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The Art of Strategic Citizenship, Part 4: Conclusion

Below is the second half of the fourth and final installment of Takuan Seiyo’s latest series of essays. Previously: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.

The Great Wave Off San Francisco
Philippe Teuwen, The Great Wave off San Francisco (2007),
after The Great Wave off Kanagawa (1830) by Katsushika Hokusai

The Art of Strategic Citizenship
Part 4(b) — Monodelphia

By Takuan Seiyo

A day in the country of approaching tsunami

Consider the incremental developments that transpired in the Snatcher-ruled United States on a single day, 23 March 2011:

  • The NATO Coalition of the Unwilling fell apart after its massive military operation on behalf of Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood and other jihad forces in Libya twice as crazy as the dangerous weirdo Qaddafi. This is the third unwinnable war that America’s ruling geniuses — in this case three BHO administration yentas pushing a metrosexual — have put on the debit side of the surrealist national ledger and on the estrogen-pumped (females and gays) American military simultaneously. Add a 5th Cloward-Piven to the four iterated in Part 4.
  • Two male Marines are shown kissing in a vignette that’s part of the indoctrination campaign the US Military has launched to prepare its 2.2 million active and reserve troops for full scale gayization. It’s unknown whether the US Military has run simulation scenarios showing the facial expressions of the top honchos of China’s People’s Liberation Army upon learning of this Gay Paree (Parris?) wonder.
  • 13 illegal aliens were arrested in California in a van with government license plates, wearing US Marine uniforms.
  • The BHO administration has shortlisted Jamie Gorelick for next director of the FBI. Gorelick, whom Web journalist Doug Ross named “Mistress of Disaster”, has a permanent perch at the apex of Snatcherocracy and a string of titles at WilmerHale that approximate medieval aristocracy: “Partner; Chair, Defense, National Security and Government Contracts Practice Group; Chair, Public Policy and Strategy Practice Group; Member, Litigation/Controversy Department.” She built the 1995 “Gorelick’s Wall” that proscribed the interchange of information between intelligence and criminal investigation agencies and so facilitated the sneaking of the 9/11 plotters through the large lacunae. The Loon & Crook Club then appointed her as a key member of the 9/11 Commission, so that she could investigate herself. After that triumph, Gorelick, as vice chairman of Fannie Mae 1997 to 2003, co-led that Loon State appurtenance to the subprime bundling disaster that precipitated the global financial tsunami, bankrupted Fannie Mae, and cost the American taxpayer $91.2 billion in bailouts to Fannie Mae alone, so far — and more coming with an unlimited government guarantee. For that effort, Gorelick earned over $26 million in compensation. And now the FBI. So count this as the 6th Cloward-Piven: deluging the system with Loon incompetence, more Yin atop Yin, and congenital inability to process Reality.
  • U.S. Congressman Michael Burgess, a medical doctor, explained that Community Organizer-in-Chief Barack Obama and the Loon & Looter Party intentionally designed the healthcare reform law to crash the American healthcare system so that they could then impose federal socialized medicine. Count this as the 7th Cloward-Piven in this humongous ju-jitsu mugging of a somnolent White population.
  • The U.S. Justice Department under Eric “My People” Holder sued on behalf of a Muslim teacher denied a 3-week vacation to visit Mecca. The U.S. Senate Judiciary scheduled a hearing on protecting Muslims’ civil rights. No one scheduled a hearing as to why America needs and allows in Muslims.
  • African-Americans were fleeing from themselves, i.e. from Detroit to the suburbs, and a Drudge headline read, “Mass exodus of couples with children from San Francisco.”
  • A new report informs that “Hispanics” now account for the majority of students in Texas schools. In Arizona, Lori Klein, a Republican state senator, read on the floor a letter from a constituent teacher that described his (Hispanic and mostly illegal) pupils: “They hate America and are determined to reclaim this area for Mexico.” The reading drew an “impassioned rebuke” from a state senator from the Loon & Looter Party, and the Anti-Defamation League’s regional director called Klein’s reading “a disgrace.”[1]. The Supreme Loon Court ruled in a “landmark decision” in 1982 that immigration status may not serve as a basis for denying K-12 education to illegal aliens at the taxpayer’s expense.
  • Oil closed at $105, gold highest in living memory, and silver highest in 31 years.
  • George Soros will hold a “major economic conference” on April 8, to discuss rearranging “the entire financial order.”
  • In the day’s only positive news as far as this author is concerned, the blog Philstockworld informed its readers:
    “Brandon Smith [snip] has launched a new website called [snip] to facilitate barter networking and the exchange of knowledge and ideas for thriving in a faltering monetary environment. Alt-Market’s developers would like to de-centralize and de-globalize our system of commerce and help us re-localize our economy, in order to insulate cities and states from a possible (and ever more likely) collapse of the dollar.”
  • One day later, it would transpire that Nekiva Vonte Hardy, alias Kinesa Smith, unmarried mother of four (probably not by the same impregnator) and a self-described “first-time spring breaker”, broke spring at a Panama Beach Burger King in this fashion.
    “There are more and more videos of people, mostly kids, going nuts in stores. Whether it’s a free-for-all brawl or a deliberate mob robbery, seems like there is more of it going on” was the comment at the “conservative” website
    Except those are not kids wilding everywhere, every day. They are Black young adults, of middle class material means, behaving like the savage barbarians they are. There is no hope for the West if its Whites continue with this level of cowardice in matters of race, politics of looting, and the continuous trail of treason and imbecility by their elected leaders. Since you cannot change others but can change yourself, it’s time to look past all that Free Republic and tea-dumping posturing. It’s time to prepare the boats, and the oar crews. But the issues of destination and destiny are by no means clear, yet.

The City of Monodelphia

Communities thrive in cities. Culture and creativity thrive in cities. Social and intellectual ferment thrives in cities. Freedom and direct democracy thrive in cities, or at least used to. Human potential is maximized in cities. Science advances in cities: MIT is in Boston, Caltech in Pasadena, the Swiss Institute of Technology — Einstein’s alma mater — is in the heart of Zurich, and the University of Heidelberg is called so for a reason.

The city — as long as it was White, not too big or too small and possessing some natural advantages[2] — was a self-multiplying incubator of new ideas, new technologies, art and craftsmanship of superior level, and wealth; great wealth. Individuals of exceptional ability had an environment interacting with their peers and creating a symbiotic effect that raised the entire plane of their respective fields.

Meanwhile, America’s Whites have abandoned the cities for subdivision Whitopias. Of America’s founding stock, only the rich with pathologies of guilt and decadence, Crooks, and Loons still live in cities. And also their servant White middle class in such service sectors as protect the higher status Eloi from depredations by “Visible Minority” Morlocks[3]. Freedomians take this farther, individually opting out of the broken social contract with Leviathan — broken by the latter — in order to move to remote areas where prole caps are the haute couture, and you won’t find a Chopin recital, a Czech film, a slice of Camembert or a Cézanne original within a radius of 100 miles. It’s a tragic error.

In “Leaving the Reservation” the blogger Daphne described a breed of middle-aged men who are severing their ties to middle class life and transplanting their families into small rural holdings in conservative counties in order to live on their own terms.

