Saturday, April 28, 2012

Demography is Destiny


Many thanks to all the readers who responded by leaving their stats in the comments. I’m surprised and gratified to hear from so many lurkers!

I’ve shut down the comments now so that I can collate the results and summarize them in a new post.

A few days ago our Norwegian correspondent The Observer translated a delightful article from NRK — Norway’s official state broadcast service — about the demographics of the patrons of “Islamophobic” websites. Gates of Vienna was specifically listed among those sites whose readers fit the following profile:

Single, childless men over 65 years, with little or no education are overrepresented on Islam hostile websites, according to a survey done by Klassekampen [“Class Struggle” — a Norwegian communist newspaper].

I’m certain that Andreas Malm and Tor Bach, the authors of this useful report, are far better statistical analysts than I. Unfortunately, NRK does not describe these experts’ investigative methodology, except to say that they “used the internet analysis tool Alexa” to discover the characteristics of the average Gates of Vienna reader.

By a happy coincidence, Dymphna and I have been handed our own batch of statistics on the demographics of our visitors. Nearly a hundred readers, most of whom usually lurk, were prompted to comment on the translated NRK report, and many of those volunteered data about themselves.

I extracted the demographic information (age, sex, marital status, number of children, and level of education) for fifty-one of those commenters. It’s not a very large sample, given the thousands of readers who stop by here every day, and it’s very much a self-selected group. Based on NRK’s report, one might expect that the typical Gates of Vienna reader is too feeble-minded, rheumy-eyed, and palsied to read the “Captcha” characters and utilize the comment form properly. So self-selection and the senile incompetence of our readers could well have skewed the sample.

Still, our results are probably at least as meaningful as those cobbled together by Messrs. Malm and Bach.

Demography is destiny, so toothless and cretinous septuagenarians who cling bitterly to their Islamophobia are destined to become Gates of Vienna readers — if, that is, we believe those erudite geniuses at Klassekampen.

However, if our modest sample is any indication, a surprising number of men and women destined to read this blog turn out to engineers, surgeons, law students, and various professionals of all stripes.

The data drawn from the comments included 13 women and 38 men — that is, more than 25% of respondents were female, hardly the cesspit of testosterone posited by Mr. Malm. The youngest was 15, and the oldest was 77. The mean age of the participants was 43.6 years.

The level of education for the average volunteer was about halfway between a bachelor’s and a master’s degree.

More than half (54.9%) of the respondents were married. The average number of children for each (including all the childless participants) was 1.25.

For the purposes of this study, I’ve constructed a statistic called the “Concupiscence Index”, which counts being married as one point, and then adds an additional point for each offspring. The scattergram below plots concupiscence against age, with color-coding to distinguish the men from the women:

Gates of Vienna demographics

As you can see, the women in our sample are somewhat older and somewhat more concupiscent than the men. The graph also makes it clear that the demographic bulge for both sexes is well under the bitter-clinger age of 65.

For those who are interested, here’s a tabular breakdown of the educational level of people in our sample:

Level %
< High school 2.0%
High school 3.9%
Bachelor’s 54.9%
Master’s 29.4%
Ph.D. 9.8%

And this is a grouping by age:

Age %
0-19 2.0%
20-29 17.6%
30-39 19.6%
40-49 31.4%
50-59 11.8%
60-69 11.8%
70 & up 5.9%

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Anecdotal evidence

Below are various comments which contributed no data to the statistical study, but may be of interest to our readers.

First, an overview from Egghead:

The archetypal GoV reader is a person with a brain AND a conscience who wants to see Western civilization survive in all its past, present, and future glory.

Also, from another reader:

Probably the one factor most GOV readers have in common is some knowledge of history.

This comment made me laugh the loudest:

If this guy [Andreas Malm] actually had access to the bond markets, well, no wonder Europe’s broke.

On the methodology:

The ‘research’ is almost certainly the result of the ‘One Big Idea’ syndrome, and the ‘big idea’ in this case is cultural relativism, multiculturalists categorise anyone who is critical of this delusion as socially or intellectually isolated, or just barking mad.


Where do they find this tosh?

From 1389:

Anybody who is SERIOUS about protecting women and girls from rape, sex trafficking, bodily mutilation, enslavement, and other abuse will focus on the area where the problem is by far the most severe: the Muslim world.

From Seneca III:

The desperation, the desperation! Their search for explanations to challenging opinions in areas where only a modicum of intelligence can provide a rational, carefully reasoned riposte is pitiful.

From Beach Bum:

Nice to see all these upstanding people speaking out against the falsehoods presented about them in the Norwegian MSM.

From a man whose “political sympathies lie with the historical Left”:

If you told me 5 years ago that I would today be against any immigration of non-whites into any European countries I would have told you that you were mad.

