Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Power of Projection

It has often been noted that Muslims seem prone to project upon infidels those foibles and flaws which are all too common in Islam. Child sexual abuse, rape, plotting to kill Muslims, the murder of young women — all of these accusations and more are routinely flung at non-Muslims, and all of them are regular features of life in Islamic societies.

A case in point was yesterday’s demonstration by Muslims at St. Mark’s Cathedral in Cairo. The demonstrators were protesting the alleged kidnapping and forcible incarceration of young Coptic women who had “voluntarily” converted to Islam. The demonstrators believed that the young women were being held against their will by the Copts.

I don’t have to tell you the irony of all this, given the widespread and well-documented practice by Egyptian Muslims of kidnapping teenage Christian girls, forcibly converting them, and then threatening their families into silence. Never has a case of projection been so clear.

According to AINA:

Thousands of Muslim demonstrators gathered in front St. Mark’s Cathedral in Cairo, vowing not to leave until they know the whereabouts of Coptic women, especially Camilia Shehata ... who allegedly converted to Islam but are held against their will by the Coptic Orthodox Church in monasteries and churches. The sit-in was called for by the newly-founded Coalition for the Support of New Muslims.

At the time of the Muslim demonstrations, His Holiness Pope Shenouda III was not present in his residence within the grounds of the Cathedral. The head of security at the Cathedral closed the gates and it was reported that Christians have been asked not to come to the Cathedral to avoid altercations with the protesting Muslims.

The Cathedral was cordoned off by the military police and security forces. Cairo saw today three separate protests staged by Salafis against Pope Shenouda and the church, marching afterwards to the Coptic Cathedral in Abbasiya. The first demonstration was in front of El-Fatah mosque in Ramsis Square, the second in front of Al-Nour mosque Abbasiya Square, and the third came out of the Sharia Association mosque in Ramsis.

The protesters demanded the resolution of the “ten demands”, which they called for last Sunday, during their protest in front of the el-Kayed Ibrahim mosque in Alexandria, mainly the “trial of Pope Shenouda”, “ the release of Camilia Shehata and Wafaa Constantine” and “inspection of monasteries and churches to look for Muslim women held by the church.”

The Muslims chanted “Islamic, Islamic, against your will, Islamic” in front of the Cathedral and “They abducted Wafaa Constantine, By Allah we will not be silent” and “With our souls and blood, we will defend Islam.” They held banners and photos of the alleged Muslim converts who were allegedly abducted by the church, as well as banners calling for an Islamic State…

At the time of their afternoon prayers, thousands of Muslims prayed with the organizers, who asked the demonstrators to turn their backs to the Cathedral.

Islamic lawyer Mamdouh Ismail gave a speech in which he called for the realization of human rights and the rule of law, pointing out that this sit-in is not directed against the cathedral as a house of worship for Christians, whom he described as partners in the homeland. He also asked the Christians “to participate in the demonstrations demanding the appearance of Camelia.” In the same context, Khalid Al Harbi, director of the “Islamic Observatory against Proselytizing,” said “we will not go and we will not plead with anyone, but we will take our rights with our own hands.”

A difference of opinion emerged between the organizers of the protest about when to end the protest. Renowned Muslim Salafi leaders Dr. Yasser Borhamy, from Alexandria, sent a message to the protesters asking them to disperse, saying the reason behind the protest was to deliver a message and so that no sectarian strife should occur because of the Salafis, while others like Abu Yehia, who claims he was with Camelia when she converted to Islam, wanted to break into the Cathedral.


Islamic lawyer Ismail said after the sit-in was called off , that he has reached an agreement with the army to solve the issue of Camellia Shehata by bringing her out on one of the satellite channels to declare whether she converted to Islam or not , and in exchange the Salafis are to suspend until such time all their demonstrations and sit-ins.

A video of the demonstration described in the AINA article is below the jump. Many thanks to Assad Elepti for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Hat tip: Mary Abdelmassih.


Zenster said...

Child sexual abuse, rape, plotting to kill Muslims, the murder of young women — all of these accusations and more are routinely flung at non-Muslims, and all of them are regular features of life in Islamic societies.

Omitted from this list is the Muslim's new found favorite above all others for cowing an unwitting Kufr.


Best if screeched in a hysterically quavering, panic stricken voice.

Nowhere on earth is racism given such a warm welcome as it is within Islam.

Hesperado said...

While this behavior appears to be projection, I think it's just plain taqiyya.

For actual psychological projection to be taking place, the projector, as it were, has to believe sincerely his false perception (that the other person is doing what he himself in fact is doing). For Muslims to be projecting in a literal sense that imputes the full psychological process onto them (and not merely its superficial resemblance), one would have to assume that an ounce of unknowing sincerity -- unknowing of the Islamic evil they are doing -- exists in Muslims. (And, in fact, many in the anti-Islam movement try to find a way to do precisely this, to save Muslims from their own knowing blameworthiness -- one of the most common being the "well, most Muslims don't really know Islam, they don't know Arabic and haven't read the Koran, therefore (the logic goes) they are not really knowingly guilty of the evil of the Islam they follow".)

There might be a way to salvage projection, however, as an explanation for this kind of Muslim behavior: namely, as one of many symptoms of their spiritual disease which over the centuries has contorted their existential interior into a welter of demonic confusion whereby a calculating taqiyya and a genuine projection are mutually and paradoxically mangled together.