“These men don’t show up at Tea Party rallies, march on Washington or join militias,” writes Daphne. “They go to work, love their wives, pay their never-ending taxes, fees, surcharges and diligently raise [their children]. Politics have become meaningless to this breed, they’re done, disgusted, fed up with whole cesspool. These men are looking at American life in a whole new way. [snip] They reasonably stocked up on guns and ammunition with no intention of ever sparking an insurrection. Flying under the radar, getting out from under the yoke, becoming free men, rather than shackled dogs or besuited grey ghosts, is the juice fueling their passion. These men don’t want to argue politics and they have no interest in fighting, not anymore.”

Tragic error, again. Political, cultural and economic power emanates from cities. Whites who quit the cities have abandoned their claim on power; they had better listen to wiser men. Pericles is believed to have said, “Just because you do not take an interest in politics does not mean politics won’t take an interest in you.” And apocryphal tradition maintains that Franklin said at the signing of the Declaration of Independence on 4 July 1776: “We must, indeed, all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.”

Freedom and self-determination cannot be defended individually from an increasingly totalitarian government. However big your gun, Leviathan has a bigger gun, and it will do almost anything to maintain its grip on power. For defense against Leviathan you don’t need a six-shooter. You need a few thousand women and children standing arms locked between you and the federales who came to arrest you because you failed to genuflect at the 9-meter statue of Martin Luther King that will soon hulk over Washington, DC, one third larger than the statues of Jefferson and Lincoln. And you need your own television crew to be on site filming it, and your own samizdat media channels that will disseminate such news worldwide.

Violent criminals or rioting mobs do not take kindly to lone wolves either. Once the fraying seams holding America’s society, finances, industry, and endless military commitments have really come apart and civic order has broken down, swarms of bad or terminally desperate people will be roaming in search of prey. Safety will not be in your Winchester and a mile distance to your nearest neighbor, but in numbers and in coordinated and endogenously altruistic action of a community standing for itself. Examples of what an organized urban militia can do to the strongest foe abound in European history, starting with the Greeks and notable in Western and Central Europe because it’s the trade guilds of upright, hard-working burghers that yielded those fighting units[4].

Until 1970, Cleveland, built by Central European immigrants, was a thriving industrial city that supported one of the finest symphonic orchestras in the world under the baton of the great George Szell. The Cleveland Museum of Art, founded by European-origin benefactors in 1913 “for the benefit of all the people forever” was world class. But then the Loons, Crooks and Looters got to the city.

In the last 50 years, Cleveland’s population has declined from 918,000 to 440,000. Concomitantly, American industry was shutting down and moving to foreign lands, pulling the rug from under this city and its state and country. As Blacks and (primarily “Hispanic”) immigrants were streaming in, Whites were leaving. Cleveland’s White population ratio decreased from 69% in 1960 to 50% in 1990 to 35.8% now. It now ranks #8 in the list of top crime American cities [pdf], the seven cities ahead of it sharing its demographic profile.

In Sperling’s Best Places entry for Cleveland, typical resident opinions (from 2009) are like Renee’s: “Run!! Run as far away as fast as you can! I have lived in this cesspool of a town all my life, if I could make enough money I would be out asap. There is absolutely nothing to want to bring people here. Horrific economy and joblessness. Public schools are a disaster. Crime is awful. [snip] Our politicians are currently being raided by the FBI, they are all scheming money.”

The symphonic orchestra that once thrilled the world, now records videos sucking up to someone named LeBron, said LeBron being apparently as prominent an individual in a Black cultural activity, basketball, as Szell was in a White cultural activity, classical music. But then, if you are a voluntary White dhimmi minority, you have accepted a deal that includes a massive jizya tax — fiscally, culturally, and in other ways. The orchestra’s annual budget reported in 2009 was $43.7 million. That’s for 110 musicians. LeBron’s reported annual compensation in Cleveland was $15.7 million; it’s now $18 million in Miami. His Wikipedia entry is 20 times as long as that of the Cleveland Philharmonic.

The Museum that in a White-dominant city had managed to acquire Caravaggio’s The Crucifixion of Saint Andrew, Frans Hals’s Portrait of Tieleman Roosterman, and a large collection of works by the greatest names in modern European painting, now pays its dues in the Black ethnic vehicles of Nia Coffee House and Karamu — with multiculti agitprop, hip hop “poetry,” juneteenth celebrations and so on. Which is okay — Blacks deserve their cities and their culture — but Cleveland is no longer fit for habitation by Whites who care to be counted under the umbrella of Western civilization.

Non-brain-altered Whites need their own cities, in states hospitable for that purpose, where Leonidas (Sparta), Leonardo (Italy), Leibniz (Germany), Lewis (C.S., Ireland) or LeTourneau (USA[5]), are closer to the hearts of the people than LeBron. The first such a city is the strategic Schwerpunkt from which the rays of American Renaissance[6] can expand to the rest of the state, then the adjacent states. I’ll refer to that initial seed city as Monodelphia. Mono, for the Greek word omonoia: oneness of mind, and Delphia, like in Philadelphia, for delphos: brother. The City of Brotherly Minds — for the City of Brotherly Love did not work out in the end. It’s called Killadelphia now, and since David Axelrod bamboozled its voters as of 1998 to twice elect a corrupt, incompetent Black man for mayor, it’s been a continuous, sorry example of Paul Kersey’s BRA: Black-run America.

Freedomia must be based on industry, agriculture, and sustainable harvesting of natural resources, but the countryside communities supporting this ought to relate to the city the way the spokes of a wheel relate to the hub. As to Monodelphia, you must be able to imagine White reactionary rightwingers, properly dressed as descendants of Europe should and filling a provincial city to bursting with quality manufacturing, rock-solid banks lending to locals only, science, advanced medicine, spectacular, human-scaled architecture, literature, philosophy, music, opera, famed gastronomy, wise governance and K-12 low-budget schools that are the envy of the world. Or else, you must resign yourself to marginal existence in Blade Runner Multiamerica[7] forever.

Reader jeppo, in extensive comments to Part 4, recommended Minneapolis-St Paul (81.9% W) as the target site for a future Monodelphia. Minneapolis-St Paul has a central location nationally, wrote jeppo, and is in the middle of the largely Germanic and Lutheran Upper Midwest: the heartland of the heartland. The harsh climate makes it less attractive to colonizers from warmer climates. Reader Zenster added that the access of the city to the Mississippi River, and of the State of Minnesota to the Great Lakes make both particularly attractive.

Maybe, but I have my doubts. First, the population of Minneapolis-St Paul is 668,000. It’s too large for any conceivable influx of Freedomians to tilt the balance quickly. Second, that population, though White, is also Progressive[8]. It carries its Whiteness like a shameful stigma, striving ceaselessly to get itself more of that wonderful Diversity. There are already over-50% minority suburbs there, and electing Keith Ellison — Black and Muslim: a twofer — to represent it in the U.S. Congress must have been Twin Cities’ pride and joy. Third, the Lutheran North feels an endemic, welcoming compassion for its worst enemies, including obvious jihadi material — as long as they be “refugees” and “immigrants.” Twin Cities have the largest population of Somalis in North America. Fourth, Minnesota is too close to the eastern Loonie-Lootistan, the westernmost citadel of which is Illinois. It’s also too far from the ocean — the only ocean that Freedomians can dream to access: the Pacific one.

