Sunday, April 22, 2012

Useful Idiocy

Breivik the puppeteer

Over the past week or so the trial of Anders Behring Breivik has dominated the Norwegian media, overwhelming almost all other news stories. The rest of Scandinavia has also been caught up in Breivik Fever. This is especially true of Sweden, whose elite masters have taken the opportunity afforded by the Butcher of Utøya to hunt down and eliminate the few “right-wing extremists” who remain in the Land of Pure Socialism.

One of our Swedish correspondents sent a link to the image at the top of this post, which originated with Affes Statistik-blogg. Our correspondent takes note of the accompanying post, “Breivik’s useful idiots in Sweden”:

The image shows Breivik manipulating all the PC/pro-Islam/anti-SD media elite, all willingly dancing as intended.

Affe writes:

“Many parties in the Swedish media have so far acted exactly as Breivik wanted and expected. From his perspective, they help to complete the plan. They are what is called ‘useful idiots’.”

These are the people in the puppet photos: Anders Lindberg, Göran Greider, Kurdo Baksi, Maria Sveland, Åsa Linderborg, Lisa Bjurwald, Anna-Lena Lodenius, Daniel Poohl, Alexander Bengtsson, Annika Hamrud, Johannes Forsberg, and Daniel Swedin.

Our correspondent suggests that Swedish readers should look through the rest of Affe’s blog, which contains excellent statistics, graphs, and more images.

With the help of another Scandinavian correspondent, additional information can be presented from other sources in Sweden.

Thoralf Alfsson, who reposted Affe’s image, had this to say:
One cannot help but think of the old saying “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

In one way or another, all of these people have used the terrible atrocities committed by ABB on July 22 to achieve their own ends. Did they feel ashamed of this? No, not the least; they are in the main part of the politically correct elite who are always enlisted as experts by Sveriges Radio and Sveriges Television and sit on the TV sofas each and every week. Congratulations, Sweden!

Long-time Gates of Vienna readers (and most Scandinavians) are familiar with Expo, the “anti-racist” organization in Sweden that puts the spotlight on anyone suspected of having even the slightest right-wing tendencies. Like Hope Not Hate — its counterpart in the UK — Expo strives to expose and do damage to anyone it deems “fascist” or “racist”, by any and all means necessary.

For those who read Swedish and want to investigate the Expoids more closely, the site Expo Exposed is recommended. An excerpt from its mission statement:

Expo has all the ingredients, through media and media relations, education and propaganda operations, intelligence and research services, and an executive terror organization in the AFA [“anti-fascist”] movement. However, your politically correct acquaintances and friends who dare not question or think critically are also part of the left-fascist Expo business without knowing it.


The purpose of this blog is to provide information on the Expo Foundation, a left-wing extremist organization with roots in the Socialist Party and the militant left-fascist organization AFA, and to highlight Expo’s entire propaganda operation and its links to the militant left-wing extremists, and to explain how a few key people — Expo’s Mikael Ekman, AFA leader and convicted criminal Martin Fredriksson, Mathias Libra and Robert Aschberg — are “spiders in the web” for a large and sophisticated intelligence organization.

Jan Guillou wrote in Aftonbladet on 1-1-1996 that Expo acts as a “classic intelligence agency”, and if anyone knows how intelligence works, he does.

Facts for this blog are taken and compiled from many websites for the sole purpose of collecting undeniable facts about Expo in a single location.

In other words, Expo Exposed is doing to Expo what Expo has been doing for decades to anyone who lies to the right of Lenin on the political spectrum.

More power to them!


Liquid said...

Haha, I like that photomontage.

Harry the Horrible said...

Have to wonder what is wrong with the Norwegians.

I mean, the evidence says Breivik is guilty, Breivik says Breivik is guilty, so tell him to sit down, shut up and have the judge sentence him. Even that can't be too hard - 21 years, the maximum sentence in Norway.

On the other hand, I'm sure the American Legal System could screw it up even worse.

Sol Ta Triane said...

Yorkshire Ripper says "God told me to do it!"

The People of Multicultural Perkyness say "Hey, did you see that? That proves that people who believe in God are killers!"


What is going on is so simple, it's quite embarrassing. ABB is no puppetmaster. He's just an awkward, self-centered failure who murdered for attention.

Regarding socialists, whether they are from Sweden or elsewhere, are first and foremost propagandists. This is what they generate, morning, noon and night.

And like ABB, they seek attention to an unhealthy degree. They especially need people's attention because it is the medium by which they distribute and fuel their propagandist views.

