Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Loss of Faith in Sweden as a Democracy

In Sweden, suppressing “racists” and “xenophobes” is more important than anything else. It trumps free speech, freedom of association, artistic license, and worker solidarity.

No one must question the government’s immigration policies. So the labor unions are helping to crack down on the Sweden Democrats (Sverigedemokraterna), the only major political party that criticizes immigration.

Many thanks to Steen for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for subtitling this Swedish video:

A full transcript is below the jump:

00:15 Yes, what does one feel? Disappointment, sadness and a loss of faith in Sweden as a democracy.
00:28 The day did not begin well for trucker Fredrik Lanz. A letter from his union came in the mail.
00:38 The head of the union told him: "We've found reasons for expulsion, and that you therefore are expelled from this union. With kind regards, Svenska Transpostarbejderforbundet (Teamsters)."
00:55 Fredrik regards himself as a normal trucker, one that has always liked the union.
01:02 It's about solidarity, if they totally removed the labour unions, we would have no protections against employers.
01:15 But Fredrik Lanz is not completely average, he represents a growing problem that the union has to deal with. He also says what the union does not want to hear.
01:28 What I think, is that if we continue this immigration - we have to take care of ourselves before we help others - I'm not against helping others -
01:47 but I don't believe we can take in loads of immigrants, when we can’t provide for us living here.
01:59 Fredrik Lanz is a Sweden Democrat, and after he became a local spokesperson, the union decided to expel him.
02:06 His union did not want to give an interview, and does not wish to comment on his case,
02:11 but they hold the opinion that SD is a racist party, and therefore not in line with the union’s "view on people."
02:19 The central union (LO) thinks like this, about people that can’t join the union:
02:25 You can't say that you can't join because of your views, that would be wrong, but if you act against what is written in our statutes,
02:36 if you are working against everybody’s equal rights, then it’s up to the local unions, and that’s different.
03:05 LO's (the central union's) training center north of Stockholm. A giant project has just started, in which 150,000 debaters are to be trained in fighting xenophobia and racism.
03:15 If for example in the lunchroom someone says that there are too many immigrants, then they have to act.
03:22 Anyone elected to a union has to share its values, and accept that everybody has equal rights.
03:29 If you question immigration or have racist values, we have to act.
03:37 LO is careful to underline that it’s about union basic principles, not about stopping SD in the union.
03:44 But for Kenneth Bergquist SD is the threat. They try to lure members to their side.
03:54 They try to befriend the workers, and they have succeeded, they have entered parliament and have many supporters among the workers.
04:09 Are there many among your colleagues who sympathise with SD?
04:16 I know of quite a few and I think there are many more.
04:25 How big SD's support is within Transport, we don’t know. But in 2010 another labour union, Building Workers, counted more than 10% of their members voting SD.
04:38 So, is this all about union principles, or is it in reality about fighting the Sweden Democrats? For SD party secretary Söder, the answer is given.
04:51 We see SD has big support among LO workers, of course they want to target us specifically.
05:01 They regard SD as a bigger threat to the Social Democrats than the other parties.


Anonymous said...

The Sweden Democrats are a new Political Party who won Parliamentary Seats at the last Election on the platform of having Public Debate on Immigration.

Rallies organized against the Sweden Democrats looked like German Nazi Rallies, where the Sweden Democrat Voters were Hitler’s Jews.

People need to express their views, because if their pent up views are not expressed, then another Breivik might be around the corner.

People must not be labelled as being Racist or Islamophobic; neither should they be Maliciously Slandered to dismiss them as having no Right to have an Opinion, and as having no Right to express their Opinions in a Civilized, Cultured, and Friendly Manner.

They are not racists, but they are realists living in the Real World, and who want their Country to have a safe and peaceful future, and they do not wish to commit cultural genocide on other nations, and neither do they want to allow others to commit cultural genocide on their nation.