For the same effort, it might be easier to alter the destiny of Portland (78.7% W, pop. 566,000) — another attractive city with a Loon White population, two navigable rivers, a river port close to the Pacific, and a Blue exception in almost all-Red Oregon. From there, freedom, prosperity and self determination could radiate eastward, and to the north and south[9] rather than, as would be the case with Twin Cities, mainly westward.

At any rate, it’s not an issue that can be decided here and now. Perhaps no place can be considered except in a state that’s not only White but also has a consistent commitment to freedom. You start a business and hire employees in Minnesota or Oregon, and fail to comply with the racist-sexist federal employment laws, when your persecution by Leviathan ensues you are on your own. But as a Freedomian, you cannot possibly comply with such laws, or with hundreds of others that are a shameful Loon or Crook-rigged travesty. There is something to be said, therefore, for a state like Wyoming, that might challenge the federal government on your behalf in this and other freedom issues. The semi-Wild West may be the only place where freedom can find shelter during the years of Leviathan’s autogenic decomposition. But that is feasible only if the indigenous population resolves to accept sophisticated, urban Freedomians from the cities and burbs of Equalitania, and the Culture, intellect and dynamism they would be bringing.

First Principles

Reality-based economics

Freedomia must de-link. De-link from the global economy, from Leviathan’s Fed and its inflatable dollars, from the Wall Street con, the big banks’ con, the borrow-and-spend con, the Neo con, the grievance industry’s con, the unions’ ex-cons, and from every other pathology of the Loon, Crook & Looter state.

Bailout, stimulus, quantitative easing, deficit debt financing, manipulated interest rates and tax-and-spend are the main economic con. Freedomia must skirt this con by issuing its own money, quite per Article 1 of the U.S. Constitution: “No State shall coin Money; emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender of Payment.” Moreover, Leviathan’s money grabbing can be minimized by a barter system of exchange substituting partially for monetary transactions, and by steering the fiscal policies of Freedomia toward low taxes and high civic involvement with almost all aspects of community management and services[10].

To propagate healthy capitalism, it will be useful to graft the shoots of Freedomia onto a state with more German-Nordic stock than Anglo-Saxon-Celtic one. The latter, while giving America its great founders, founding principles and civic culture, has derailed in matters of practical economics. It’s no coincidence that America’s main business is financial sleight-of-hand, inventing clever ways to profit by moving fictitious money from the right pocket to the left one, lawfare, corporate paper shenanigans, mergers and acquisitions rather then creation, marketing rather than engineering, and a foreign labor force — domestically too — rather than an American one. Nor is it by chance that Austrian Economics is Austrian, a German Detroit looks like this, a German chap with a Bachelors in Engineering is Herr Diplom Ingenieur while in the U.S. the peddler in a suit is the status guy, and Switzerland and Norway are economically the healthiest countries in the West, with Sweden and Finland not far behind.

Freedomia must make things; things that reflect Freedomian values, that are visionary, superlative in quality, unique and therefore exportable. Take the clothes you wear. At the low end, it’s Asian or Mayan-made cheap junk, with inferior cloth, uneven seams, buttons not sewn-through and capricious sizing. In the middle, it’s the same junk except some marketing shyster has rented for a fee the likeness of a little polo pony or a famous couturier’s name and slapped it onto the garment, and the zillion empty fools are paying for it twice its intrinsic value. At the top, you drape yourself in the ugly though well-crafted expectorations of megalomaniac homosexuals, busting your trust fund anew every single fall with new fashion — the new always sicker and uglier than the old but of a different color palette.

What kind of morons have we become that we buy into this kind of crap? Be the Change. If you believe that at least part of America could revert to 1959, dress like 1959. Better yet, start a clothing company in Monodelphia that will turn out well-made 1950s clothing, like on Mad Men: a Ralph Lauren without Ralph Lauren, better quality and no outsourcing to Asian factories. No supermodels, MBA brand managers and all that manipulative Snatcher goo either. Somehow the Amish manage to consume what they produce — and sell it widely outside — without a TV ad budget or naked tarts sitting on top of Amish appliances in magazine ads.

You can’t compete with the Chinese, you say? There are not enough skilled seamstresses? There is no need to compete with the Chinese. There is a need to educate the Freedomian population that buying and consuming a lot of cheap imported junk is a capital crime against the nation, against Mother Earth, and against your children’s future. The Loons keep crying crocodile tears over Gaia, while allowing their Crook allies to ply the Looters with tens of millions of tons of garbage merchandise from overseas, cheap enough to buy with free Uncle Sam tickets and shoddy enough to end after one year on some Mt. Everest of Junk, leaking toxins into the environment. But one well-made article has the lifespan of eight shoddy ones. And that goes for bicycles and DVD players like it does for shirts. It translates into smaller mountains of toxic trash. And if you can’t find enough skilled Americans in this trade, start a tailor craft school and import some European tailors too; plenty of them still in Eastern Europe. In a few years, the entire North Asian upper-middle class will be wearing what you make somewhere in Middle America.

A people that becomes inured to badly designed, cheap junk, loses its appreciation of workmanship and beauty — but workmanship translates at the end into a rain of gold, and beauty translates into the bliss that comes from the recognition of God’s work on earth. It’s not in vain that those connoisseurs of beauty, the Greeks, had a word, kalokagatia that combined the words for “beauty” (kalos) and “good.” If English had a word combining “workmanship,” “beauty” and “good,” the history of the last 50 years and the 50 future ones would have unspooled differently.

This Mother Earth thing, economics, and the profound spiritual sickness of the West are tied in more ways than one. People who see the harm that NWO (New World Order) and globalism have inflicted on America, who see how many Pandora’s boxes the Loons-in-charge have opened up all over the world, have to envision life in a post-tsunami landscape, and prepare for it now. James Kunstler and Dmitri Orlov have, for years, preached the gospel of Peak Oil and its aftermath. Kunstler’s novel World Made by Hand indicates eponymously where we are going. Peak Oil is another argument for an urban environment in a colder zone. Try living in a suburb of Las Vegas or Tucson with oil too scarce or too expensive to drive or to air-condition your home.

Alas, even if Peak Oil proves to be unfounded, the trashing of the dollar is certain, Leviathan’s thrashing in Muzlands for the sake of democracy is certain, and a steep rise in the future price of oil is certain in consequence. When that happens, the China-based juggernaut is likely to end as well, and with it, the entire disposable junk economy. Walmart and Target will be out, and the village butcher, baker and candlestick maker will be in. But in Freedomia, they ought to prevail now, even as box-stores pollute the landscape everywhere and cheaper alternatives abound.

Bread ought not to have the feel and taste of squares of toilet paper, or come as frozen dough mixed 2000 miles away three days ago. Furniture ought not to be made of melamine and particle board, come disassembled in boxes, and pollute your home with formaldehyde during its useful lifespan of 12 months. Appliances ought to be made with superior mechanics and durability, not a few silicon chips grafted onto shoddy plastic and bent tin. Appliances, cars, hand tools ought to work or at least be home-repairable even if a Black Swan disables every chip in the world. Natural materials, durability, repairability and a small footprint on the ecosystem ought to become a Freedomian specialty.

The Western (+Japan) world is run by a managerial elite of high-IQ, credentialed people who are also stupid, shallow and conceited. Wise leaders do not build an economy based on gutting domestic industry and borrowing and spending, nor build large financial institutions on the premise that real estate always rises in value. They do not build nuclear reactors on a tsunami and earthquake-prone sea-shore with reserve power generators in the basement and the plant designed to withstand maximum earthquake force of 7.9, when Reality can assert itself with 9.9, and just has with a 9.