From a young man in the UK:

I’m usually less agreeing with most of you, and I’m not particularly politically minded. I think it’s the fact that the Islam question so to speak has got to the stage where it’s getting people involved who normally wouldn’t.

I’m currently debating a vehement leftist, who is also a very strong environmentalist. Yet his views on Islam are more in line with really far to the right bordering on fascism.

From our youngest participant:

I’m a man sure, but I’m 15. I can tell you now that there will be no ‘‘class struggle’’ in my country, not whilst I’m still breathing!

From a “proud Norwegian”:

Though this so called survey shames me to the roots of my patriotic heart. I read håvamål and meditate on the verses’ meaning and how I can use them to evolve as a person, I read history and many other genres of literature.

And finally, this commenter probably speaks for most of our readers:

We have been here the whole time, just on mute.

A note on the methodology

As mentioned above, the data used in this study were drawn from a very small self-selected group, and thus cannot be said to signify anything, statistically speaking.

To make the results even less certain, lacunae in the data — concerning sex, age, education, marital status, or the exact number of children — were filled in by deduction and guesswork.

Readers who match the demographic profile listed by Klassekampen could have overwhelmingly avoided commenting on that post, skewing the distribution of age and other characteristics of those who decided to comment. Additionally, the commenters who did respond could be liars.

So who knows how reliable my analysis is?

However, I’d be willing to bet that it’s at least as reliable as the communists’ conclusions summarized in the NRK article.

And, unlike the study conducted by Andreas Malm and Tor Bach, our methodology is transparent and well-described. Anyone who wishes may harvest the same comments, fill in the gaps using the same sort of guesswork, and draw up their own version of the same statistics using widely available computer software, a hand calculator, or a pencil and paper.

There’s no sleight-of-hand or flimflam here. I’m biased (and proud of it), but I don’t let that influence my calculations.

Math is math.


Anonymous said...

ChristianInfidel says:

"Math is math." Yes.

And this article, Baron, is another example of what makes you and Dymphna such precious leaders in the counterjihad movement. The body of work you have already assembled here is priceless, in my opinion; and then there is the little matter of all you have done to nurture the counterjihad's various national movements and their interconnections.

Klassekampen and NRK sound a bit desperate to me, as if they sense the tide turning against them.

Anonymous said...

Please add to the statistics a 50-yr old male MD PhD physician with three children and two grandchildren. Associate Professor in his field :)

Anonymous said...

Just another marvelous example of hypocrisy.

The "tolerant" lefties using Age and Sex for ad hominem attacks.

Ageism/Sexism/Xenophilia are not good traits

Anonymous said...

"Single, childless men over 65 years, with little or no education are overrepresented on Islam hostile websites, according to a survey done by Klassekampen [“Class Struggle” — a Norwegian communist newspaper]."

Hmm. So fully educated are for islam? Theory: in universities they study islam by using "chistian-muslim dialogue" - books only?

Finnish lurker

Cranky White Woman said...

I'm a 49 year old mother of two, college educated, with an IQ of 147. I read this blog, as well as Jihadwatch and barenakedislam, on a daily basis.

Anonymous said...

>>>"Math is math." Yes.<<<

>>>and idiots like Mr Andreas Malm remain idiots <<<

- even though there idiocy might be growing with time.

Mr Andreas Malm is an old aquantice to GoV and to myself.
It has been quiet about him for a long time now - but, as we say in Swedish: "evil gunpowder perishes not easily" meaning: Unkkraut vergeht nicht leiocht.

GM Roper said...

I'm a big fan of both the Baron and Dymphna as individuals and of The Gates of Vienna. But, I'm also 65. So, in the grand tradition of islamists I invoke taqiyya and lie about my age.

"I'm a big fan of both the Baron and Dymphna as individuals and of The Gates of Vienna. But, I'm also 42, so I guess their demographic is WRONG. Heh!

Anonymous said...

It is a common Tactic of the Left that if you cannot find fault with the Message, then slander the Messenger.

The Left should debate the Message, rather than Slandering the Messenger, or creating a Straw man to knock him down, as they have done with an invented group that were concerned by the Anti Social behaviour of some People claiming to be Muslims.

I am of the opinion, that there was no survey conducted by Norwegian communist newspaper but a good with unattractive human traits was created for the purposes of deception.

If the Left went to Bosnia and Herzegovina and conducted a survey, he would find that all the Non Muslims there are to put it diplomatically concerned about Islam.

This includes both males and females of all ages, and from the highly educated to the uneducated, and from the rich to the poor.

I guess that type of honest Survey does not fit in with his Secret Agenda, and so it is much easier to just accuse other of having little or no education.

The Muslim Leadership of Bosnia and Herzegovina rejected a peace plan and started a war that killed approximately 100,000 People and left the Country devastated.

