Thursday, April 19, 2012

Norwegian News Roundup

Breivik at the microphone

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer sends a roundup of today’s news from Norway. Not surprisingly, most of the items are about the Breivik trial. But not all of them:

I think Fjordman hit the nail square on the head when he referred to Breivik as the “Nordic Mohammad”. According to The Local:

“The goal was to kill everybody,” the 33-year-old right-wing extremist told the court, adding he had first planned to capture former prime minister Gro Harlem Brundtland and behead her on camera, before posting the video online.

A young American male who communicates with Breivik by letter was interviewed by VG TV. In the interview the young man expresses strong sympathy for Breivik’s actions.

There’s another story about a young German girl who is also a fan of Breivik’s. She tried to gain entry to the court room in order to get a glimpse of her hero, but was apprehended by police officers, and, believe it or not, deported back to Germany.

Wouldn’t it be great if asylum seekers were deported with the same ease?

She also claimed to be Breivik’s girlfriend.

Yet another story involves the parliamentarian and Utøya survivor Stine Renate Håheim from the Labour Party. She was actually scheduled to join the second Gaza flotilla. She says that she is absolutely appalled that people can support a terrorists like Breivik… oh, the irony is baffling. Hamastinian terrorists are OK, But Breivik the terrorist is a no-no!!

Finally, on a different note: the multiculturalists are not going to run out of money anytime soon. The Norwegian madness can easily be financed for another hundred years:

Even More Oil Found Off Norway

Wintershall, the largest internationally active German crude oil and natural gas producer, has struck oil at one of its licenses in a mature area of the North Sea. The discovery from a wildcat well at the Skarfjell prospect may be worth more than NOK 100 billion.

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Anonymous said...

I think Fjordman hit the nail square on the head when he referred to Breivik as the “Nordic Mohammad”.

Slightly confused by Fjordman's “Nordic Mohammad” name calling is he saying that Breivik is in fact a "right-wing" jihadist in a national socialist - islamic conspiracy?

Jolie Rouge

Anonymous said...

Utøya 21 July 2011

AUF demands that a palestinian state be acknowledged by Norway

Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre and AUF leader Eskil Pedersen in front of "Boycot Israel" banner on a sunny Utøya, the day before 22 July

Anonymous said...

Keffiahs as uniform in Parliament

Israel-protest by parliament representatives

More "Palestine" friends than Israel friends in Norwegian Stortinget (Dagbladet 2010)

Friends of "Palestine": 35
Friends of Israel: 28

Anonymous said...

The trial is being widely reported around the world. The Norwegian ruling elite wouldnt be happy that (inevitably) some of the "spotlight spill" will highlight wider issues -the very issues that motivated Brevik to committ those ghastly deeds. In my state the local large circulation (and leftist)newspaper published an extensive report of day one of the trial. The report contained about 8 or 10 paragraphs of what appeared to be a very accurate transcription of Breviks political doctrine. His points, arguments and rationale as reported in the piece are intelligent, rational and logical. People unfamiliar with what he actually did could easily be impressed by his arguments. I was surprised the paper would publish an article like that - most of the reports one reads dwell on the "crimes" he committed and ignore ideological justification.
I dont think you can compare Brevik with Islamic jihadis or Mohomad. He has more in common with a marxist revolutionary. Though he expected to be killed by the police he wasnt motivated by the notion of virgins waiting for him in some martyr paradise.
Obviously no one wishes to be associated with Brevik and what he did - but by discussing it or even condemning it one is dragged in by association, so to speak.
Brevik is possibly the most dangerous guy on the planet.
I think this trial has already spun out of the control of the ruling elites, in that sense Brevik has achieved a huge victory. Possibly we are looking at a watershed moment here.

Anonymous said...

Brevik is possibly the most dangerous guy on the planet

Anonymous said...

"Wouldn’t it be great if asylum seekers were deported with the same ease?"

Eh,! As you probably will realize if you ever have to flee your country and seek a safe haven elsewhere. The Asylum institution was set up to protect those who truly need it. Known troublemakers with a crush on ABB, outside the courtroom of a high-profile case with an abundant presence of international media, aren't in quite the same league.

Anonymous said...

@ Paardestaart
Because (apparently) there are 800 journalists covering the trial. You cant buy that kind of "publicity". The trial is a huge mistake for the Norwegian authorities. Breivik is intelligent - he has blindsided the court with many of his statements and responses, some of which have been surprisingly skillful and "left field". We all know he is guilty, no matter how the trial plays out the verdict will be the same. But every day the trial continues the elites who are overseeing the destruction of Western civilisation and culture are also on trial. Thus far Breivik is winning. Breivik is not some leery eyed jihadi who can only repeat the rantings of the imams who indoctrinated him, in a courtroom Breivik is far more dangerous - and he will stay dangerous if he continues to maintain his composure.

Anonymous said...

Newspapers can write whatever they'll like from what Breivik says, because that makes it easier to address whatever "facts" he's talking about. That forces you to write your opinions in their newspapers, and not in closed forums.