The Politically ‘Correct’ Lunatic Left wishes to destroy Democracy, and impose their Dictatorship on their Citizens by saying that any Public Debate on the matter of Immigration is forbidden because it is claimed to be Racist.

The Lunatic Left are either Mentally Sick or Worse, because how else can they so obviously get things wrong, or why would they use Malicious Slander and Dictatorial Nazi Tactics to Manipulate People.

Even the Lunatic Left will never say that having Criminals and Fifth Columnists who are of the Majority Race, is a good thing, because this could bring Violence against themselves, their family, and their friends, and Norway had a recent example of this with Breivik.

According to the Lunatic Left, if the Criminals and Fifth Columnists are of a different Race, or are Migrants, or Muslims, then this is a good thing, and people should Welcome Violence against themselves, their family, and their friends, and they should Welcome a Fifth Column in their country, because this is Politically Correct, and if you do not agree then you are a Racist.

The entire Kosovo Albanian problem is really an issue of Immigration where the People under the Dictatorial Regime of Communist Tito’s Yugoslavia had no say or Public Debate on the matter that Directly affects them.

Unmanaged immigration in certain places of Europe has been proven to be a Disastor; and Muslim Albanian immigration to Serbia’s Province of Kosovo is a perfect example of a Total Disaster.

There is nothing Racist in wanting to be protected from Criminals, and in not wanting a future Fifth Column in your Country as Muslim Albanians are in Serbia, Kosovo, FYROM, Montenegro, and Greece, even though they have their own Country of Albania, but the Albanians want to create a Mono Ethnic Islamic Greater Albania.

Democracies that assist the cause of a Mono Ethnic Greater Albania are spitting in the faces of, and defecating on the graves of their soldiers who died fighting against German Nazism, and who fought for Real Freedom and True Democracy.

Anonymous said...

Havn't they seen enough rapes?
These people are insane.
Paris Claims

Pym Purnell said...

Democracy is dead in UK too. At the moment people will not debate with BNP mayor candidate, and the BBC will not have him on debate shows.

You would think it would be a good chance to show how daft his ideas are.

And there is Greece and Italy.

Lawrence said...

Well, yeah.

Mostly because Sweden is a Constitutional Monarchy. The influence to drive it to become a Parliamentary Democracy are strong, however, in that this seems to be the popular form of democratic-like government in Europe.

A Parliamentary Democracy is still not a true Democracy, however.

So anyone who had/has faith in their government being a true democracy are looking through a distorted lens of expectations.

Same goes for democratic supporters here in the Federal Republic of the United States.

We're not a democracy either, and most of us here don't really want to become one.

bewick said...

So it's true. You cannot belong to a union unless you subscribe to their partisan political views.
Of course I already knew that 25 years ago. I "opted out" of my then union's political levy in support of one party. They didn't like me for that because most people didn't even realise that part of their union subscription went to a political party not of their choice - unless they positively opted out. I did. Shades of Animal Farm; Brave New World, 1984 and Kafka and Machiavelli. Frightening. Thatcher had it right. Crush the unions until they became adult.

Anonymous said...

Today, 'equality' means non-citizens must be accorded the same rights, priviliges and care as existing citizens. Indeed, in the West, citizenship is almost always assured - irrespective of whether existing citizens will suffer or not.

Meanwhile, countries like China,Brasil and Japan work for their own citizens. They will issue work and residence permits but won't offer citizenship. Only the West desires its own dissolution.

Martin Baldan said...

I know that's not the point, but unions themselves are almost as destructive as massive immigration. They should be stripped of all their legal privileges. The less members they have, the better.

Dymphna said...

Our unions in the US are as bad. Non-unionized states are growing. Big union states like NY and California are imploding. The destructive power of union leadership is immense and they'll use it to retain their perogatives at the expense of the average unionized worker.

America's 5th rate educational system has been systematically undermined by unions tunneling thru the rank and file. Someday the tragedy will be written about, but not until these criminals fall of their own weight.