The Muslims of Bosnia and Herzegovina allowed foreign Mujahedin Jihadists to come and fight against the Non Muslims and to kill the Non Muslims, and the America set up the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, as a sham of a Political Kangaroo Court to whitewash their War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity, and that of their Muslim Serb Allies, and blame it on the Innocent Christian Orthodox Serbs.

We should not believe the American led West’s Version of the events of those days, because those who have researched matters know that the American led West and its Media Lie on most occasions, and on most matters.

The Muslims have the plans to crate a Greater Albania, which includes Kosovo that joins Muslim Sandzak which joins the Muslim part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and all up it is a big Muslim Confederation.

For an Honest History of the Bosnian Civil War of 1992 to 1995, you can obtain Non Hollywood true version at , and the Article is Titled: The Origins and Causes of the Bosnian Civil War 1992-1995.

It is written by a Historian, with a Master of Arts in History, with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, and he has Juris Doctor in Law.

The Article is not too long, and is a short as it can be to give all the relevant information, and in my opinion, it is written in an unbiased and honest manner.

Anonymous said...

I am a 43 year old married male with 4 children, a hugely succesful business, and I even have friends. Real ones - not just ones on that interweb. I regularly read this site, BNI and Jihadwatch.

Guess that makes me a loser...

Lawrence said...

Oh No... I missed the demographic poll.

So, here's mine...

Father of two. Step-father of two more. 49. MS-degree. Confessional/Evangelical Christian. Retired Army Officer, and University Administrator/Educator. I'm a believer in the Federalist concepts of the U.S. Constitution, and I'm a self-described conservative.

Lawrence said...

Anonymous said... "We should not believe the American led West’s Version of the events of those days, because those who have researched matters know that the American led West and its Media Lie on most occasions, and on most matters."

Let's be cautious about lumping the entire "American led West" into one big lump.

American Media and European Media have been lying for a long time.

The point here however is that "alternative media" allowed to exist from within the American Led West, (often led by Americans) is speaking out against the lies.

Hebes Chasma said...

Please add me to the statistics. Incredible that I look, I can provide data in defense of my self-identification.

Single, childless male, 40 years old, intent to marry, one PhD in Math, studying towards a second PhD in Aerospace Engineering, fluently speak 5 languages, and so-so another sixth language, university professor that have published books and papers in Mathematics (can find me in Amazon), infidel, lived 22 years in a Muslim hellhole, would give an eye and the liver to get those 22 years back. Tell those Communist cretins that their God, Marx, had a very low opinion of Islam. Not that this absolved Marx of cretinism.

Anonymous said...

Here is another for the brilliant diagram from Canadian Reader: female aged 77, doctorate in history and professional degree, visits G0V every day.
Once again, thanks to The Baron and Dymphna for their work!

Anonymous said...

Regular reader,female, mother of
2, grandmother of 4, attended universities in 3 countries, retired after very successful academic career.

Anonymous said...

I am a long time (since 2006) reader of this blog. I am male, age 33, married with 4 children. I have a bachelor's degree in engineering with some graduate hours in the same field. I live indoors and have a full set of teeth.

Baron Bodissey said...

LN was unable to leave a comment, and asked me to post this for him.


LN says

ChristianInfidel sayed: Math is math Yes.

I say: Idiots like Mr Andreas Malm remain idiots,
even though there idiocy might be growing with time.

Mr Andreas Malm is an old acquaintance to GoV and to myself.
It has been quiet about him for a long time now - but, as we say in
Swedish: "evil gunpowder perishes not easily" meaning: Unkraut vergeht nicht

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am single and male and without a college degree and well into middle age and childless. However I am self identified as a black-American. Yet I have followed your website more so than any other news oriented website since your blog posts have been on the web. So far back I can recall your blog well prior to the Little Green Footballs controversies. LGF and many others have faded into the ether and many will come and go. Your focus, though it has meandered slightly over the years their is no doubt as to the compelling words and audaciousness of what you have too say. It encourages me to keep reading and to think deeply about the state of my country and this world. And I thank you for that.

Baron Bodissey said...

Another reader who had trouble with captcha asked me to post this.


I missed the demographic poll, and attempted to post a comment to be added. However after 4 or 5 attempts to decipher, "to prove you are a real person" I gave up. To some of us older folks, the images are so blurred, and twisted, it is near impossible for me to tell if it is an i, l, t, v, s, z, and a number of other letters. Very frustrating. I also never know if it is case sensitive.

For your poll, I am a Jewish female, over 70, college educated, 2 children. Retired social worker, self educated in religious studies, history and politics.

I read your blog frequently, and all the others on the opposing list, including Jihad Watch, Atlas Shrugs, Breitbart, PJ Media, FrontPage Mag, Citizen Warrior, and Seraphic Press. I have enjoyed your blog for years, keep up the good works.