Rebuilding the core

The problem with conservatives is that they don’t know what to conserve, what to discard, and what to dig out from under 3,000 years of history that’s no longer a part of our mental landscape but should be. Many cling to formalistic Christianity without a thought as to how Christianity itself, having derailed so many times far inside Yang territory[11] is responsible for much of the Yin deluge now, pushed as though by the pendulum of the eternal Tao toward a cosmic balance.

The very fact that many a Western reader will scratch his head upon encountering Chinese concepts like Tao, Yin and Yang, is a symptom of cultural derailment. Western Renaissance occurred before when new concepts, technologies and goods absorbed from the Far East caused a quantum cultural leap. But now, the West has gone into a stupor of smug imbecility, behaving as though history and destiny are linear and what was until 1990 on top will always remain on top, no matter how stagnant and desiccated its basic precepts (e.g. “democracy,” “social justice,” “progress”), or decadent its ways. Instead of strengthening itself with the highest that only the other high civilization — the Northeast Asian one — can offer, the West has infused itself with the most backward cultures it could import: those of the Muslim Near East/ North Africa, and of Black Africa morphed as Afro-American gangsta and hip hop moronism.

We will all soon be wood choppers and water drawers for the Chinese, and we continue like a windup toy bunny, smug in our superiority, straight to and over the edge, as though nothing needs rethinking and no new ideas need to be borrowed or resurrected. Meanwhile, the Chinese rule the world. Commercially for now, and militarily too from about 2040 on. All by shrewdly borrowing ideas and cultural elements from the West, stealing what they could not borrow, then playing to and taking advantage of Western weaknesses while not sacrificing one iota of what it means to be Chinese.

Confucius is all about societal wisdom and wise personal conduct. So is the Japanese Tsurezuregusa — 700 years old and taught in every elementary school in Japan. Their foreign relations are conducted according to Sun Tzu and the 36 Stratagems. Our foreign relations are conducted by “liberated” menopausal women and utopian male drones with narcissistic personality disorder, the whole +2 Sigma (i.e. “smart”) lot of them possessing the wisdom of a door knob.

There was a time when the West knew and valued wisdom. The Bible is a depository of wisdom, as are ancient Aesop’s fables. Every Indo-European language has a rich trove of folk tales and aphorisms that transmit wisdom. The men who served in the Nordic things 1000 years ago were chosen based on their wisdom and standing in the community, not as per how long they could keep a fake smile on their faces and hug strangers’ soiled babies.

To have a future, Freedomia must restore and understand the difference between smarts and wisdom, and choose the latter, in every instance. It must tear down and completely replace what passes for “education” in Snatcher-ruled America, going back at least to John Dewey. Teaching kids Ben Franklin’s “Poor Richard’s Almanac” will prepare them for success in the 21st or 28th century far more than teaching virtual reality protocols or multiculti dogma possibly can.

Alas, the West has forgotten its own indigenous cultures that are worth knowing. Western politicians, even the “good” ones like Geert Wilders, keep invoking “our Judeo-Christian culture.” But if we adopted what’s worth resurrecting from proto-European pantheism, the Taoist-like veneration of the Universe and its manifestations on Earth is there, and the deep spiritual fulfillment of finding the sacred in Nature is there, and the fierce particularity of protecting our forests, our rivers, our ancestors’ lands. Right there is the penicillin for Christianity’s maudlin universality and Yin entropy[12].

To save and regenerate it, the entire footprint of Western civilization has to be shifted from its current Judeo-Christian squatting to its historical and more organic outline encompassing the pre-Christian roots, the Greek and Roman trunk, and only then the Judeo-Christian branches. This way, the Yang will be restored to what is currently a Yin-overloaded, sickly shrub. Reverence for nature and love of beauty must be restored, a taste for a spiritual and aesthetic apprehension of the natural world that has nothing to do with the cancers of perpetual “progress,” “growth,” “justice,” or Platonic sophistry.

Education has to be based on teaching manly virtues to men-in-training and feminine virtues to women-in-training. Equality being a partial euphemism brought forth by unmistakably (and deservedly) superior Virginia aristocrats and Yankee geniuses, it’s time for the common sense of old to make its reappearance. There is supreme wisdom in Charles Murray’s three-part series published in the Wall Street Journal, January 2007: “Intelligence in the Classroom,” “What’s wrong with vocational school?” and “Aztecs vs. Greeks”[13]. Murray stressed that we don’t live in Lake Wobegon where everyone is above average, and that we ought to identify and properly nurture a Praetorian Guard class and a worker bee class.

If we had schools integrating Judeo-Christian humanistic values with Greco-Roman elitist ones, the kind of scum that constitutes our Ruling Class now would never get a hearing even in a local tavern, let alone in the halls of Congress and in corporate boardrooms. Werner Jaeger’s Paideia is what prospective K-12 teachers in Freedomia will be examined on, not Dewey, Zinn, Freire and the rest of the Body Snatcher landing party.

Ideas matter. Core values matter. The ideas and core values of the United States, and the West as a whole, have reached the end of their useful life expectancy. Everything needs to be rethought from the ground up. It’s Freedomia’s job, and it’s not a job for the faint of heart or the lame of brain.


You have to live what you believe. You have to be, not talk. A reactionary Freedomian constitutionalist does not buy cheap imported junk, serve in the military with gays under the command of women, or allow his children to get pierced and tattooed on the skin via needles or on the brain via cretin pop culture. A Freedomian does not, cannot live in New York, Chicago or Oakland — except if he must and there is no other way.

Freedomians who are stuck and cannot move from whatever Snatcher territory they inhabit, ought to at least relocate to the same neighborhood. If there aren’t enough of them to fill a neighborhood, let it be a single street. Let it have at least a bookstore where Freedomian books are sold and Freedomians can have coffee together.

A Freedomian takes his son out of softball practice and puts him into pankration practice. This is a far harsher world than the genius of the Founding Fathers and America’s luck of isolation from the main predator nations has enabled Americans to believe. The lucky hand has been badly played for two generations now; Reality cannot but revert to the global mean. Besides, Freedomia will not force school bonds on its residents for the sake of lavish school football programs. Teaching Homer, calculus and boxing is much cheaper — and better for the young.

One important notion to absorb from Sun Tzu is that you must first realize the conditions for victory, and only then seek it. The outcome of the Battle of Gettysburg and world history with it would have been quite different had Robert E. Lee not lapsed in his judgment and ordered General Pickett to charge uphill against the Union’s fortified positions on Cemetery Ridge. You never run uphill, let alone against a hail of bullets.

Snatcher State is doing itself in on its own; there is no need for Freedomians to run uphill. It’s enough to gather and prepare the ground to save as much of America as will be possible after the Loons, Crooks and Looters collapse upon each other. But a formal break and the founding of an independent republic has to be considered inevitable in the future, just as the eventual formation of La Republica del Norte is inevitable. Demography is destiny, and no amount of Snatcher talk will change that. War can change that, but that is a topic for war professionals that we shall skirt here.

Between America’s two founding documents, the Declaration of Independence is, by far, the more unique and remarkable. What greater prose than this can be conceived that expresses the anguish in the necessity of rending a nation asunder:

“When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.”

