Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Nightmare on Downing Street

The jokers below must be members of the new comedy troupe known as the “Tower Hamlets Taliban” — those merry pranksters who are planning a gig at the royal wedding next week.

The speaker calls Kate Middleton a “whore”, and says that David Cameron will come on his hands and knees to deliver the jizya. Watch the fellow on the right eat his take-away chicken during his comrade’s inspiring speech.

I assume there are people out there who actually take this stuff seriously, but I can’t. This is classic farce:

Hat tip: Kitman.


goethechosemercy said...

Kate Middleton is a whore.
What a calm, rational statement!
Muslim vituperation is a contradiction in terms.
Mr. Waleed, you're out of our league.

Anne-Kit said...

"Watch the fellow on the right eat his take-away chicken during his comrade’s inspiring speech."

Not only that, he's listening to his iPod as well - what a bunch of wallies.


Anonymous said...

I'd post this on some progressive sites, but there's no way anyone would believe this isn't satire.

Truthiocity said...

These videos are intended to show how weak the enemy is because there is no state response to these provocations. To their way of thinking that percieved weakness will lead to more bullies joining their group as they present themselves as strong in the face of a weak enemy.

When there is no response they look strong, when there is a response they can get pity points by accusing the people who stand up to them of being racist.

That makes me suspect negative public comments about the wedding are an attempt to get the EDL to make a show of force during the wedding day. I hope they do not respond to these obvious provocations. If these goons make a spectacle of themselves and insult the country on that day it will only help the EDL.

If the EDL were to show up and spend the whole day merely singing Cum Ba Ya and braiding flowers people will still find a way to distort it in order to create negative publicity for them.

If the EDL let these goons insult the country on the day of the wedding, then assert their opinion about that insult on a following day, the police may have a different opinion on how to handle the situation and the press a different opinion on how to report the story.

In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

In hoc signo vinces†

The Mohammadian calls it the jizya, David Cameron calls it the £650million International Development budget - gift wrapped with an apology to make amends for our imperial past. Not to mention the millions of pounds of aid to be given to the Benghazi "Allahu Akbar" Bangers.

David Cameron is allready on his hands and knees delivering the jizya tax on behalf of the British people.

Puzzlist said...

The excellent movie "Four Lions" must have been about these guys' cousins...

In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

In hoc signo vinces†

Sorry to say but I take these mohamadians deadly seriously, across the dimensions in this long war of attrition we are at present being outmaneuvered in the U.K. Never underestimate any enemy and only a fool would underestimate the jihad of the mohamadians.

Gary said...

I can take a safe bet that these kuranimals are living off the British taxpayer.