Anonymous said...

I still have my own teeth too.

And I don't take any meds either!

Mehridin said...

I'm studying to become a structural engineer. I have a son, a girlfriend and I am under 30 years old. Both my brother and father have civil engineering degrees along with one PhD in cybernetics. I read Gates of Vienna.

I once met an intern working for Klassekampen at a bar. I won't use the word stupid, but he was definitely in denial and a convinced socialist, obviously.

Anonymous said...

It's probably too late to add me to the demographics, but I'm a 67 year-old woman with a doctorate in psychology.

AliceNorthernLights said...

Woman, 29 years old, single

Baron Bodissey said...

Anon @1:02pm --

Actually, the response today has been excellent. I am collecting new data points as the comments come in, and adding them to the database.

As a matter of interest, the proportion of female respondents has gone up to 28%. Testosterone poisoning is less and less of an issue!

Nick said...

I'm in my forties, obviously far too old to figure out how to work this fancy iPad gizmo I'm trying to use just now ... this darn interweb thingy, I don't know how I managed to finish all those classes, & get those pieces of paper to hang up on the wall .. mind you, I was younger then ...

Anonymous said...

Male of 24 with a BA (hons) in Comp Lit, to undertake an MA in the fall.

Anonymous said...

Female, Jewish, religious, conservative, single, forties, one child, one grandchild, college degree, management, income top 3%. Read GOV, Jihad Watch, BNI, Breitbart, Atlas Shrugs.

Anonymous said...

Alexa Gates of Vienna demographics

Have read, posted to, and contributed $ to GOV.

Refuse to capitalize or spell mos-slum

mahomet co-efficient =0

Keep up the good work.

Age 61.

M.B.A. Finance
Wife Economics degree
Owner, Operator and Broker of Commercial Real Estate

Anonymous said...

Here are my vital statistics. Male, aged 45, single, childless. Cursed with dyslexia and barely made it out of high school. Yet I have an IQ that puts me in 90th percentile. And I have been reading GOV since around 2005. Yeesh! Have you guys been around that long? By the way, you guys know me as Spackle not Anonymous.

Anestis canelidis said...

This supports what I have always believed that the left, when they cannot support a logical argument, act irrational by making false claims.

Liberalism is a mental disorder- Michael Savage

Anonymous said...

I'm in my late 40s, a woman, married with children. I was formerly a democrat, and now consider myself an independent. I'm educated, and quite happy, but am concerned about my country's future, and that of my children. I don't want them living in a fascistic, despotic Islamist state. What I find fascinating is, that the very leftists who seek to demean and demonize GoV's readership, are the ones who reveal themselves to be hateful, bitter, and actually guilty of racial stereotyping, misogynistic and desperately blind drunk, lusting for power over others. They need to be exposed for what they are.

knuckledragger said...

Typical knuckledragger. D'oh! I mean GoV reader. Male, 39, married with 1 child. B.Sc. in Aerospace Engineering, 2 courses away from an ME in Embedded Systems. Spent 8 years in the Muslim world, though admittedly within its more westernized confines. Fluent in Turkish. Proud GoV lurker since 2009.

I'm a great fan of Takuan Seiyo, Paul Weston, Fjordman, et al., and very grateful for the fine work you're doing.

Question: What ever happened to Mr. Seiyo's upcoming book?

Dutch artist said...

I will call my self Keer here. I am a 35 year old male from the Netherlands, amsterdam. I am a very sucesfull artist, roman catholic by birth, married to a Jewish woman who is as religious as I am, namely not at all. We have a 14 year old boy and a 12 year old girld, our treasures in this islam ridden city.
I may not be as educated as you people, but I have an interest in history. I know what islam stands for and what it 'll do when gaining power. I see it in this country and how it turns neighbourhoods in sharia compliant zones west to east, north to south.

Anonymous said...

Gotta get in on this; anything to show these fools how wrong and stupid they are.

I'm a 68-year-old married Chemical Engineer, artist, photographer, woodworker, and martial artist (black belt), as well as being an avid shooter.
I have two children and one grandchild.
I have an IQ around 160.
I love the incisiveness and honesty of GoV.

Anonymous said...

56 year old Caucasian Male, married for 36 yrs. BS in Biology. 2 Children, 4 grandchildren

Anonymous said...

"Single, childless men over 65 years, with little or no education are overrepresented on Islam hostile websites"

As Groucho said: "I resemble that remark." And some might make the case that my PhD does not represent education, but training in elaborate argumentation on significant topics such as the possible number of angels on a pinhead. Guess which side I am on in that discussion.

Anonymous said...


As the "young man in the UK" wrote, the threat of Islamisation is not a Left/right issue and it's about time we stopped seeing the problem in those terms. Of course islam has its "New Lefist" fellow travellers, however I doubt that the Old Left would have supported multiculturalism as the doctrine would have been regarded as counter-productive to the process of modernisation.