How much longer and graver the list of the offenses, depredations and treasons that America’s Loons, Crooks and Looters have committed against the American people than the long list of King George’s transgressions iterated in the Declaration! What follows in that document and is apposite in the future one as well is a list of the attempts that the breakaway group has made to bring its grievances before the proper authorities and to seek conciliatory resolutions — in order to get in return only lawfare, trickery, brush-offs, rebuffs, assaults, and imported predators. With but slight changes (in italics), these words from 1776 could sound fresh 250 years later:

“In every stage of these oppressions we have shown our disapproval in lawful ways: our repeated votes, plebiscites, petitions and demonstrations have been answered only by repeated injury. A democratic government of a Republic, whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.”

When the hour comes, it would behoove Freedomians to stress that separation was not an option until none other was left; that since 1964 they have been doing all in their power to keep the whole together. There is a poignant expression of that in Jefferson’s draft of the Declaration that was redacted by either Franklin or Adams. These were the words that flowed from the quill pen of an Anglo-American genius in rented rooms at Market and Seventh in what was then Monodelphia:

“We might have been a free and great people together; but a communication of grandeur and of freedom it seems is below their dignity. Be it so, since they will have it; the road to glory and happiness is open to us too; we will climb it in a separate state, and acquiesce in the necessity which pronounces our everlasting Adieu!”


1. Are there any Jews out there protesting publicly, proclaiming “Not in Our Name,” when Jewish organizations like the ADL work day and night to turn America into an antisemitic country? For there are Blacks pulling no punches with respect to the profile of the Black community, e.g. the Rev. James Manning .
2. This topic was discussed more extensively in the essay “Cities and Accomplishment” by Fjordman, and in its comments section. The attribute “White” is used in the sense of demographic and cultural predominance of European-origin people, rather than in the sense of ethnic exclusivity. Many of the most successful cities in Europe had highly contributive Jewish minorities (e.g. Amsterdam, Lwow), booming medieval cities in ex-Russia Slavic Europe had similarly beneficial German minorities etc. —but the governance and culture of each such place always reflected the majority people. And the few larger and more international and multinational cities, e.g. Rome, Samarkand and Victorian London in the past, or Singapore now, have thrived only because of a dominant, higher-IQ group, imposing its values and governance as binding on all.
3. “Visible Minority’ is the official Canadian Snatcher Government term for what I call here Black and Brown. Morlock and Eloi are a race of predatory troglodytes and the race of human victims respectively in H.G. Wells’s The Time Machine.
4. The Battle of the Golden Spurs is a particularly compelling example of this type of war. This man, the commandant of Warsaw in the 1794 Kosciusko uprising against Russian occupiers was a working cobbler and activist in his trade guild.
5. The life of American originals like Robert. G. LeTourneau — a man who had no college education yet became a holder of 300 patents, a titan of industry, a business tycoon and a major philanthropist devoted to Christian principles — is particularly valuable in these days of rampant cretinism, degrees inflation, predatory financial capitalism and propositionism concerning the American identity.
6. No one toiling in this area ought to use the term American Renaissance without a hat tip to American Renaissance: a pioneering enterprise of a dedicated man, Jared Taylor, who’d given up much for it. For 21 years now it has stood like a lone and unwanted Cassandra, imparting data and news stories documenting that racial differences exist, that the construction of Newamerica on the false premise that they do not is a path to perdition, and that in response to that path’s calamity Whites must start defining themselves in terms of their group interest, just as Blacks and immigrant groups do.
7. Blade Runner, directed by Ridley Scott, presented in 1982 a visionary picture of the Los Angeles of 2019 that, demographically at least, Los Angeles already resembles. MultiAmerica is the multicultural propositional nation of New America, and the opposite of Monodelphia.
8. See connection between White city demographics and Loonism here.
9. From 100 miles north of San Francisco up to Eugene, Oregon it’s all Red country. For hundreds of miles north beyond Eugene, and well into Washington State, it’s all patchy Red too, except for Portland.
10. See The Voluntary City: Choice, Community and Civil Society,
11. Examples of Christianity’s past excesses: Constantine’s Sword, crusades against Europeans (Albigensians, Balts and other Euro-pagans), the Teutonic Knights of the Cross, persecutions of Jews and heretics, oppression of women, stifling of sexuality — of joie de vivre even, ceaseless internecine religious wars, corrupt power-mad popes, the Inquisition, fostering of bigotry and fanaticism, lust for gold and treasure, etc.
12. Readers may be happy to know that Augustana College — "Lutheran expression of the Christian faith" — hosted a "White Privilege Summit" on March 30 (hat tip, American Renaissance)
13. These appear to be behind a paywall now, but are probably retrievable elsewhere.

Previous posts by Takuan Seiyo:

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Anonymous said...

Minneapolis is a good example of why whiteness itself does not create good conditions. Seattle is very similar.

Shaunantijihad said...

It continues to confound me that this site is simultaneously aware of the importance of racial differences in the fight for the survival of western civilisation, yet condemns the BNP for being the only political force for admitting exactly the same thing.

Baron Bodissey said...

Shaunantijihad --

You must have wandered into the wrong site by mistake. Neither I nor my co-blogger have ever condemned the BNP for pointing out those things. Nor have Takuan, Fjordman, or any of our other guest contributors, as far as I can recall.

I dislike the BNP for its persistent socialism, but that's another matter entirely.

Juniper in the Desert said...

Fabulous article! Snatchocracy: brilliant! The British government is totally castrated.
"George Soros will hold a “major economic conference” on April 8, to discuss rearranging “the entire financial order.”" You mean, this is not it yet??

jeppo said...

Thanks for this excellent series, TS.

The demographic stats from the 2010 census are out, and needless to say the news is all bad. Non-Hispanic whites are now 63.7% of the population, down from 69.1% in 2000, and this number doesn't include the more than 4 million minority residents of Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa and the Northern Mariana Islands, all of whom are American citizens. The white percentage shrank in all 50 states, including by an astonishing 11.1% in Nevada (65.2% white in 2000 to 54.1% in 2010). Resistance seems almost futile at this point.

Even if all immigration, legal and illegal, was ended today, even if all 12-20 million illegals were deported, even if miscegenation was once again outlawed, and even if higher non-white birthrates shrank down to white levels, whites will still eventually become a minority in the US because non-white births now outnumber white ones. And thanks to a treasonous interpretation of the 14th Amendment all these babies are US citizens, regardless of the legal status of their parents.

So secession is the only way to preserve at least part of the US as a white-majority republic. Unfortunately, the only serious secessionist movement in North America is in Quebec, which, though about 89% white, is by far the most liberal/leftist jurisdiction on the continent. Militant feminism and homosexualism are rampant there, and they also have the highest taxes, biggest and most useless bureaucracy, most business-stifling red tape and most powerful unions in NA. Plus they speak French. So an independent Quebec is not the answer.

But an independent Quebec would get the secessionist ball rolling, first in the rest of Canada, then Puerto Rico and the other detritus of American empire, then Hawaii and Alaska, and finally in the lower 48. One possibility for a white volkstaat is Atlantic Canada, which would almost certainly look for a new political arrangement apart from the rest of Canada in the event of Quebec separation. Combined with the 3 states of upper New England, this region of 6 million is nearly 95% white, easily the whitest area in NA.

