Friday, April 15, 2011

Tolerating Ourselves to Death

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Here’s a little snippet of news from the Netherlands that’s worth pondering. The inexorable logic of Western “diversity”, “tolerance”, and “human rights” produces the following sequence of events:

An illegal immigrant — a failed asylum seeker — kills a policeman. After he is convicted of the crime, he cannot be deported, because his nationality is unknown. If the judicial system is lenient and compassionate with him — as is often the case in Europe — he will spend a relatively short time behind bars. When he is released, the entire sequence of events can be repeated indefinitely.

Multicultural ideology demands that culture enrichers be imported en masse in the name of “diversity”. “Tolerance” prevents any effective action against the barbaric behavior the enrichers bring with them. “Human rights” make it all but impossible to return even the most degraded among them whence they came.

This process is yet more evidence that some mysterious form of mass insanity has infected a large portion of the Western populace. What other explanation makes any sense?

It’s not just the “elites” or the ruling oligarchy — millions of voters return the same scoundrels to office over and over again, knowing full well the ideology and policies they will implement. Otherwise normal, well-educated, well-meaning people exhibit a bizarre compulsion to commit collective suicide, because the alternative — being thought of, or seeing themselves as “racist” — is worse than the death of their entire culture.

Utter madness.

Here’s the story from Dutch News:

Groningen Shooter’s Nationality ‘Unknown’

The man who shot dead a police officer and allegedly battered a young woman to death is a failed asylum seeker who cannot be deported because his nationality is unknown, police confirmed on Thursday evening.

The 25-year-old, known as Alasam S, was also known to the police, the Telegraaf reported. He is currently in hospital being treated for bullet wounds after police shot him five times in the leg as he tried to escape.

Local police chief Oscar Dros told a news conference the force had been shocked at the death of the 48-year-old officer who tried to stop Alasam S at the station after an alert had gone out for his arrest. The officer was in plain clothes at the time and was apparently shot with his own gun.

The shooting took place in the Groningen village of Baflo, which has a population of 1,800 and is described as a ‘close knit’ community.

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Hat tip: C. Cantoni.


JS123 said...

Here's a related post: "The Three Magic Words of Liberalism: Inclusivity, Diversity Tolerance" (maybe these should replace liberte, egalite, fraternite)

Lawrence said...

He kills a policeman and batters a woman to death, and they shoot him in the leg??

S said...

Can't they have language experts tell by his speech which country he belongs to? It should be easy enough since every area has dialects.

And if not, you could execute him since he is a man without a country and there won't be any country to protest the execution of their citizen, will there?

Hesperado said...

This process is yet more evidence that some mysterious form of mass insanity has infected a large portion of the Western populace. What other explanation makes any sense?

Mass insanity does not suffice as an explanation, though it is tempting, frustration-venting hyperbole. It does not suffice because we can see that the modern West remains relatively the healthiest culture in in the world and throughout history (with various imperfections that do not vitiate the claim based upon the experience).

Also, Baron's quote forgets a key axiom in the PC MC paradigm -- an axiom that is quite logical: Numbers. Whenever we have data about this, that or the other Muslim (or non-white) doing bad things, there are millions more ostensibly not doing any bad things. This immediately triggers the "you are painting all Muslims/non-whites with a broad brush, which is bigoted and prejudicial, and leads to lynchings, concentration camps, etc." What we have on our side is not proof of our claim that the majority of Muslims are dangerous to our societies, but only that a sufficiently high (and relatively randomly disparately placed) number of them are bad such as to elicit a reasonable dot-connection to the majority (or, in my holistic view, the totality) of Muslims. There is thus a perpetual, and unavoidable, fudge factor for the PC MC to exploit in this regard, and the nodus of the debate must center on the dot-connection, else it becomes mired in a welter of obfuscation at cross-purposes on both sides.

It is good to be tolerant of those outside our culture, to respect their diversity, to be interested in them, to try to overcome our xenophobia, our tribalism, our habits of being condescendingly paternalistic assuming we are better than others, etc. All these virtues are good -- just as salt is good, in very limited, measured amounts. The problem is that the West is currently (and for the past 50-odd years) serving up and gobbling down and regurgitating (and excreting) a diet so high-sodium it is endangering its Body Politic. Why it is doing that -- why it has become derailed into such a massively bad habit based upon good virtues -- is an interesting question that simply cannot be summarily explained away by throwing the baby out with the bathwater, or by introducing alien conspiracies (even if "alien" as an endemic viral enemy within the body).

The West is like the family member who is basically a good person but whose habits of dysfunction and addiction have begun to ruin his life and cause damage to his family and friends. He -- the West -- needs an "Intervention".

Unfortunately, with the West, it is more like nearly the entire large family needs the "Intervention", while we who would try to intervene are the very few. Since an "Intervention" works, in part (when it does), because it is a ganging up of a majority on a minority (or on an individual), it will be very difficult for the opposite to work: can the small minority effectively "gang up" -- even with constructive, loving intentions -- on a massive majority? It may not be impossible, but will be an arduous, lengthy, and annoying (if not at times infuriating) process.

And tragically, the longer it takes, the more will be abused, maimed and murdered by Muslims.

