Thursday, April 26, 2012

Conserving Electricity Through Cultural Enrichment

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Per capita electricity consumption in Norway has fallen in recent years. Officially-sponsored research has revealed the surprising reason behind this encouraging trend: mass immigration from the Third World.

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer has translated an article about this phenomenal discovery. The translator includes this note:

This article is another stunning example of the brilliant research methods favoured by the Norwegian Left. In this story we’re told that non-Western immigration has resulted in a drastic reduction in electricity consumption in Norway.

Perhaps the dark bodies of the immigrants retain the heat more effectively than that of their pale-skinned hosts in the winter months. Or maybe it’s simply that they haven’t figured out how to turn on the heaters…?

Isn’t it exciting to see the multicults two favourite issues fused into one ‘happy feel-good’ news item?

Not only is asylum immigration culturally and financially enriching for Norway, but it’s also very beneficial for the environment. Wahoo! Can’t get much better than that!

Maybe I’m just a cynical old sod, but surely the fact that the Norwegian national power company was privatised in the early 1990s — which caused electricity prices to skyrocket overnight — has something to do with this reduction in power consumption?

The translated article from NRK:

Immigration has led to a reduction in electricity consumption

Electricity consumption in Norway is on its way down, and we can thank our new compatriots for this as they use minimal electricity.

The food is like in most Norwegian homes, but the living area is smaller and there are fewer lights in the home of the family of five from Eritrea.

“We turn off everything we don’t need. We don’t use much electricity,” says Milki Tecla.

And he is not alone in doing so. The number of non-western immigrants has quadrupled in Norway since 1990, and during the same period the electricity consumption of Norwegian households has levelled out.

NVE discovered that while electricity usage has increased at a steady pace, by 55 percent between 1970 and 1990, the usage from 1990 onwards has only increased by a meagre three percent.

They gave Vestlandsforsking [West Coast Research] the assignment of finding the cause behind this new trend.

Increase in living area per person has halted

The report from Vestlandsforsking establishes a clear connection.

“The most important factor is that the increase in living area per person has halted. And the most important reason for this is the growth in the number of non-Western immigrants, who on average use 40% less living area than the rest of the population,” says Carlo Aall, the head of research at Vestlandsforsking.

Had the graph continue to rise as it did until 1990, we would have seen a 55 percent increase in electricity consumption compared to today’s level.

“But there has been a significant reduction, approximately 60 Alta power plants [The Alta Plant is a hydro electric power plant in northern Norway],” Aall says.

The main contributing factor is immigration

There is no question that a milder climate and energy-reducing measures such as additional insulation and heat pumps contribute to the overall drop. But the most significant factor for this overall reduction is immigration.

The family from Eritrea agrees. They only use electricity when it is necessary.

“When you have less space, you use less power,” says Embaynesh Mengistu.

“I have been in many Norwegian homes and I think they use too much electricity,” Milki Tecla says.

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Hythloday said...

If native norwegians' consumption rates had remained stable, then surely the added strain of a growing immigrant population, regardless of how little electricity they used and living space they occupied, should have meant an even greater increase in energy use than projected. That consumption has "leveled out" despite mass immigration must indicate that natives have reduced their own use rather greatly, no?

Anonymous said...

What a steaming pile of manure that article is. Electricity has become increasingly more expensive the last 10-20 years. Many people have seen that saving electricity is saving money. Plain and simple.

Construction standards regarding insulation of buildings is a lot stricter than 20 years ago, as the rules for this has been revised a number of times in this period. I know because I'm a civil engineer, but anyone can see the impact that up to 3 times better insulation has on energy consumption. Also, Norwegians are also quite fond of fixing up their homes, bettering the insulation being a big part of it (see my point above about saving money).

Hermes said...

No, please, this is already too much madness...

Anonymous said...

Most migrants come to make and save money, so it makes sense they would be more careful with electricity.

What is bemusing is that the Norwegian authorities are thanking them for their frugality. Perhaps they believe their migrants are "adopting" eco-friendly Norwegain attitudes when, in fact, they are merely looking after number one.

People often see what they want to see - even if the truth is very different.

Passer by said...

So these elites would like to turn Norway into a Third World country in order to make it consume less electicity and resources. These elites are also proud that the immigrants live in smaller homes than the norwegians. Surely if we all become a ghetto like South Africa or Pakistan the Global Warming problem will be solved.

Anestis canelidis said...

It only proves Michael Savage's thesis about the wacko left- "Liberalism is a mental disorder." Great book as well!

Anonymous said...

Again, pure propaganda, to "prove" how great immigration is.

Anonymous said...

@Passer by-

"So these elites would like to turn Norway into a Third World country ...

Exactly, this is already happening in the U.K. a submissive and impoverished indigenous population ruled by an islam inspired elite, how many of the British ruling class are closet islamophiles?

Jolie Rouge

babs said...

Here in NY our electricity rate increased significantly a few years ago. I decided to adopt the "one light" rule. That is that I would only have one light on at any one time.
One evening I left the den to let the dogs back inside. I tripped on one of the dogs, fell down and cracked my head open. So much for the one light rule...

Anonymous said...

Rereading this I got to a thing: there are less norwegians in that areas than before, because their consuming habits can´t change so sudden.

The starting consumption was 100%, in a time when all the consumers were nationals
The consuption now is "70%" in the enriched area

With the extra data that people try to consume less, and that enrichers try to do it often to spend less, the data rended is that in the region are less Norway nationals but more enrichers, which could be noted with birth rates.

If there wasn´t a local migration (escape to better pastures), the consumption would have been 100%+