But, like Takuan Seiyo, I'd be more inclined to look to the (mostly) conservative northwest rather than the liberal northeast. The core of this northwestern state would be Western Canada, which would likely become an independent nation following the separation of Quebec and Atlantic Canada. If Alaska decided to leave the decaying United States and join this new nation, then I believe a serious secessionist movement would develop in the northwest. Ideally, this nation would eventually encompass the entire northwestern quarter (NWQ) of the NA continent (11 states, 4 provinces, 3 territories), containing about 42 million people and roughly 80% white.

The NWQ has 6 major metropolitan areas (Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, Edmonton, Calgary and Minneapolis-St Paul), a bunch of mid-sized cities (Anchorage, Victoria, Eugene, Spokane, Boise, Omaha, Des Moines, Winnipeg), and about 4 million square miles of mostly NAM-free land for any white patriots who might consider moving there. The odds of establishing an independent NWQ are heavily against us, but really, what other choice do we have?

Fjordman said...

Shaunantijihad: I don't hate non-Muslim Asians, but I don't want to be replaced by anybody, Muslim or not. European civilization can only survive and thrive if people of overwhelmingly European genetic stock have their own nations. In those cases where this has been lost, or perhaps we should say deliberately destroyed, it needs to be reestablished during this century.

A Common Loon said...

As a native of Minneapolis, I can safely say this city would make a very poor choice for the survival of the West in North America. There are six resettlement agencies (general populace notwithstanding) located here who believe its their sacred duty to bring in as many of third world as possible, especially Somalis (just like our cousins back in Scandinavia, imagine that!)

I am an fourth generation American, and I love my country and its heritage, but i have to admit, The U.S. and Canada are on their deathbeds. I don't think there is anything that will save these two nations at this point, even an sweeping national crisis. We have been diseased for far too long, and now its terminal. The best thing we can hope to do as North Americans is attempt to carve out a handful or regions where we can live in relative peace while our Brazil 2.0 takes shape and prevent Europe from being dragged down with us. IMO the only place where there is real hope for the survival of Western Heritage is in Europe.

I am almost certain our government's meddling caused the crisis in Europe, and there is still some time to correct it. I believe Europe has the latent willpower to survive and preserve the integrity of its heritage far more so than here.

Normally I'm not this dramatic, but this issue weighs heavily on me

EJGB said...

All of this only serves to further my arguments for emigrating to Ireland, and taking my Irish mother with me.

JS123 said...

There is no hope without a successful secession, and that is impossible because the US Army would squash it. That is unless there was a sympathetic president who ratified the secession and refused to deploy the army. But that is an unrealistic scenario. The only hope is transcontinental white flight back to Europe and then fight to keep Europe from making the same disasterous mistake.

Detritus Effluvium said...

Glad you let us Anglo Saxon white trash know ahead of time we won't be welcome in "Monodelphia". Too bad for those of us who like German beer but we'll muddle through somehow.

All snarkiness aside, you're making a big mistake if you think you can setup another 1,000 year Reich in the country we founded. We may be a little slow catching on to the new Islamic Jihad here in the states but we get up to speed real quick where Nazis are concerned. Just sayin'.........

Zenster said...

For the same effort, it might be easier to alter the destiny of Portland … rather than, as would be the case with Twin Cities, mainly westward.

Oregon would be far more preferable. An ocean port with superb aquaculture, extensive timber, substantial hydroelectric power generation, fertile crop land and excellent vineyards make it a relatively self contained nation-state.

At the top, you drape yourself in the ugly though well-crafted expectorations of megalomaniac homosexuals, busting your trust fund anew every single fall with new fashion — the new always sicker and uglier than the old but of a different color palette.

Fashion slaves, fashionistas and devotees of haute couture rank among some of the most imbecilic loons of them all. Endowed with more money than brains, trust some mania-driven sexual deviant armed with a sketchbook and sewing machine to fleece them of their burdensome wealth. We can all breathe a collective sigh of relief once the age of color palettes not-normally-found-in-nature has passed forever.

If English had a word combining “workmanship,” “beauty” and “good,” the history of the last 50 years and the 50 future ones would have unspooled differently.

We had it once. It was called, “Made in America” and it stood for passenger cars that could be driven out to a million miles with periodic rebuilds. Appliances that could be repaired with ordinary hand tools and home electronics like Marantz, Altec Lansing, Acoustic Research and McIntosh which once set the world standard for excellence in consumer electronics. According to legend, Hewlett Packard’s original line of calculators, such as the HP-25C were built to ten times over spec. The original line of commercial Textronic oscilloscopes met military performance standards with construction that included silver-soldered ceramic bridge circuit ladders instead of PCB (Printed Circuit Board) component layouts. Remember those Western Electric telephones that you could drop kick down a flight of stairs and then dial out on a minute later? My vintage Pyrex and Ecko Flint kitchenware still outperform anything in their class, even brand new goods, after many decades of service.

We did it once, we can do it again. It is more an issue of consumer education although manufacturers are rapidly losing sight of why quality is of such paramount importance. Look no further than executive boardrooms infested with generations of Harvard MBAs, the gold standard in bean counters, for why industry has time and again sacrificed quality on the altar of short-term profits. Never forget the endless ranks of Ivy League CEOs who cosmetically turn around companies to reap massive bonuses while gutting once-functional manufacturers of their senior and most talented staff. Wall Street’s obsession with endless and equally impossible quarter to quarter profitability has bred up platoons of Olympic class legerdemain artistes who cook the corporate books with a panache that Julia Child would envy.

Walmart and Target will be out, and the village butcher, baker and candlestick maker will be in. But in Freedomia, they ought to prevail now, even as box-stores pollute the landscape everywhere and cheaper alternatives abound.

That is the reason why I do my best to support and encourage small businesses. Remember, over a twelve year period, small business was responsible for 60% to 80% of job creation. These are jobs that won’t be outsourced and profits that are routinely folded back into the local community instead of being wired offshore to some sheltered tax haven by disloyal multinationals.

Zenster said...

Bread ought not to have the feel and taste of squares of toilet paper…

Julia Child was fond of calling American balloon bread, “Kleenex”.

Furniture ought not to be made of melamine and particle board, come disassembled in boxes, and pollute your home with formaldehyde during its useful lifespan of 12 months.

Welcome to the world of Ikea “dorm furniture” that is literally discarded at the end of a school year. Moving out is a matter of dumpster capacity and a few carryon bags.

Appliances ought to be made with superior mechanics and durability, not a few silicon chips grafted onto shoddy plastic and bent tin.

Let’s have a round of applause for Ron “Ginsu Knife” Popeil , inventor of the infomercial and king of “perceived value”:

Arbitrary pricing of a product based on its value as perceived by its buyers, as opposed to pricing based on the seller's costs of producing the product.

Popeil is almost singlehandedly responsible for acclimatizing Americans to the coming tidal wave of cheap foreign built crap that Wal-Mart would later foist upon suicidally cost-sensitive American consumers. Neglect for the nonce that Wal-Mart built its original reputation on “made in America” products. Instead, keep in mind how this one company is now responsible for up to a solid 10% of America’s trade imbalance with China.

Wise leaders do not build an economy based on gutting domestic industry and borrowing and spending, nor build large financial institutions on the premise that real estate always rises in value.

No, traitors do and the ones doing this need to be charged with economic treason.

