culture.

Vasarahammer said...

"...they are very concerned, almost to the point of obsessiveness, about what foreign political ‘dignitaries’ and governments think of them"

This sounds a little bit too familiar, since the primary concern of Finnish authorities seems to be how things look abroad and how certain events affect the reputation of Finland.

The bad national self-esteem has the same roots both in Finland and in Norway. Both countries became independent fairly late in history and have been colonized by foreign powers in the past.

Norway, however, became filthy rich with the discovery of North Sea oil. It's surprising to see that this has not changed the question of national self-esteem for the better.

One thing that makes Norway more visible in the international stage is the Nobel peace prize and that might be the reason why Norwegian authorities are perhaps even more sensitive about the international reputation of the country. It might also explain the strength of the anti-Israeli sentiment among the left-wing politicians.

goethechosemercy said...

To Robert al-Arabia,
Islam is profane.
Mohammed is a false prophet.
Allah is a spirit of the world.
If anything, you esteemed and worshipped Breivik and his objectives before he was even born.

Profitsbeard said...

You do not fight terrorism with terrorism.

That's simpleton lunacy.

Breivik is a ruthless moron.

Just like the jihadis he purports to oppose.

He is their idiot twin.

Why would someone want his band of homicidal madness rather than Allah's?

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

They said they would do it - and they have done it


How much have already, in a very short time, both Finland and Norway been infiltrated? And to what extent?