Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 4/17/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 4/17/2012President Obama is attending the Summit of the Americas in Cartagena, Colombia. In an apparent attempt to curry favor with Argentina, he decided to refer to the Falkland Islands by the name Argentineans use for them, “Malvinas”. However, the president goofed, and said “Maldives” instead. The Maldives are a hemisphere away, in the Indian Ocean.

In other news, a wanted Taliban terrorist turned himself in at an Afghan police station in hopes of claiming the bounty the American military had offered for his capture.

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Anestis canelidis said...

Obummer has a real way of dissing our true allies as in his speech in Columbia, which dissed England in favor of Argentina.

laine said...

Another suck up to a leftist nation and diss to our greatest ally to date, England from the resentful twig of a colonized Kenyan but he couldn't even get it right. As Obama demonstrates over and over again, whatever else he learned in the Ivy League, it certainly was not world geography or history for that matter. Now if Bush had said "Maldives" it would have been blared by the gotcha media as evidence of moronhood. But for Obama, the media plays "got your back", not "gotcha".

66chevelle said...

Everybody is laughing at the Taliban who turned himself in to collect the bounty, but he'll probably get it, and his buddies will shoot their way into the jail and free him. And if that doesn't happen, He'll get three squares, a brand new prayer rug and koran, indoor plumbing, nobody shooting at his ass, and a seat in the new government when we bug out. Now who's the idiot?

Kepha said...

Now you see what sort of a dope we in the USA elected in 2008. Shouldn't we have worried when he spoke of "57 states" (we have only 50). Was he insinuating that sometime in his 2d term he'll invade Canada or something, when we ought to be celebrating 200 years of peace? And this is another wad of throat mucus in the eye of Britain, which, in return for a desk made of timbers from an historic ship, got a stack of CD's that won't work on a European system!

What's wrong with you, America?