Friday, April 20, 2012

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Multiculturalists

Breivik in the Dock

The fix was in long ago in the Anders Behring Breivik trial.

There was no doubt the accused was guilty of slaughtering 77 people. He proudly proclaimed his responsibility for the murders from the moment he was captured last July.

The trial itself should have taken an hour or two. The judges could have pondered the evidence in a seemly fashion for another hour, and then issued their verdict. The accused could have then been sentenced to his statutory twenty-one years in one of Norway’s luxury spas prisons.

There was no need whatsoever for a ten-week trial. Providing a prominent podium for the Butcher of Utøya to explain himself serves no useful judicial purpose.

Therefore we can only assume that the Norwegian authorities had other reasons for bringing Circus Breivik to town. The show is being presented for political purposes, and — as if we hadn’t already noticed — those purposes prominently include the discrediting and destruction of any opposition to Multiculturalism in Norway.

Yet the circus may not be going as well as anticipated.

Day after day Mr. Breivik has been discussing forbidden topics, the shameful subjects on which there has been an enforced silence for the past two or three decades. This can’t possibly be the desired outcome, from the point of view of those who wish to impose their multicultural utopia on Europe.

With a live feed to the Norwegian public, media correspondents from all over the world, and a calm, lucid voice describing the cynical and destructive immigration policies of the European elites — citizens throughout the West are hearing opinions which they are not supposed to hear.

Part of the media coverage today zeroed in on Fjordman, as we all have been expecting. The methods employed by the “journalists” are crude and dishonest, but presumably effective.

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer has prepared a summary of today’s shenanigans in Oslo:

This is the headline from today’s edition of VG:

“For Anders, Fjordman was number one.” — Breivik’s mother on her son’s idol

The title is quite vicious, because it attempts to establish a link between Fjordman and the atrocities carried out by Breivik. The article doesn’t accuse Fjordman of having contributed to the acts, but it’s quite clear that the aim is to get the readers to draw that conclusion.

Anders Behring Breivik claims that he wouldn’t have carried out the terror attacks on July 22 if FrP (the Progress Party) hadn’t been “demonised” by the media in the lead-up to the 2009 election.

From Dagbladet:

Is not allowed to distance himself from Breivik — steps down as leader of the NDL [Norwegian Defence League]

“I can’t be part of an organization which is being associated with Breivik,” says Ronny Alte.

I want to distance myself from Breivik, but Admin believe it’s the wrong thing to do, he says.

“Admin” is the board of the NDL.

Breivik considered hijacking a petrol tanker and detonating it with high explosives to create a “poor man’s atom bomb” with an explosive force of 0.1 or 0.2 megatons, he said.

The target of this weapon would have been the annual Labour Day parade or an annual conference of Norwegian journalists, which would have caused the deaths of “several thousand people”. Breivik described this gathering as a parade of Communists and said that “only 10%” of the casualties would have been “innocent.”

Further reinforcing Fjordman’s characterisation of Breivik as the Nordic Mohammed, the killer said, “We want to create a European version of al-Qaeda.”

Sources: The Telegraph, The Local

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John Galt said...

Breivik admitted today in the court that the Al-qaeda, not Fjordman, was his real inspiration.

So, I don't understand why media is still trying to link with Fjordman with Breivik.

Anonymous said...

In short the MSM, ruling political elites and other associated Leftists wants to shut down all open discussion in regards to multiculturalism, unrestricted immigration and Islam. And what better way than to associate them with the mass murderer Breivik.

These groups would dearly love to blacklist and eventually shutdown sites like Gates Of Vienna, Jihadwatch, and critics like Fjordman.

It's Stalinism in a different guise.

Anonymous said...

Breivik's mother eh?

According to the programme shown on BBC2 a few nights ago, an official report exists stating that Breivik was, as a boy, being harmed by being brought up by his mother.

Of course she'd like to point a finger elsewhere.

Simon said...

"Therefore we can only assume that the Norwegian authorities had other reasons for bringing Circus Breivik to town"

No, the proper totalitarian thing to have done would have been to declare him criminally insane and unfit to stand trial - as was attempted.

Because of the two conflicting psych reports, the trial is seeking to determine if he is insane. It is apparent he's obviously no more insane than are jihadi killers like Major Nidal Hasan, so whether the Norwegian court system is still capable of asserting that is a measure of their integrity. There is also the enormity of his crimes, which may require a lengthy trial for the benefit of the victims' families.

If Norway were still a civilised state, Breivik would have a fair and substantive trial, be convicted, and executed. As it is, the best available result would be for him to be found sane, guilty, and detained for the rest of his life in as spartan conditions as Norway can manage.