I'm a social democrat and I can assure conservatives that the supine attitude of the secular authorities to Islamic demands is also alarming to me .

As you're refining your stats-

Male 66, unmarried (widower) BA (International Relations) MA (Economic History) Diploma Business (Accounting) Retired accountant.

I've had an interest in medieval history for many years and I know how close Western Civilisation came to extinction in the 8th century (and later). Islam was once regarded as as a spent force and Moslem societies were more or less irrelevant to the west, and we became complacent, most people still are-that's the problem.

Old Man

Anonymous said...

Male aged 60 and have been concerned about Jihad since the early 1970s when I first read of its history of occurrence ever since ancient times and in numerouis places (in an encyclopedia of history, translated from the French original). It did distract me from my college degree in statistics and in that vein count 3 offspring (from a 30 year marriage) for whose future, or lack of it, I am deeply concerned.

Anonymous said...

As the guy who plugged the "bond market joke" - seriously, I really don't think most lefties realise that governments do not produce - they only consume what has already been produced by others. (Well,... at least not the sort of governments most Westerners want to live under anyway.)

Now if you consume too much, and don't produce sufficient to match, you are going to run out of everything useful. Greece is pretty much there.

Anonymous said...

Hope it's not too late to add our voice to the survey.
My husband (80 yrs old) is a Professional Engineer, I (75yrs old)have a B.Sc in Microbiology. We are both Canadian (he is a born Hindu) I am a born Protestant German. We have 3 children who are all professionals with B.Sc, M.A and PhD degrees. My husband and I and our children are now atheists. We have just celkebrated our 50th wedding anniversary.
My husband and I are daily readers of GofV, Jihadwatch and other related sites, we do however also watch the MSM and read the weekend edition of the 'Globe and Mail' in order to be informed what is sprouted by the politically correct side.

babs said...

Do I get extra points if I tell you that I have a BA in Architecture and a Masters certificate in Commercial Property Anaysis?
I want extra points... Wish I had a few more children. That would make my little diamond go up a few notches!

Anonymous said...

I am 35, married, 2 children and work in IT.

I read GoV because the media in my country censures news that don't suit the leftist journalists.

Anonymous said...

My demographics:
55 y/o male, single, no children, Ph.D., M.A., fluent in 3 languages, some fluency in several others. Baron & Dymphna, I'm the donor who volunteered info networks in a third world area and limited translation duty, and who does not want Garrison Keillor to feel comfortable.

Anonymous said...

Google is f&cking my messages so...

Used to post here by the name Rocha.
I'm 33. 3 kids (yes i planned them), Male, Happily Married, work in Real State area (formerly teacher).

nimbus said...

Hey Messrs. Malm and Bach, I do hope you are reading these comments.

My data: female, married, two children, 50's, college-educated, fluently trilingual, IQ 126, very well-traveled.

Became aware of the "charms" of Islam while living in Egypt amongst the horrificly persecuted Coptic Christians.

Lived in Europe for 15 yrs and am VERY concerned about the situation over there.

THANK YOU so much, Dymphna and Baron, for your invaluable forum!

Boo said...

Can I just add that I am a mid 30's female with 3 children. I have a university degree in social studies. My husband also reads GoV, he's an electrician. We read Gates of Vienna because there is just no way to read truthful, politically incorrect, high quality essays or articles in the main stream media today.
Keep up the great work!

Boo said...

Also, I regularly read Bare Naked Islam, Jihad Watch, Atlas Shrugs, Creeping Sharia, Faith Freedom, Islam Watch and Answering Muslims. I have read the Quran - Twice (a watered down version and a mainstream copy), The New Testament, reliance of the traveller, Infidels Guide to the Quran and the Crusades, Infidel and Nomad, The Post American Presidency, The Truth About Mohammed, America Alone and After America. I believe that Islam is the number one threat to humanity today, just as the Nazis were in the 1930s.

Nilk said...

Ah, demographics. :) Female, 44 yo single mother, works in a blue collar world.

High school education with a diploma in cinemagraphic makeup - I'm known for my low tech sfx.

Not sure where I'd fit into the scheme of things, although I am proud that I was invited to join Mensa at 15. (My mum didn't let me - I was too young).

Also been hanging around GoV since 2005, and proud to call the Baron and lovely Dymphna friends.

Hebes Chasma said...

Could you please update the statistics? There's much more data now there. An update once in a while would
t hurt.

Baron Bodissey said...

Hebes Chasma --

I will be updating the demographic results as part of a new post, after I'm fairly certain that all the comments have come in. Then I will collect, collate, and process the data. I'll update the graph, and add some interesting new graphs, just for fun.

Anonymous said...

