Friday, April 20, 2012

Lars Hedegaard Acquitted

Lars HedegaardThe Danish historian and journalist Lars Hedegaard was acquitted today in the Danish Supreme Court. Seven justices voted to overturn, and none voted to uphold the earlier verdict.

The vote, led by Chief Justice Børge Dahl, acquitted the defendant of intended racism and hate speech.

“Denmark is still a free society,” said Mr. Hedegaard.

More details are expected later.


Qualis Rex said...

Nice! Thank God for some good (Friday) news.

Let's hope Lars is undaunted by his ordeal and will continue to speak out for the truth (and now knows the in's and out's of how to do so in the confines of the present climate).

Anonymous said...

Sometimes Lars Hedegaard inhales a Carlsberg or two too many. For examle Today. Claiming that "Denmark is still a free society" is on par with his statement post his initial acquittal about one year ago: "This is a great victory for freedom of speech". Which it wasn't and still isn't. The Supreme Court acquitted him on a technicality. In fact, there is no freedom of speech in any way, manner, form, or shape in the (rotten) State of Denmark. What the Supreme Court did say was : "he can think what he wants, and even say it out loud provided nobody listens. Which raises another question: how can he know if the PET (Danish Secret Police) listens in or not? - Well, he could find their bugs and accordingly shut up, or he could dismantle them - in which case he would be sent to jail for vandalizing state property. Catch 22 - Danish style.

Qualis Rex said...

Kebiblanc - well, let's be honest here: Denmark is probably one of the most free societies when it comes to speech in Europe. Remember the Mohammed cartoons? I for one have a lot of respect for Denmark and Danish people in general. And I am very glad everything worked out in the end.

laine said...

As Ezra Levant said when dragged through a long and expensive trial by a Canadian misnamed "Human Rights" Commission for publishing the Mohammed cartoons: "the process IS the punishment. Even though Mr. Hedegaard was ultimately acquitted (as was Levant), he has been punished plenty already by his name being dragged through the mud, costs of paying his lawyers plus losing time better spent on family life or earning a living, not to mention the strain on one's nerves and heart! The Left wins even when it loses one of these thought crime cases because most people will self-censor in future to avoid drawing this kind of totalitarian attention to themselves. Like its Muslim allies, the Left tries to terrify the population into submission, one through random terrorist acts, the other by dragging victims into court and making examples of them.