Sol Ta Triane said...

I hope that Fjordman takes heart in that, although he's being smeared again and again, the situation will bring a great many new readers to him. It is fact that bad publicity can turn out to be good publicity. Some more thoughtful of these folk will see his good-nature upon engaging his word. When they find meditations on culture and knowledge, they will be struck with irony.

The more Fjordman pushes himself out there and threshes out his thoughts in public, the better he will look, the more his thoughts will be taken seriously.

Much as the International Supremacists whine and throw bombs, they simply don't have the goods on Fjordman, who holds the strong position in the long game.

Nemesis said...

Breivik is a product of Norwegian political and multicultural policy. If Norway had retained democracy and kept Norway for Norwegians there would have been no massacre on Utoya. This is Breivik's message for those who are willing to listen.

Sol Ta Triane said...

Hey, Nemisis,

Trying to perceive a "message" from this fool is a blooper.

Now, had the idiot tried to work within the system first and was shut down, there would be something to your point. That never happened.

He's a zero, deserving only scorn and spittle. As it was, the little wannabe planned directly toward a violent stardom.

He got his attention just as thousands of pathological narcissists before him have and ones of the future will. His wish is fulfilled, though not very fulfilling in actuality, if you look into narcissism.

The only message the fool sent is for the Multigrains to go forth and Multiply.

The guy doesn't deserve any attention, he is really not in the same league as Mo-hammy, Manson or a Jim Jones. They could at least snooker groups of people with scary fables.

Nemesis said...

Sol...'Trying to perceive a message from this fool is a blooper'

Really Sol?

In your haste to claim a personallity disorder as the killer's root cause for the massacre he undertook, you deny his real, to him at least, motives.

You also fail to appreciate the profound effect that political extremism, such as left wing liberalism or socialism, can have on those who can see their own nation being sold up the creek for thirty pieces of Islamic silver.

Science teaches us that for every action there is a reaction; that lesson is really no different in politics as well. What Breivik did, he did because the political process of being able to rectify the wrongs of 60 years of Socialism has been denied to all those who would wish to change it.

You cast Breivik as some kind of monster while refusing to acknowledge that what he did would never have occurred if the political process had not become a totalitarian entity which is used, and very effectively I might add, to shut down any dissent from the plebs concerning the Socialist agenda.

You have a myopic view of why this tragedy occurred, and while I abhor what Breivik did, I can also understand the motive that compelled him to do what he did.

Anonymous said...

Leftism survives and thrives because:
1) the political system is democratic, hence it favors the dictatorship of the "average" and "mainstream" over everyone else;
2) they own the manufacturies of consent (i.e. the media), ensuring that the average voter is indoctrinated with leftist ideas.

So, there is no conceivable democratic way for anti-Muslims to gain power - not in the short term, and not in the long term. Breivik was correct: non-democratic means are the only way. Sometimes, there is no other choice than the more distasteful ones - or maybe we should call George Washington a terrorist for standing up violently to the establishment of his time? At least it would be more consistent.

One only has to look at this site and it's owners to realize how it admits its own position of weakness and impotence, doing tons and tons of reports on condemning Breivik - implicitly accepting responsibility for him and desperately trying to excuse GoV for his acts in the eyes of the leftist rulers. GoV CARES what the Leftists in power think about it - and that is an unenviable position to be in. I would have had more respect for you if you had the courage to name Breivik a hero. But maybe I'm in no position to criticize you, because whatever my beliefs, I have a family and a life in relative freedom and I will never risk it all by doing what Breivik did, engaging in violent resistance against leftism, but will instead work within the system, even though it's rigged against my side. It is understandable if you thought the same way.

AliceNorthernLights said...

ABB is nothing but a norwegian Cesare Battisti (he escaped from Italy because italians get angry rarely, but when they're really angry they're dangerous.
The difference between Breivik and Battisti is that Battisti is a communist, and in the time he acted Italy had no serious issues. But the mad man killed several people too, like Breivik, to give a lesson to Italy. Multiculturalism has nothing to do with Breivik,s maddness (multiculturalism is still a cancer, anyway). There is no need of multiculturalism to be a nazifascist.

I want him (ABB) rot in jail and forget by everybody, But this doesn't prevent me to appreciate Fjordman or Siv Jensen, since they did nothing wrong and just want to inform and save Norway (i'm not norwegian, despite my nickname, but i informed myself on the Fremskrittpartiet political program. I wish to have the FRP in Italy, instead we have at best the Northern League)