Friday, April 22, 2011

Cultural Enrichment Goes to the Dogs

Cultural Enrichment News

A favorite pastime of culture-enrichers in Denmark is to stage courtroom riots whenever one of their ethnic fellows is convicted of violating one of those silly infidel laws.

The following video shows the response to a courtroom brawl last Friday. Police were able to quell the enrichment with the help of police dogs, who did significant damage to three of the “youths”.

Does a dog bite hurt more if you’re a Muslim? I would think that the haram nature of the attacking beast could only intensify the pain.

Many thanks to Hans Erling Jensen for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

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Hat tip: TB.


Zenster said...

Fabulous move by the Danish police to field large haram dogs when dealing with unruly Muslim criminal elements.

I hope that those animals are trained to go for the crotch.

bewick said...

Watching this I had these barbarian urges to deliver boot to face. Me - aggessive verbally but not physically actually had the urge to kick the crap out of those people. Once I wasn't racist but I think I may now be so. Only against those races who totally embrace Islam though.

My neighbour had a German Shepherd and she was lovely. I wouldn't like to have crossed her though. She was seriously protective.

Melykin said...

Good doggies! I hope they got a special treat after that.

philip.zhao said...

Dogs love their friends and bite their enemis;and can smell bad people from miles away !ablesse

Don Sharpe said...

Feel good story of the week! Hope at least one of the dog's named Mohammed . ...