Sunday, April 17, 2011

Attention: Are You a New Subscriber to Gates of Vienna?

Tip jarWithin the last three days, one of our new donors registered with PayPal for a monthly subscription to Gates of Vienna. I’d dearly like to let the person know we received the first installment. Unfortunately, the email return address included with the PayPal form notice ‘bounced’ my acknowledgement right back at me.

So…if your name is(more or less) Mr. Smith and you generously hit the tip jar in the past week in the form of a monthly subscription, AND you haven’t heard word one by way of a thank you from us, please email me. I have this thank-you note to send you, sir…if I just knew where you were.

My email is dymphna AT chromatism DOT net and if you’d make the subject line “Lost Donor is Found”, I’d appreciate that. The Karma Dude does not like these thank you notes to sit around at Gates gathering dust and attracting bad vibes.

Right now, he has his arms folded and he’s standing here tapping his foot, looking at me as though I ought to know your address, which of course, he no doubt does but he ain’t sharing. Make that Mr. Grim Karma Dude. His sister, Ms. Gay Karma Dudette, will show up when you do, so please, have a heart here...


urah2222 said...

Baron -

I am NOT your benefactor, would that I were. If Nothing Else, I have had a revelation today. As it seems that the Arabs and the Persians are about to go to War against each other, I look at this conflict as Vermin vs.Vermin - Badgers against Skunks. May they KILL EACH OTHER and STINK UP THEIR SANDBOX FOREVER. The Saudi "Royals" - May They Soon See Their End Strung up Like Livestock by their ankles a/la/Mussolini. As to the rulers of "so-called Iran" May THEY be turned into Glass at Ground Zero of THEIR Well Deserved Demise.

In a REAL WORLD there is a word for that outcome - JUSTICE. That which Ha-Shem - The REAL G-d dispenses in his own time and Manner.

Dr. Shalit