Housewife, early 50s, bachelor's degree, two cildren. Former corporate middle manager; my last paying job paid 100K per year.

Anonymous said...

Egghead here again. So that you can add me to the statistics....

Stay-at-home mom, active community volunteer, former technical writer and community college instructor (professor by Obama standards!), holder of a bachelor's in English and Master's Degree in Corporate Communications, 44 years young(!), happily married, two children.

And my required comment words are "iviesin oCool" - and that aptly describes me. To wit, I vie sin. Oh cool! :)


Anonymous said...

I'm a 20 year old female student. I was born to immigrant parents that fled Islamic countries so that we could enjoy freedom. It's sad to see Islamist terrorists come to the West to preach their subversive ideology and It sickens more to see politicians make our country more like an Islamic theocracy under the guise of "tolerance" to accommodate them.

CrisisMaven said...

By the way, looking up the demographics in Alexa for GatesOfVienna shows an "above average" amount of grad school readers as against Internet average. So I don't really know where these "analysts" got their data from. Though all this Alexa demographics is a lot of guesswork, however, the relative offsets against other sites measuered by the same toolset are likely accurate in relation to each other.

Nemesis said...

Don't forget me! 60 old, father of five children, eight grandchildren, more to arrive later! High School education, one time soldier, police officer and retail electronics store manager. Been visiting Gov since 2005, only recently started commenting.

Anyone who attacks this blog is not being fair dinkum (Aussie speak for being disingenous) and obviously has a chip on their shoulder about something, because for what it is worth, I personally rate the Gates as one of the most professional in the world.

Anonymous said...

OK I am an unmarried childless male. However I am 44 not 65+ and I do have a PhD in physics.

Anonymous said...

My demography is 35, Male, M.Sc in IT, not married. Been reading GoV since early 2006(Motoon crisis).

Anonymous said...

Male, 56 rys old, married 20 2 years, 2 children (both girls), BA in Psychology, some MA coursework in Clinical Psych, Business Development and Marketing in IT. Hi 120's IQ. Lurk here at GoV every day (as well as Jihad Watch, ROP, Atlas etc.) - my first comment after coming here for 4-5 years. Thanks for all you do GoV!

Anonymous said...

Hello Baron and Dymphna-is it too late to de-lurk to add me to your stats? I am female, 54, Christian, married, one child, 3 grandchildren, homeowner, Bachelor's Linguistics and Anthropology, 7 languages, teaching credential 6 subject areas, never finished a PhD but always tell myself I will some day, editor, writer, artist, musician, have lived on 3 continents. I don't read your site everyday, but do so frequently. Thank you for giving voice to those who would be silenced by the fascists of this world.

Baron Bodissey said...

Anon @ 3:14pm --

No, not too late at all. Sometime soon, maybe later today, I will put up a "Time, Gentlemen!" post and give all the stragglers a last chance to add data. Then I'll do a final summary post.

It's interesting -- the stats have stabilized to a fairly consistent mean in each category.

Anonymous said...

Male, 52 years old, Christian, married, 3 children, 3 university degrees, 4 languages, professional.

Pleistarchos said...

45 year-old recently-retired local law enforcement officer. I served as a crime lab detective, K9 Handler, Bomb Technician and left as a Detective-Sergeant. I have an A.S.(Cum Laude) in Criminal Justice. I am a native English speaker but I speak Spanish (School-taught and years of practical application). I served as a Board Officer (Including League VP for three years) in my local youth baseball league for six years. I also coached teams for eight years. I have three children; the oldest is beginning a Master's program, my middle son is severely cognitively disabled, and my youngest is a HS Sophomore, a fine Baseball player and wrestler, and desires to become a Marine Officer.
All three of my children are also half-Asian, and are the pride and joy of my wife, who immigrated to the US from Korea as a child.

Geoffrey Falk said...

Stats: Male, 46, radical atheist, IT Professional (Sr. Software Developer), 157 IQ, writer (4 published books), musician, hippie-hair down past my shoulders

Pleistarchos said...

I am a 45 year old recently retired local law enforcement officer. I was a crime lab detective, K9 handler, and bomb technician and retired as a detective sergeant. I have three children. The oldest is working on a Master's Degree, the middle is severely cognitively disabled, and the youngest is a HS Sophomore, a fine baseball player and wrestler, and desires to be a Marine Officer. All three are half-Asian and the pride of my wife, who immigrated to the US as a child. I have an A.S. (Cum Laude) in Criminal Justice. While I am a native English speaker, I speak Spanish, being school-taught and having applied myself in years of practical application. I served a a Board officer for six years (three as VP) of our local youth baseball league and coached for eight years.

John said...

Male 24 year old christian With High school diploma and 4 years of college in mathmatics/ physics. I am currently single with no children.

