Saturday, April 21, 2012

“We Can Leave a Disaster for Our Children”

Nonie Darwish is an Egyptian-born apostate from Islam who now lives in the United States. She is the author of a recently-released book about the “Arab Spring” entitled The Devil We Don't Know: The Dark Side of Revolutions in the Middle East.

In the following interview, Ms. Darwish discusses the new regimes in the Middle East and the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood. She describes the nature of Islam, the plight of women under shariah, and the danger to all Western nations of the presence of large Muslim minorities within their territory.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:


Anonymous said...

Just ordered it.

Finnish lurker

Anonymous said...

Dear Nonie Darwish,

Thank you very much for this excellent and highly informative interview ! It is admirable how in such difficult circumstances you have survived and lived to bring this message.


Anonymous said...

RonaldB here:

This is a very, very disturbing interview. It presents the dangers of Islam and its vicious ideology in a rational, informed manner. You can't get away from the fact that Islam presents an existential threat to the West that absolutely cannot be reformed.

Darwish makes the point that Islam is susceptible to the truth, that it can be defeated, though not reformed.

Going beyond Darwish, it is obvious that Islam's most effective enablers are the Western countries, who allow immigration, tolerate Islamic enclaves in their borders, and give diplomatic support to Muslim initiatives, maintaining the fiction that Muslim governments are civilized. It is entirely possible that Islam will creak along, and that the Western governments will themselves enforce Sharia law against opposition to Islam. We did it in Serbia, Bosnia, and Libya.

Hermes said...

This is a milestone Vid. The west will indeed leave a disaster for their children.

Anonymous said...

The "toleration" of Islam in the West flows from the power of the West's financial class all eager for Saudi Investment cash. Hence Rockefeller, Soros, Bloomberg, et al. At a low level we see Saudi cash buying Jimmy Carter's Presidential center, University classes whitewashing Islam, and on and on. . . the survival of the West depends on defeating this 5th column of Saudi ass-kissing, crushing OPEC either militarily or via unlimited American production of energy.

Anonymous said...

RonaldB.. I'm curious,

Are you saying that there is a core belief in Islam, a religion practiced by over a 7th of the world population, that says "the west" must be destroyed? And for some reason you think it is only coming into play now? I'm not sure how many invasions/takeovers you have planned, but waiting until the 21st century to strike seems like a very bad idea. It's not like the Qur'an has some secret passage in it that was like "Ok guys, this is gonna sound weird, but wait until this country called 'America' is the most powerful military force in the world, and then attack them. That'll show em for bein... American."

Claiming that every Muslim is a terrorist or wishes "doom to the west" is like saying every single Christian is a westboro baptist. Hell, we might as well start roundin' up all the Christians (including myself) and putting em' in concentrations camps before they get the bright idea to kill all the jews again.

Anonymous said...

Why has the video uploaded by Vlad Tepes been removed?

Baron Bodissey said...

Anon --

It still plays OK for me. What does it do when you try to play it? said...

I am so Proud of you for speaking up...the problem in America that is more ignorant people then smart once to listen to you to open thier eyes...I hope to see some rejection to Islam and sharia law in my life time.. Thanks again...Dalit. (was born in Israel and proud American).