Thursday, April 19, 2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 4/19/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 4/19/2012With the presidential election fast approaching, French Muslims are mobilizing to defeat incumbent President Nicolas Sarkozy. Muslim organizations report that their rank-and-file members are angry over the burka ban, restrictions on halal food, and other aggressions against the Muslim community in France.

In other news, the Taliban are making an online appeal for donations. They are attempting to make up a shortfall in their funding, and provide toll-free numbers and email addresses to make donating easier for jihad supporters.

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Hermes said...

Even more oil found off-Norway... and even more billions for the palestinians and for the building of the multicultural Orwellian society.

Juniper in the Desert said...

Of topic, but could Gavin Boby help here??

- the link to the Grauniad is broken...

laine said...

With socialist Greece and the rest of the PIGS (Portugal, Italy and Spain) circling the toilet threatening to take the EU down with them, with steady invasion by 3rd world illiterates from the Muslim world/Africa who will never assimilate nor be net contributors to an aging childless Europe, naturally the socialist French lurch to the Left, not that Sarkozy was any conservative prize but at least he had the right idea about making Muslims who have no desire to assimilate slightly less comfortable in France. The new left wing prez will undoubtedly roll out the welcome mat for them again and turn on the spending taps in general. Where did the French get the reputation for being sophisticated when they are apparently childish magical thinkers instead and think more hair of the dog (socialism) will fix the problems that socialism created in the first place?