To socialists, every single event is proof of their platform, a perfect time to preach and foam. Breakfast means propaganda, lunch means more propaganda, and most certainly a mass murder means huge coverage for lots of extra yummy propaganda.

The propaganda train capitalizes by seeking out emotional events. All emotions are spun to prove their points.

Any negative event that can be connected to conservatism will be, just as any positive event connected to conservatism will vanish.

Dymphna said...

oh my, do I remember the first time we bumped up against the scorpion Expo. They p0wnd Charles Johnson, convincing him that Nazis were under all the rightwing beds in Europe. Charles fell for it, and the single American to discern the truth, as far as I've been able to discover, was James Lewis writing at American Thinker.

Poor Bruce Bawer bit the bait too. He sees everything thru his own particular agenda, so he went for the ideologically pure (which doesn't exist anywhere on the spectrum but which socialist-minded folk are so sure is there *somewhere*). It was embarrassing to read his recent Kindle booklet on the Norwegian Quislings. In that long essay, he lauds Charles as having the story right - not even seeing what James Lewis so easily pointed out about Belgian and Swedish psy ops' scam pulled off on CJ.

Like most writers in his league, Mr. Bawer is stuck on narrative rather than looking for reality. These folk move in a fog. Sad really...

Dymphna said...

Harry the Horrible said...
Have to wonder what is wrong with the Norwegians...

Is it so hard to see? They have a small, insular country and a large # of the future cohort of national leaders were wiped out. As they've pointed out, Norway's worst tragedy since WWII.

They are "home-blind" (a good Swedish term) and can't see how this looks to the outside world. No gods, but definitely a national morality play in which the Demon must be expunged. They have their own ways of exorcism - not the way you or I might do it, but it 'works' for them. For some of them. For a few of them.

The same could be said of the US and the tragic kabuki play starring Zimmerman.

Anonymous said...

A plague on all their Houses.

Jolie Rouge

Unknown said...

How sad they have no english version..It would be wise it they argued their case before an international arena..

Anonymous said...

Sort of OT:

The Zimmerman case may be even worse for us Americans. The Left is going to use it showcase how evil "Stand your ground" and concealed carry laws are, how racist it is to live in a gated community(ok for news personalities and wealthy socialists but bad for everyone else). How they harm minorities and why they should be done away with, etc.

You can tell this is the way it's going with the sort of low life socialist guests the MSM is putting on.

Mind you polling wise it's not working but Democrats/Left will no doubt be coming out with legislation repealing "stand your ground" and CCW laws and make it illegal for people to defend themselves.

Sol Ta Triane said...

Hi Dymphna,
Good call on the similarity of the Zimmerman powerspin. I think these events also seem to have a lot in common with professional wrestling. No joke intended.

laine said...

Who knows what actually goes on in a psychopath's head, but Breivik is no puppetmaster of the leftist elites. That would imply that they are doing his will and since they are damaging conservatives, that in turn would imply that he's a closet leftist mastermind. The victims he chose makes that unlikely (leftists often kill their own for strategic purposes but Breivik is not that kind of organized Stalinesque ideologue with his megalomaniac and scattered ravings that serve no demonstrable end). No, Breivik is the wooden headed puppet for the leftist puppeteers who use him to smear any conservative he has ever mentioned while omitting the leftist muses he claimed such as Naomi Klein and others who cannot be described as conservative.

Anonymous said...

Irrespective of whether one views breeviks deeds as good bad or indifferent anti-commies are being outmanouvred and marginalised something chronic. And replacing native Whites with third worlders is the icing on the cake! The demographically redesigned future is closer than we think! Does anyone honestly believe parties such as Marines can ever manage enough votes to form a government? The newcomers will ensure it never happens. (even in the US there are less White babies being born than non-White). This is the new reality. It applies everywhere across the West. If you dont want to take up arms l suggest you join em! Become a commie! That way at least youll be a part of the socialist elite and hopefully youll always be able to obtain toilet paper and other little luxuries!

laine said...

"The Zimmerman case... The Left is going to use it racist it is to live in a gated community... How they harm minorities"

Um, there's a little fly in the Left's ointment. Zimmerman is a minority by the Left's own rules, just as the half white Obama gets to be a "struggling" minority. Zimmerman, the half Peruvian, all Democrat registered voter is a minority not the best tool for what the Left wants to use him a racist white gunning down an innocent black youth. (He also tutored black kids for free). Expect Zimmerman to be dropped like a hot potato by the Left if a better fit comes along, rare though white on black crime is.

bilbo said...

breivik is not a puppetmaster, but a puppet.
an unwitting puppet of the left, who are the sole benificiaries of his actions.