Thursday, April 12, 2012

Blood Libel, Courtesy of the Green Party

An Israeli basketball player made an ironic joke on Facebook about the venerable blood libel against the Jews. A writer on a Chechen jihad website — like most Muslims, lacking a sense of humor and unable to detect irony — took the joke seriously, and featured the item on its website.

What makes this story interesting is the role that various Scandinavian countries have played in propagating the Chechen Kavkaz site and its anti-Semitic feature. Now based in Sweden, Kavkaz was for a time hosted by a Finnish journalist and Green Party politician.

Tundra Tabloids has the story:

It’s the anti-Jewish blood matza libel again.Finnish journalist and Greens party member/candidate, Michael Storsjö manages the site.

I have reported on the Kavkaz center last year that involved a number of unusual players and alliances, this time around (h/t: Vasarahammer) the Kavkaz center, a site that was for a time hosted in Finland by a Finnish journalist named Michael Storsjö (and Greens party member and candidate) who was brought up on charges of smuggling 90 Chechen into Finland, which was later dismissed in court.. promotes a Jewish blood libel.

An Israeli basketball player who played on Israel’s national basketball team in 2009, Ido Kozikaro, mocked an ancient anti-Semitic blood libel on his facebook page, stating that:

“There’s nothing better than celebrating Passover with Maztot dipped in blood of Christian and Muslim kids”…

It didn’t take too long for it to get around to the Chechen jihadist website based in Sweden,, that’s been booted from country to country in the Nordic region. They took the obvious mocking and used it to their advantage, stating that “the Jew knows better”.

The entire article promotes the blood libel.

The site is now hosted in Sweden, and it’s as nasty as a blood libel against Jews as it could ever get.

The Finnish journalist, Michael Storsjö, a Greens party member and candidate for office, was responsible for the Chechen website while it was on its Finnish server, after having been booted from the Finnish internet, he moved it to a Lithuanian server then on to its present day host based in Sweden.

Michael Storsjö was also responsible for smuggling into Finland 90 Chechens, he was brought up on charges, but last year a Finnish court found him not guilty. The court deemed his humanitarian motives trumped laws on the books that demanded punishment for such a crime. His anti-Russian motives have kept him involved the pro-Chechen movement, one can only assume at the least, he turns a blind to the anti-Semitism of his pet cause, or simply doesn’t care...

There’s much more detail about this absurd case, including screen shots, at Tundra Tabloids.


Qualis Rex said...

St Simonino pray for us.

Unknown said...

How terrible that we even should have to engage with this level of lunacy..

Robert said...

Anyone want to bet that the Moslem Hadiths are full of similar examples of missed irony and missed sarcasm?