Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cracking Down on Christian Terrorism

Below is Michael Coren’s inimitable take on the contortions the media are going through to transform Anders Behring Breivik into a “fundamentalist Christian”, whilst downplaying — or even failing to mention — the devoutly religious nature of Islamic terrorism.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:


Qualis Rex said...

Michael Coren is probably the most astoundingly intelligent, ameniable and charismatic people in the media. His viewpoints never pander and are always extremely well-thought. He was born into a Jewish family, converted to Catholicism and became very critical about the hypocrisy in Canada, Europe and society in general when dealing with any religious idea that interfered with the secular/socialist agenda-- and for that he is hated by more groups than you can count on your hands and feet.

Kudos to GOV for posting his video. I wish his show made it to the US.

Anonymous said...

Michael Coren speaks from Canada, giving hope to thousands, if not millions in Europe.
Bless you, Michael! There is still hope for Europe.

Anonymous said...

If "fundamentalist Christian" means "literal Christian" ie strive to follow all the NT teachings, and to copy the example of Jesus, then our world needs more of them.

The most 'fundamentalist' of Christians in the recent past, whom Christian-bashers never mention, was Mother Teresa.

Anonymous said...

Reading McVeigh's letters to Gore Vidal(Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace) it's clear, there was no religious inspiration in what he did. According to him, he applied the same rules of war we routinely use on foreigners to our own nation.

The reason this is happening because the secular Left because they hate Christianity with all their heart and will use any event to smear it.

Here in the U.S. we saw the same thing with Gabby Giffords who was shot by the town's local lunatic(who by all accounts was being protected because of his parents connections). The Left tried to pin the attack on the NRA, GOP and Palin.

One thing about the Left, is that no one is more dishonest than them. When Ann Coulter calls them demons, she isn't far off the mark.

laine said...

I believe the Left had a similar problem with the Giffords' shooter as with the Trayvon Martin shooter, both being registered Democrat voters. Not that most Americans would be able to tell you that, thanks to leftist media obfuscation, just as they remain unaware that JFK's slayer was a Russophile lefty or Bobby Kennedy's assassin an antisemitic Arab honored by Obama's mentor domestic terrorist Ayers with a book dedication (and of course most would not have heard of European cases like Van Gogh's descendant slaughtered by a raving Muslim or the gay politician Fortuyn by a leftist greenie). Even the Left when deemed not left enough gets slaughtered by confused or purist lefties whom they've taught to hate and resort to violence. It's like an out of control sorceror's apprentice.

Gregory said...

This was a very worthwhile listen. Wish I could get a bunch of my relatives to listen..Not many people in Montana give a damn about islam because it isn't at their backdoor yet...Sad. Lethal procrastination.

Kepha said...

Speaking as a fundamentalist Christian myself, if Brevik is indeed a believer, I hope he repents of his murders before the Lord, and before his just date with Jack Ketch (should the Norwegian courts impose such a sentence).

We've got our wacky excrescences. If the Lord Jesus wasn't ashamed to be part of a family tree that included Judah and Tamar, the harlot Rahab, all those sinful kings of Judah, and all (Matthew 1), it ill behooves Christians to deny a connection to other sinners.

Qualis Rex said...

Kepha - Coren's point is Breivic may be a "believer", but whatever he believes is a "church of one". He gave a Nazi salute in the courtroom, has quoted atheist authors/ideology, followed Norse mythology (very popular alternative to Christianity in the Nordics these days, BTW) and states he is a "cultural Christian" which is code for "I was brought up in it, but left it behind long ago".

Anyone can pick up a bible and claim to suddenly be a "believer" or "fundamentalist Christian", but it seems to me the fundamentals go back to Jesus, and what He then passed on to his apostles, and they to their successors. If you don't follow them, how can you be following the fundamentals, as opposed to the whims or musings of some rogue who claims he has enough truth to start his own church?

mzungu said...

Michael Coren I forgive you. You do not know what you are doing.

I had a fundamentalist truck once. It had a v8 engine so simple I could see the parking lot when I checked the fluids. It had a transmission that shifted automatically, manual crank windows, an AM radio and air conditioning. Now I have an extremist truck. Lots of luxury and buttons with an air conditioner vent just for the dog where she rides.

I sometimes miss the old fundamentalist truck. It just begged for Country Music. But I'm hooked on the extremist truck.