Example: they have spent millions in Wisconsin trying to unseat the Republicans in the legislature & the judiciary. It hasn't worked. More millions now being spent to "recall" a governor who has increased employment and turned the state budget from a large deficit to a surplus.

The threats, dirty tricks, and intimidation are like a replay of Jimmy Hoffa...they will stop at nothing to retain their power...

The question is whether or not the average Wisconsin citizen has looked up from the sports page long enough to understand what is at risk. Generations of union workers have been dumbed down and indoctrinated...

Given that many in the Badger State are the descendants of immigrant Scandinavians, one has to wonder if it's not some strange DNA after effect...

Anonymous said...

American Politicians placed an Imperialist version of a Fatwa on an Independent Investigative Journalist who works for the Wikileaks Volunteer Funded Public Information News Service.

The Corrupt and Bribed Puppet American Main Stream Media has no shame or standards, and they display their hubris and their arrogance, by saying that Julian Assange is paranoid, because of his traumatic experiences with Britain, America, and their Puppet, Sweden.

Sweden is not the liberal paradise it is sometimes portrayed as, because Sweden also has an Authoritarian Streak.

The United Nations ruled that Sweden violated the global torture ban in 2006 by knowingly co operating with the American process that led to asylum seekers being transferred from Stockholm to the Middle East and then being tortured there.

Sweden was involved in other illegal rendition flights going from and through Sweden.

Sweden was also part of the war in Afghanistan, and Sweden also does not have a Jury System, because Trials are performed and Verdicts given by Career Judges who are paid a Generous Salary, and who look forward to spending their Superannuation Money.

America has Maliciously Slandered Julian Assange by saying that he has Delusions of Grandeur, because America know that it is truly grand to serve other people with unselfish and pure motives, and we all know that Julian Assange is a humble and honest person.

America thinks that being Proper and Honest Servants of others is Delusional compared to lying to People and stealing money from the taxpayers, and this is why they do not want Julian Assange to succeed, and Sweden is shamefully assisting this attempted perversion of the course of justice.

The American Government is fully determined to try to crush any individual or group of people who wish to serve other people in an unselfish manner and with pure motives.

They want to conclusively prove to the entire world that Honest, Genuine, and Sincere Public Service is a Delusion in Today’s America, and in America’s Puppet Client States like Britain and Sweden.

America, along with their Puppet Corrupt and Bribed American Main Stream Media are falsely accusing the founder of Wikileaks of not being a Qualified Journalist.

The facts are that Julian Assange is a Member of an Australian Journalist Union, and that Union strictly adheres to the Journalistic Code of Ethics.

Those who follow the Journalistic Code of Ethics provide facts, and they give their genuinely held opinions in their articles.

We all know that the founder of Wikileaks is an advocate for Truth, Fairness, and Justice, and so he is more than adequately qualified to be a Journalist, even if he were not a Professional Journalist.

Furthermore, he has a Legal Right, and a Moral Obligation to publish News and to offer genuinely held opinions, and to publish material in the Public Interest, for as long as he wishes to be a Journalist.

Therefore, Julian Assange and Wikileaks are perfectly entitled to publish material that is Definitely and Genuinely in the Interest of the Public.

AliceNorthernLights said...

What I think, is that if we continue this immigration - we have to take care of ourselves before we help others - I'm not against helping others -
I say the same from and about my s****y country (Italy), and everytime someone say it is labelled as racist. My brother think that helping others before ourselves shows great humanity. I don't think this way.

I support Sverigedemokraterna and Fremskrittpartiet from Italy, even if i have no power not living in Scandinavia (somethimes i dream about Jensen coming in Italy and save it). But i still hope that soon SD and FrP will have power (and Wilders aswell)

Anonymous said...

Everybody's equal rights? Apparently, these people don't even understand the law of their own country:

I you are not a swedish citizen, you don't have the same set of rights and privileges in relation to the system as someone who is. What rights you have depends on your legal status, not your delusional marxistic conviction.