Meanwhile, the Chinese rule the world. Commercially for now, and militarily too from about 2040 on. All by shrewdly borrowing ideas and cultural elements from the West, stealing what they could not borrow, then playing to and taking advantage of Western weaknesses while not sacrificing one iota of what it means to be Chinese.

This could change in a heartbeat if there were sufficient political will, of which there most clearly is not. There is also the off chance that China will implode as it sails into a perfect storm of its own making.

Due to a lack of functioning permalinks, I will reprint a synopsis of my 2008 “Perfect Storm” post from the Belmont Club:

China has set itself up for a "perfect storm" of catastrophic economic, societal and environmental disasters.

1.) During China's recent privatization, the vast majority of government-run big business was essentially handed over to the PLA's military elite at fire sale prices, who—without a shred of business experience—promptly proceeded to run them into the ground. All the while, these well-connected Mandarins consumed massive loans from banking cronies to prop up these over-staffed and under-equipped enterprises. Government jobs were once known as “cast iron rice bowls”, in that people were so rarely fired that their source of income (rice bowl), could not be “broken”.

Moreover, oil prices continue to escalate—in some part—caused by Chinese arms shipments that exacerbate MME (Muslim Middle East) tensions. Should they rise high enough, bunker fuel costs will erode the profitability of long haul trans-Pacific container traffic and significantly impact the price competitiveness of already shaky Chinese manufacturing enterprises.

END RESULT: Mismanagement has left China with an estimated $500 billion to $1 trillion worth of bad debt that their own prohibitions on foreign majority bank ownership prevents any bailout of. All the while, their MME meddling promises to interfere with the free flow of petroleum exports doing further damage to their own economy. There also exists pandemic official corruption that is tacitly accepted by the government resulting in substandard civil engineering and a host of other dangerous or counter-productive practices.

Zenster said...

2.) These same industries have historically operated with total disregard for environmental impact or pollution laws due to their immunity through contacts within the PLA. Examine the near-total absence of significant prosecution for the constant coal-mining fatalities and egregious lack of mine safety.

One single statistic tells the entire story. Out of the world’s TWENTY most polluted cites, SIXTEEN of them are in CHINA. Manmade disasters loom large in China’s future. More than once engineers have had to patch large CRACKS forming on the Three Gorges Dam face. Upstream, rising water has soaked into and destabilized massive earthen cliffs that slide into the reservoir causing destructive waves. There are concerns that these surges may even cause damage to the dam itself. A catastrophic failure of this gigantic hydroelectric project could cause the death of untold MILLIONS downstream.

China has also begun work upon a string of hydroelectric dams at the highest reaches of the Mekong River. This vital aquatic artery for much of Southeast Asia could effectively fall under Chinese control. Retention of too much runoff could cause the collapse of critical downstream aquaculture necessary for rural sustenance while impeding commercial traffic reliant upon riverine navigation. Given China’s rapacious nature, none of this bodes well for its Southern neighbors.

END RESULT: Massive damage to vital natural and regional resources, air quality and some of China's most precious historical locations or archaeological sites.

3.) China's "one family - one child" policy has led to endemic gender based abortion and female infanticide. This lopsided demographic is already beginning to affect Chinese society with the "Little Emperor" syndrome of intensely spoiled male children. As both parents toil in day jobs, these brats are left in the care of grandparents. Chinese culture deems even slight deformities as an insurmountable impediment to marriage. By threatening to injure themselves, these “Little Emperors” extort ice cream and candy from their grandparent caretakers. Imagine such manipulative, cosseted and ill-tempered only-children taking command of China’s nuclear arsenal.

Further, the lack of marriageable women can only presage some sort of increase in male homosexuality. Slowly eroding cultural mores will remove some of the stigma attached to homosexuality and lack of female companionship will do the rest. At present, once unmarriageable peasant girls from rural provinces now have their pick of male suitors. Starving North Korean mail-order brides are also being imported to meet this demand.

END RESULT: Extreme potential for a major upswing in male homosexuality. Complicated by:

4.) China's medically caused HIV/AIDS epidemic is the largest in world history. Henan province plasma buyers re-injected aggregated red blood cells back into similar type donors, thereby spreading the virus like wildfire. Corrupt government officials—more concerned about covering up their connections to these plasma buyers—did little to quarantine or contain the crisis, allowing infected individuals to migrate into large urban centers.

END RESULT: A ticking time-bomb of gigantic proportions that may be facilitated through a host of other societal factors including heavy discrimination against HIV positive people, intense shame over homosexuality and government suppression of publishing any medical statistics regarding this as being damaging to China's image.

Zenster said...

5.) China’s ratio of urban versus rural earning power is incredibly lopsided. Conservative estimates place 1995 rural earnings at 40% of that paid to urban workers. The global figure for that time was 60%. Other estimates place China's earnings gap at seven to one and even an astounding ten to one ratio. This disparity encourages migration to city centers in search of higher pay. Mao’s promise to break all chains binding peasants to the land was a tremendous lie that found farmers imprisoned by even more intense poverty than before.

END RESULT: Breakdown in agricultural productivity and lack of regulatory oversight in the haste to avoid food shortages. This creates vast potential for tainted goods, which has already manifested in dead infants killed by being fed nutrition-free baby formula, fake rabies vaccines and eggs injected with toxic industrial dyes.

All of the above factors are converging to combine into an onslaught of destructive forces that bode exceptionally ill for China’s future. Such internal pressures may cause civil war or drive China into territorial aggression in order to relieve surging demand for dwindling resources, marriageable women or unpolluted living space. Taiwan, the Korean Peninsula, Japan, Eastern Russia and Southeast Asia all fall under the shadow of China's looming crises.

To continue: (We now return you to your regular thread.)

Witness how China’s Communist government has put a marginally modernized industrial base into afterburner acceleration even while being a wholly export-dependent economy. The Chinese people cannot consume all of the cheap retail merchandise crap that they build. A significant global downturn could see their entire house of cards flutter away in little more than a temporary one or two year recessionary breeze.

China’s institutionalized theft of intellectual property is one pivotal issue that demands redress. That America’s callow political leadership neglects to hold China’s feet to the fire over this economic rape is yet one more reason they deserve less respect than a street corner whore who earns her money honestly by comparison. All of the copyright and patent violations also poison China’s ability to innovate due to an over-reliance upon importing ideas instead of originating technological quantum leaps themselves.

Reverence for nature and love of beauty must be restored, a taste for a spiritual and aesthetic apprehension of the natural world that has nothing to do with the cancers of perpetual “progress,” “growth,” “justice,” or Platonic sophistry.

The absence of beauty throughout so much of the modern Western world; be it architecture, art, music, poetry or sculpture speaks volumes about how out-of-balance things are. The simple fact of young women buying into the intensely misogynistic mindset of rap’s gansta culture and thug lifestyle almost rivals their thundering silence over Islam. Both are hypocrisies of such stupendous proportion that it discredits much of their worth to society.

If we had schools integrating Judeo-Christian humanistic values with Greco-Roman elitist ones, the kind of scum that constitutes our Ruling Class now would never get a hearing even in a local tavern, let alone in the halls of Congress and in corporate boardrooms.

This is as neat of a précis as you are going to get when it comes to reversing the damage done by generations of social workers disguised as educators and politicians.

Zenster said...