Franklin said...

National death by cultural insanity. You get what you tolerate. Multi~Kulti Suicide!
Pity not the fool whom is YOU!

Anonymous said...

"...After police shot him five times in the leg."

Therein lies their mistake.

bewick said...

I'm with Lawrence and Robert Marchenoir I'm afraid.
Killing a policeman (anyone come to that if premeditated or otherwise deliberate) should incur the death penalty.
If not premeditated or deliberate then the penalty should be the same if the perpetrator refuses to reveal country of origin preventing eventual deportation.
European nations are not only dhimmis but wimps to boot.
We have become rather too "civilised". Look (and learn) at what the animal kingdom does with renegades.

bewick said...

PS Baron. Sorry that I may have crossed a line the other day. I couldn't re-post as you asked because it was a day or so later that I checked and all I could remember was that I was referring to Mendel re genetics. The moment had passed.

Baron Bodissey said...

Hesperado --

Actually, I quite agree with you. All this PC MC asininity had its origins in good intentions and the highest ethical standards, and was not insane at all when it began.

But the end result is something that can’t be adequately explained without recourse to some mental deus ex machina, such as insanity. And demonic possession on a mass scale is equally applicable. I certainly don’t rule it out.

But there’s no rational explanation for this mass suicidal behavior.

The kid who got beat up by enrichers on the Paris bus last year is the paradigmatic case. He insisted that it was basically his fault because he is white, that we must be cognizant of the cultural differences that are part of our wonderful fabric of diversity, etc blah yak. He was an individual instance of the mass psychosis that afflicts so many people these days — willing to die rather than see himself or his fellow countrymen as “racist”.

Mass insanity cannot be ruled out. Such phenomena have a historical precedent — think of the millennial madness that afflicted so many people in Europe just prior to 1000 A.D.

Once enough people in a culture believe the same lunacy, they have no outside standard of “sanity” by which they can judge their own mental constructs. When everybody you know believes the same insane thing, that thing becomes sane. I think this may be what we’re seeing here.

Conservative Swede had a point when he said we need to exorcise ourselves of the PC demon.

Baron Bodissey said...

Robert --

And think of the medical expense! The service of well-paid surgeons, anesthetists, nurses, radiologists, etc., to extract the bullets and patch up the poor enricher’s leg. Then comes physical therapy…

And all at the Dutch taxpayer’s expense.

Mass insanity, I tell you.

Zee said...

In reply to Hesperado and Baron Bodissey: in the old days, the Muslims used to get on the horse, grab the swords and come conquer; these days, they're insidious and they hide under the mask of 'culture' which westerners are so fond of (the concept, that is). If westerners were physically attacked as a mass, they'd probably react (which they do, at least at the level of discourse, whenever a big thing like nine-eleven happens) - don't forget that we live in a world where violence is rather a thing in the movies than something which may happen to you personally. That's the problem: too much politeness is equally bad to rudeness. Since in the last century the social structure also got transformed from a hierarchical one (where politeness was more the characteristic of the upper classes) to a leveled one (where lower classes want to act upper-class without usually having a clue about what it entails), we're bound to have a mass which does not understand what needs to be done to stop this crisis. Plus, they don't even perceive it as a crisis. And so on. This needs another article, really.

Anonymous said...

Unknown nationality huh? Hmmm. Here is a solution. Put him in a cargo plane and fly it toward North Africa and the Middle East. While over North African airspace open the door of said plane and give him a choice. He can either go out of the plane sans parachute or with one upon the naming of the Hellhole from which he was spawned.

Lawrence said...

Hesperado said...All these virtues are good --

At one time our culture viewed virtue as a reflection of saintliness in context of our faith in God.

However, what we have done is turned it around so that we look to our virtue as our god.

In this, virtue because anything we want it to be and we come to define good and bad in context of whatever suites us at the moment.

Here in the states we often refer to this Political Correctness.

Since it is not politically correct to speak negatively about another persons religion, it because wrong to speak out against Islamic Jihad.

And this is exactly the issue Geert Wilders is dealing with. He is challenging the politically correct establishment (stretching across nations) and the establishment is fighting back.

Lawrence said...

change because to becomes in my previous post and it makes more sense... (dang these spell checkers that I come to trust so much)

reveal1914 said...

The populace is simply voting for government freebies when they vote for the mainstream parties.

Its just a matter of priorities.

#1 State freedies.

All other considerations are a distant second.

Van Grungy said...

...all you see is the culmination of baha'i faith.. the stealth jihad.. the crazy faith in 'unity in diversity'...

even responsibility to protect is from baha'i faith..

Isn't it time to at least consider this angle..?

In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...
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In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

In hoc signo vinces†

Suicide! the multikults are not doing that as like their friends the islamo suicide bombers they want to take us all out with them.

Give my regards to Liberty Belle - Ann Barnhardt.

Profitsbeard said...

The police, knowing there is no death penalty, should have aimed for the head after he killed their colleague.

That is the essential p.c. lunacy: no sense of self-preservation.

It is better to die off as a people than to violate the "rights" of a maniac killer.

Zenster said...

Why did they aim at his legs?!?

Extensive mandatory range time for all of the responding officers in question.