My ex's father turned me on to GOV a few months ago. Excellent source to begin research to politics and history. Never start or stop at the same place. Always question every source even God himself.

Going in the Navy to serve God and Country.

We are in a new phase of two very old wars. 1848 and the 17th century.

Anonymous said...

I'm a married 57-year-old father of two, a PhD in philosophy, and Professor at a Research I University.

Anonymous said...

male, MA degree,pilot, married and 1 kid, wife is CFA and ''immigrant'', 63 yr., 2 languages, lives near a mosque...(no comment added) and as my wife says: those people never work, theyr're always praying, well so much for the stat.

Was also at one time a broadcaster, an editor, etc... keep on B. and D.



Anonymous said...

bachelor's degree
5 children
employed in a technology field

Anonymous said...

I am a 61 year old female attorney, American, the mother of three high-achieving children, and the owner of two charming Australian Shepherds.
I read "Gates of Vienna" because I am sane and reality-based.

Vicktorya said...

53 yr old caucasion female; native californian expat 15 years in New Zealand; no progeny. Over educated (check mark 4 years, but then there is the other kind). Counterjihad Community Activist, now retired. Advisor to meditation retreats and in training for micro and subtle expressions. Gets art and science. Understands Hegelian Dialectic in practice and have transcended it to some extent. Truther -- in all areas, and that includes 911. Seriously, and no religion or science is higher than truth. Part of the Awakening around the New Age vs New World Order; and the good guys and the bad guys. Most importantly, friend of GoV.
Thanks for keeping an eye out for us, Baron.

Anonymous said...

Just dropping in my stats for your poll! 22 year old male, associate's degree (working to complete bachelor's), no children yet.

Vicktorya said...

on behalf of what are probably 5 other 'older well-read enlightened ladies' that I can think of off hand -- add them to your demographics. Your blog is well recognized as a substantive part of any thinking person's literary diet. We check drudge, GoV, and then -- from my side, go to Facebook - to make sure your feed is still coming in. :-)
I do leave myself open to the utilizers of my demographical interests, but, hey, that's me -- doing the dangerous work so the luddites don't have to. ;-)
hugs again, Baron
appreciation for the persistence,
PS: We're just regular folks. Really.

Anonymous said...

I am a 38 y.o woman, married with two children, employed and holder of a double degree.

I read GoV because there is a subtle take on the world displayed here that I find informative and rather funny.


Anonymous said...

sex - male
single - yes
age - 47
kids - none
education and job - aerospace engineer
lonely - sometimes, but less lonely because of this site and never lonely enough to fly an airplane into an office building or blow myself up or kill my sister for family honor.
I've read this site every day for years after Drudge which is probably how I found out about it. Excellent writing and excellent comments! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

My stats

mid 40's
married to a fabulous woman
2 kids
gun owner
history buff
military history buff
ex military
beer and wine drinker
Bacholors degree

read this blog everyday

Menoitios said...

30 years old
B.S. in Computer Science
Fluent in three languages

I visit Gates of Vienna at least once a day.

DismalDave said...

OK, I prefer to lurk but since you've been so pushy...

53, white male, married (19 years) with child (16 years) & mortgage.

HS, some college, completed certificate program in Digital Computer Technology (84). AVP in IT for a Bank. Not yet part of 1% but close and working on it.

momodoom said...

Female, about 55 (I can't be bothered to keep much track), one adult child of 25, no longer married. Returned to college after we left the bum and graduated with a BM in 2008. I am a musician (and a far better one than ol' Chuckie J.!), yet because of the wretched economy, am fairly unemployed, and only working as an on-call substitute teacher, waiting for the day the economy REALLY rebounds. Been reading GOV since about 2005.
Incidentally, I wrote a ten-page paper on Islam and Economics (using only sources friendly to islam - what a pile of BS I had to sift through to get mere Information!) in 2004 for a college course.

LRS Scout said...

I am a 37 year old male, father of 2

I have been married 17 years, but my divorce will be final in a few weeks.

I have some college but no degree, and several IT certificates.

I'm a disabled vet, I don't work.

Anonymous said...

male, 47 years, married, two children (13 and 10 years old), Christian, Masters degree (Physics)

European living in Asia, where my wife is from (so much for our detractors accusation that this is a place where only racists and xenophobes meet).

Regular reader, rare commenter

Anonymous said...

64.Mother of seven, graduate degree, author and athlete.

Anonymous said...

Single mom of one,42,never married, no degree,IT and Security for the last 12 years, white, never asked for or lived on government handouts, conservative

RotorHead said...

Sex: Male
Age: 32 years
Marital Status: Married
Children: 5
Education: Masters (MBA)
Religion: Reformed Christian
Occupation: Military Pilot

John Galt said...

I'm a 21 year old male from India. Currently doing MS in Math.

A great fan of your blog as well as writings of Fjordman and Takuan Seiyo.