How much longer and graver the list of the offenses, depredations and treasons that America’s Loons, Crooks and Looters have committed against the American people than the long list of King George’s transgressions iterated in the Declaration!

Serge Trifkovic summed it up much in the same way. His final sentence rings with identical clarity:

The elite class, rootless, arrogant, cynically manipulative, has every intention of continuing to “fight” the war on terrorism without naming the enemy, without revealing his beliefs, without unmasking his intentions, without offending his accomplices, without expelling his fifth columnists, and without ever daring to win.

It is up to the millions of normal Europeans and their American cousins to stop the madness. The traitor class wants them to share its death wish, to self-annihilate as people with a historical memory and a cultural identity, and to make room for the post-human, monistic Utopia spearheaded by the jihadist fifth column.

This crime can and must be stopped. The founders of the United States overthrew the colonial government for offenses far lighter than those of which the traitor class is guilty.
[emphasis added]

As always, Taksan, a much needed dose of reality from one of the blogsphere’s sharpest pens.

Takuan Seiyo said...


Re: Fashion
For a perfect mix of money, fashion, vanity, vacuity and sophistry google the names Daphne Guinness and Bernard-Henri Lévy, together.

Re: Made in America
Right you are. I have a Bell&Howell 16mm movie camera, regular retail model that was also standard issue for WW2 combat cameramen. You can pound nails with it. The decline started when Detroit began tinkering with tail fins instead of improving engineering. But there are other products we still make well, for instance leather footwear in New England. However, people have been trained to buy for price, not quality, so they buy cheap junk made of mismatched leather and synthetic somewhere in Asia, for 1/3 the price.

Re: Ginsu knife
That whole business is now dominated by Gutty-Renker. From about 1 a.m. it’s nothing on cable but wall to wall peddling of millionaires’ secrets, cubic zirconia and penis-extension pills. People are buying it, just as they bought Obama.

Re: China
You shone a deep beam on China’s problems. However, I must point out that $1 trillion of bad debt is nothing compared to our bad debt, whether in the private or public sector. Likewise, it will take 30 days for China’s ecological disaster to become our own, just as avian flu and other bad viruses that breed there reach San Francisco, Chicago, Vancouver and Toronto one week later. We have a large Chinese ethnocentric and China-loyal population, with monthly disclosures of defense or at least secret technology transfers – and that does not include what we don’t know or are not told. China has no such population of ethnocentric American patriots. Our comparative imbecility is such that we practically handed over to them the Panama Canal, the x-raying for WMDs of all inbound Pacific cargo, and a near monopoly on critical strategic materials such as rare earths.

Anonymous said...

The mayor of San Francisco and the mayor of Oakland are now Chinese-American. The Chinese and other East Asian population is growing exponentially in the SF Bay Area. Most of the new businesses where I live are Chinese. My neighborhood is literally turning into Chinatown, which is better for people who have to live here, because better Chinatown than a barrio or ghetto.

In addition, I have the impression that people in China are being taught to be openly contemptuous of America and to regard America as a territory to be conquered. There are too many crude anti-American comments on blogs, forums and online newspapers, for it to be a coincidence. Sometimes these people identify themselves as Chinese, sometimes not, but pay attention to the ones that say, You Americans are stupid. China most definitely is preparing its emigrants to take over America, and there are enough Chinese here to make it happen fast. Northern California will be first.

Takuan Seiyo said...

@latte island
The tragedy is that the Chinese have every rational reason to feel contempt for the United States. I don’t know a case in history where a nation has done something one tenth as suicidally stupid as the U.S. has done with China, and that’s regardless of the scale. Now when you add the scale of this idiocy, its breadth and length, this is a tale that will supplant the Trojan Horse as an eternal symbol. It would be nice to be able to call it “treason” and blame the Left. Alas, what passes in the U.S. for the “Right” is even more to blame in this than the Left. Just like with Islamization and Immigration, our misfortune is to have had a choice only between the Evil Party and the Stupid Party.

Sagunto said...

TS -

"Just like with Islamization and Immigration, our misfortune is to have had a choice only between the Evil Party and the Stupid Party."

In America, but also in European nations with their "diverse" gamma of political parties, every freedom loving citizen should take stock of this evident truth.

Kind regs from Amsterdam,

Rex Dyer said...

What would the US white fertility rate have to be for the European-American population to reach the 90% mark again?

Zenster said...

Rex Dyer: What would the US white fertility rate have to be for the European-American population to reach the 90% mark again?

Short Answer: One Hell of a lot higher than that which our political and corporate elite have made it possible for the average working American couple to afford.

Long Answer: Statistically, every "European-American" family would need to have around five or six children to reverse the past several decades of declining birthrate.

Considering that middle-income families spend approximately $10,000 a year per child, such a couple would have to be earning well over $100,000 annually to bear the cost burden of raising half a dozen children.

That typically requires both parents to work which then adds in child care expenses. Those costs, in turn, increase annual spending per child, so ratchet up the combined income to at least $120,000 per year.

These linked figures are almost ten years old, so you can increase everything by a solid THIRTY percent or more due to inflation since the article was published.

We are now talking about both parents earning over $75,000 per year. The 2008 median income for American households was $52,000. To rake in the $75,000 or more per year needed to have such a large family, both parents would need to have a PhD. Individuals with doctorates typically pull down about $81,000 annually.

Only 3% of American have a doctoral degree.

Our politicians and corporate leaders have little to no concern about the overall health of this nation's original population base. An obsession with profit-taking and the careerist attitude shown by most government officials all militate against any show of concern for the demographic well-being of our country's "European-American population".

The fact that this nation's "European-American population" constitutes a huge portion of the tax-producing public promises to loom ever-larger on the political horizon as elected officials continue to ignore their hypocrisy of relying upon tax-consumers for votes and a supply of low-cost labor for their corporate campaign donors.

This fundamental contradiction lies at the heart of America's decline as a superpower. A large part of our nation's coming economic collapse is driven by this one glaring inequality and White middle-class voters had better adopt a highly militant attitude about politicians who perpetuate this intolerable abuse of those who actually fuel America's economy.

Takuan Seiyo said...

When you say "income of $100,000," you really mean income of $200,000, for in a place like California only half of your earnings will end up in your pocket. And that's before the Crooks & Loons address the nation and say, "Sorry folks, even if we managed to cut $100 billion, it would have been short by $1 trillion. We must raise taxes."

Zenster said...

Takuan: When you say "income of $100,000," you really mean income of $200,000, for in a place like California only half of your earnings will end up in your pocket.

Absolutely! The child support figures I used were almost ten years old. This past decade's worth of inflation has probably been a lot steeper than the old 3% per annum that held for last century.

As it is, your comment only serves to cement my previous point. You have to be quite wealthy or on welfare to have more than one or two children.

The demographic doom that this spells for this nation's White population is going to become a prime mover for voter discontent throughout Middle America. The Democratic Party continues to rely upon "voter plantations" composed of Third World immigrants and low-income ethnic tax-consumers who prefer open-handed spenders to be in power.

This unrealistic business model needs to be taken out behind the barn and shot a few times.

Robert said...

A Freedomian takes his son out of softball practice and puts him into pankration practice. This is a far harsher world than the genius of the Founding Fathers and America’s luck of isolation from the main predator nations has enabled Americans to believe.

Please see Russian Martial Art, Systema