Monday, April 16, 2012

Muslims in France: Time to Leave the Toilet!

Omar al-Haddouchi, the ideological leader of the Jihadist movement in Morocco, has published a fatwa saying that all Muslims should leave France for North Africa.

Al-Haddouchi says Muslims have no reason to stay in France, listing as reasons the burqa ban, the limits imposed on the call to Friday prayers, and the stricter controls on Muslim radicals following the terror attack in Toulouse. He also says non-Muslim countries are like a toilet, where you do your business and then leave.

Many thanks to Translating Jihad for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

A transcript of the subtitled portions is below the jump:

0:28 I say unto my brothers in France, I love you as you have loved me.
0:33 I also give unto you my counsel, which is primarily for myself.
1:32 I say unto you, then, that you must leave.
1:37 You must leave the land of the polytheists.
1:41 The Prophet (PBUH) has said: “Do not gaze into their fire.”
1:48 He also said, “None of us reside with the polytheists.”
1:58 He once found a woman who had been slain, and he said, “I have nothing to do with any Muslim living among the polytheists.”
2:03 (Repeats the saying)
2:07 Therefore we should not increase the numbers of the polytheists.
2:12 The Prophet (PBUH) said in the two Sahihs also in the hadith of A’isha,
2:16 “An army will invade the Ka’aba, and when the invaders reach al-Bayda’ the ground will sink and swallow the whole army.”
2:22 I said, "O Allah's Apostle! How will they sink into the ground while amongst them will be their markets and the people not belonging to them?"
2:27 The Prophet replied, "All of those people will sink but they will be resurrected and judged according to their intentions."
2:32 Islamic scholars say that the benefit of this hadith is that it forbids increasing the numbers of the polytheists.
2:39 Therefore if a Muslim is unable to declare and openly observe the rituals of his religion
2:47 in a certain country, then he must emigrate from that country.
2:51 This emigration does not cease until the Day of Resurrection.
2:54 There are different types of emigration, for the Prophet (PBUH) said,
2:58 “There is no emigration after the conquest--only jihad and faith.”
3:03 In other words, from Mecca to Medina, because Mecca was conquered and became the house of Islam.
3:07 But there still remains another emigration which does not cease,
3:10 like jihad does not cease until the Day of Resurrection.
3:16 Therefore, you can emigrate from a country which insults the Islamic scholars.
3:22 Emigrate from a country in which the shari’a cannot be applied.
3:25 Emigrate from a country which bans the hijab, or the call to prayer.
3:32 The very first ritual which should be witnessed by the people is that of the call to prayer.
3:36 But France bans the call to prayer, and now bans the hijab.
3:41 Therefore you must now flee from that country.
3:46 Some scholars even say if a man travels to the land of the polytheists
3:54 for trade, or work, if he had to travel there, the following conditions must be present.
4:03 First, he must possess sound doctrine. He must be armed with sound doctrine.
4:14 Second, he must be able to outwardly observe the rituals of his religion.
4:19 Third, he must not be performing humiliating work, such as a garbage collector or sweeper, for this is never permissible.
4:29 This is something polytheists should do, for Islam should always be above, never below.
4:35 The most important condition which scholars have imposed, is that Muslims should influence others, and not be influenced by others.
4:45 This is in the situation that he is compelled to go there for work or study,
4:52 something which is not present in Muslim lands.
4:57 If he is armed with sound doctrine, he can influence the polytheists, and he cannot be influenced.
5:05 I mean, no one can influence him to become a Christian, Allah forbid, or worse.


Hebes Chasma said...

Man, you gotta post news update a little bit earlier, or you're gonna lose me. Staying awake up until now...

K. from Germany said...

The first positive word I've heard in a long time from one of those furry hatemongers. I don't say "reasonable", because he completely misses to ask his kin why "work or study ... is not present in Muslim lands". But if he works to rid western lands of this menace, blessed be his beard.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the vast majority of the French would concur with Mr jihad. Hopefully his message will also be heard by the muslims infesting the UK.
Paris Claims

Anonymous said...

ChristianInfidel says:

I hereby declare a day of international celebration!

You could have knocked me over with a feather when I saw this one. It may be an outlier, a fluke, but it hints that maybe, just maybe, if we make the toilet stink badly enough our house won't appeal so much to certain home invasion specialists.

In addition to standing firm against Islam's intrusions (see 4:14 on the transcript), maybe it is time to start putting up billboards and/or internet ads quoting hadiths that Muslim leaders don't want anyone, including Muslims, to read and discuss (see 4:03 & 4:57).

Let's make it so that Muslim leaders lose sleep over the losses to apostasy and conversion that take place among Muslim would-be colonizers of the West.

AliceNorthernLights said...

This sounds like a good new. A little victory from France. But France needs to stay awake. They will return if they find France off guard.

goethechosemercy said...

I would suggest a procession for St. Jeanne D'Arc in every town and city in France.
And each going through Muslim and non-Muslim neighborhoods.
Let the residents of the no-go zone get their chance to observe the devotion France owes to its Christian patron saint.
Islam is contemptible in the West.
It is not of the West, exists not for the West, and will never be in the West.
And as for the nation-state?
I think it's becoming a popular idea.

laine said...

"Let's make it so that Muslim leaders lose sleep over the losses to apostasy and conversion that take place among Muslim would-be colonizers of the West."

Sorry, though I am all for making Muslims feel unwelcome in the West in a thousand little ways by exercising our freedoms that offend them, the net conversion in the West is TO Islam, not from Islam to anything else. That business of death for apostasy helps their brand loyalty a lot as does access to the West's jails to proselytize where the worst prisoners (often black) bizarrely convert to the religion of their historically longest slavers because Islam requires no repentance for sins and appeals to murderous people. In fact, killing the right kind of innocents gets you in the express lane for Muslim bordello heaven. White women marrying Muslim men also convert, little knowing what they are getting themselves into, though some of them become the most mummified and fanatic anti-westerners (presumably those were fanatic lefties in their previous lives so they share that hatred with their husbands).

laine said...

It's funny how this purist Muslim imam is admitting that Muslims are sullying themselves by living in non-Muslim lands which contradicts the western colonization project of equally devout and probably more canny Muslims, the Supremacists. As for the toilet analogy, Muslims make a toilet of any country they come to dominate, with crap starting at the 10% population level. When they have unearned oil wealth, it's a gold toilet, but nevertheless...Islam brings the reverse Midas touch, with
everything Muslims touch turning into the brown stuff, witness Egypt and Lebanon at different stages of their decay from Christian nations and Indonesia becoming more devout in Islam and commensurately more barbaric.

Robert said...

Amazing! France actually seems to have become the model for halting and reversing the Moslem menace to relatively free countries. Either that or that particular imam will soon be slaughtered as an apostate. I would suggest France also proudly celebrate Charles Martel's victory over the Moslems at Poitiers in 732 in addition to Joan of Arc.

mzungu said...

I would like to take this opportunity to express my concern over the supply of French wine and the health of the vineyards. It is my understanding that Islam forbids alcohol. After most of the French are murdered and Sharia law takes over as government will I have to pay more for French wine?

On these Islamic Inconvenient Truth type websites I have also learned that Belgium is a lot farther along in becoming a radicalized Islamic nation. After most of those natives are killed off will I still be able to buy Hoegaardens Wheat beer? I just drank a bottle tonight and I calculated they have been making that delicious fantastic product for 565 years as of 2012. America wasn't even a place when Belgium began making wheat beer under the Hoegaarden brand. I am so going to miss Belgian ale and InBev Corp.

I apologize for the long post. Not trying to be funny its just a 'face the facts' moment for me.