Anonymous said...

Been reading GOV for approx 4 years, visit the site daily. 41, male, gay, web designer, in a relationship (9 years).

Anonymous said...

British UK reader, University of life (Royal Navy) Age 59,1 child.Now a Truck Driver, Regular reader of GOV and other Blogs...Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Woman of 55, single, childless, postgradute level education, working.

Anonymous said...

I am 61 years ,a father of 2 children with a BSc degree in Physics.I am self employed computer engineer.I live in England,UK although born in Egypt.


Anonymous said...

Male, 44, no children, single (by choice), speak 4 languages and understand 2 more. Software developer.

Unknown said...

50 yo male, MA, 3 kids (two still at home with me full time, one just out of the Navy and newlywed), divorced, public school teacher.

Anonymous said...

57yo male, married, 4 children, 5 1/3 grandchildren, BA plus about half the coursework completed for an MA, software engineer.

Anonymous said...

Male, 54 years old, 3 children and 3 grandchildren, BA - History, MA - Military History.
Daily reader of anti-Jihad blogs, news and conservative websites.

Anonymous said...

White, (British / French stock)
Diploma x 2,
4 children,
Christian friendly Atheist,
Warehouse Manager.
And - according to the results of my application for the Australian Defense Force - a 148 I.Q.
Last - a raving racist (according to the socialists)

Anonymous said...

Male, 40, married, one child, Ph.D. degree in physics.

scherado said...

I am male, 50, American, B.A. Degree in Computer Mathematics, 1984; Unemployed since December 2008, never married (no children); Conservative now, after being apolitical, liberal-by-default; ephectic, Agnostic.

Heisenbug said...

Male, 41.
Father of three, stepfather of two more.
Bachelor's degree
Work in IT
Nonpractising Christian
Productive immigrant to Australia.

Anonymous said...

Male, age 48. M.Sc. Married for 25 yrs (to the same woman). 2 kids. Atheist. Self-employed. Urban. Wealthy. Libertarian.

Kryten said...

Male, 45, Architectural Technician.

I read GoV every day, as well as BNI, Trop, Vlad, Tundra, WoJ, Jihad Watch, Blazing and Jawa.


Anonymous said...

I'm 43 years old and father of two. Master of science (IT), working as a consultant.

Anonymous said...

Male, 40, married, 4 children, Masters degree, working, happy, no basement.

Aus Autarch said...

Male of 37, 2 children, postgraduate education, working (education sector).

Anonymous said...

Female, 46 years, no children due to economic sterilisation. Married to a German, living in Netherlands. Self educated, sales executive, left school at 16 and working full time since then.

Salome said...

Female, 53, single, childless (that's just how it panned out), professional, PhD (perhaps that's why it just panned out that way).

Anonymous said...

Canadian Male, age 50 with Ph.D in sociology (I work in the belly of the beast. as it were). Married with two kids.

Thom Jefferson said...

Baron, count me in. 49 year old male, Bachelors Degree (Hons), Post Grad Law Degree UK, Currently work in Medical Physiology and Clinical Governance/Ethics.

bewick said...

68; retired management consultant; divorced;1 child; degree + post -grad diploma + professional qualification claimed to be equiv to Phd; MENSA rating 155; only woke up to islamic problem about 4 years ago and, here in the UK, so finally have some authorities and some of media. Keep up the good work

Damon said...

Age 46, 1 child
2 Bachelor degrees (Science and Engineering)
Working full-time as an engineer.

nuum said...

Brazilian male, 53 years old, Christian, single, 1 university degree, 3 languages, artist(painter, draughtsman).

nuum said...

Brazilian male, 53 years old, Christian, single, 1 university degree, 3 languages, artist(painter, draughtsman).

EUCLID said...

I am 61 and father of two children.

I have 3 university degrees all in Maths.

First Class Honours degree , MSc and PhD.

I teach Maths.

I live in the UK.

Anonymous said...

why do i have to make a blog to comment

j_not_a said...

female Canadian married 3 children, stay at home mom, community college legal, medical secretary age 56

wildiris said...

Male, 60 years old. Happily married with two kids. Homeschooling parent. BA in mathematics, BS and MS degrees in physics, I would have had a PhD in physics except for the fact that the project I was on lost its funding. So rather than start over with a new thesis project and new advisor, I elected to leave with my Masters.

I work these days as a design engineer in the area of embedded systems. Current interests are in agricultural robotics, artificial intelligence and learning systems.

I consider myself a devout Christian, specifically a Confessional Lutheran.

As a younger man, I had the wonderful opportunity to work, off/on, for 17 years as a logger in the Pacific Northwest. The wild iris is one of the flowers native to the coastal redwood forests of Northern California, hence my moniker.

bilbo said...

should have said i got a digree :(