Sunday, April 15, 2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 4/15/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 4/15/2012Taliban fighters launched assaults, including suicide bombings, all across Afghanistan today, demonstrating that their reach and capabilities are still considerable. The attacks came on the same day that hundreds of death row prisoners were sprung by the Taliban from a prison in Pakistan.

In other news, the notorious British peer Lord Ahmed was suspended from the Labour Party after he offered a £10 million bounty for the capture of President Obama and former President Bush.

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Anonymous said...

The fact that the Taliban can pull off complex attacks and get the drop on us, shows that after 9 years we haven't degraded the Taliban capability one iota.

Our military still hasn't gotten it through their skulls that we are fighting a religion and a horribly backward culture. We'll never win.

The moment we leave I suspect the current Karzai regime will last less than 3 months before being replaced by the Taliban.

In the end Afghanistan will be counted as one of our greatest defeats.

laine said...

Afghanistan isn't "our" defeat but its own. It is a sow's ear of a country with a primitive belief system Islam and an uneducated populace that no one can make into a silk purse. The disgusting Taliban is a natural outgrowth of these two barbaric forces. Let Afghanistan have its Taliban and the Taliban its Afghanistan. But when western troops leave, it should not be the tail between their legs leaving that the American Left favors and engineered in Vietnam. Afghanis should be told that they cannot be helped by the West since they rejected what we have found to work - secular government i.e. separation of mosque and state. If they want to model themselves on the 56 other Muslim run states rather than Turkey, we are squandering our resources and they should turn to the Organization of Islamic States for aid in future. The only reason Western military would return is if Afghanis allow their leaders, the Taliban or any others to harbor jihadis launching attacks against the West in which case we'll be back, and not to nation build, but to pound them into the rubble. This can be couched in diplomatic speak, the kind where the big stick is covered in velvet but remains a big stick. The West cannot help those who will not help themselves i.e. no more aid to any Muslim states. Any aid sent e.g. Palestine and Egypt is grabbed by Islamists and used against the West.