Monday, April 11, 2011

“The Ones Who Are Not Happy Should Just Leave”

The following video concerns a demonstration that took place last Saturday in Paris. Culture-enrichers had assembled to protest against the implementation of the burqa ban, no doubt expecting to be able to hold their usual riot and rough up the kuffar with impunity.

But it didn’t work out that way. Things are changing in France, and the police did their job, arresting demonstrators who broke the law and hustling them off the street.

Many thanks to Riposte Laïque and VV&D for compiling this report, to Gandalf the Younger for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling. The video and a transcript are below the jump:


0:05 Forsane Alliza, sharia for Belgium and Islam in the UK
0:09 three Muslim extremist organizations
0:13 wanted to come to the Place of the Nation April 9 2011
0:17 in order to denounce the law against the burka and brandish the flag...
0:21 of jihad in the middle of Paris. Because of the action of counter protestors...
0:25 for freedom the police prefect has forbidden this...
0:29 manifestation. And 61 Islamoterrorists and Islamofascists from France...
0:33 from Belgium and the UK were detained.
0:37 For once the French republic has held on when facing down the Muslim extremists.
0:41 These exclusive images were filmed by...
0:45 our special investigators at Place de la Nation.
0:57 Ejection of pro-sharia Islamist family.
1:01 Ejection of pro-sharia Islamist family.
1:07 Comments of bystanders concerning the burka...
1:11 “Even these little girls?!”
1:15 “These girls? Yeah, caution, ‘Sex Symbol’”
1:27 Go! Here we go!
1:31 “Hey quiet, cousin, we are ten million in France. That’s it.”
1:38 “We are ten million and in 20 years we will be thirty million. That’s it”
1:50 Comments of passers by concerning Islamists...
1:54 “The ones who are not happy should just leave. That’s it. Voila.”
1:58 “They leave, that’s it, we will not change the law ...
2:02 we are not going to change our rights for these dumbasses. No way!”
2:14 “If you see those young people...
2:18 you steal their right to speak, how can they express what they think
2:26 They use freedom of expression to promote sharia
2:30 Fate brings me here
2:38 “OK Let’s go! Hurry, hurry”
2:50 “You see this flag?
2:54 Soon he will fly over the Elysee Palace (residence of the French President)
3:02 A coordinated action from
3:15 The Alliance says, “Stop Sharia”!


Profitsbeard said...


Zut alors!

Unknown said...

The French are the smartest people in Western Europe. If the French decide to fight off Islamisation there is hope.

Sagunto said...

Jon -

You wrote:

"The French are the smartest people in Western Europe."

In that part of Western Europe known as France, they are, yes ;)

"If the French decide to fight off Islamisation there is hope."

This is not "the French" fighting Islamization, this is the state of France, i.e. French politics trying to cope with its own suicidal immigration policies. Frenchly styled laicism won't be victorious at the end of the day. The very same politicians still cling desperately to the adage that Islam is a ROP. The welfare state that sponsored and encouraged Islamization throughout the West every step of the way, is not of the habit to mend it's own past mistakes and in the exceptional case that it does, things usually take a turn for the worse. Only when the people of Western countries themselves rise up, there will be hope, or so I believe.


bewick said...

The chap who said "we are 10 million now" and the Muslima who said the jihadi flag would fly over the Elysee Palace, both made the intention crystal clear.
This is colonisation pure and simple with the intention to steal Europe from the Europeans along with all they own.
Before of course plunging it back into medaeval times and recreating the hell-holes from which they originate.
There is sadly only one answer and that has to be forced repatriation of the whole bloody lot. NO compensation just expulsion.

Quite true that many genuinely useful, peaceful, and moderate Muslims will suffer. Unfortunately they are the ones who don't actually understand their own "religion" and what it preaches.
If the extremists ever did get into power they, although still a minority, would oppress the majority peaceful Muslims so they would suffer anyway. Just as the majority of Germans suffered under Nazi rule.
I can't remember the old saying but it means better to suffer some pain now rather than suffer much worse later. Like, say, cut off the hand before it infects the whole arm.
Radical solutions really are necessary and it may well be that popular revolution may be the only way since most politicians (GeertW isn't one of these) are gutless.

bewick said...

An afterthought.
The pretty well peaceful Muslims who came here to the UK in the 50s/60s could be returned to Pakistan (hell they go there often enough) with a pension which would make them rich there.
they paid the taxes etc here so they are entitled. Just return them to where they want to be and give them a pension related to Pakistan - and then increase it somewhat. Hell the UK would save, they'd be rich and where they want to be. With luck the children would follow.
I know a Sikh woman (that is NOT Muslim) who has been here for 40 years. She still cannot converse in English. She is in receipt of the Old Age Pension. She gets enhancements to that because her husband left everything to his sons as is the cultural norm. She claims "no assets". Yet she spends much of the year in India where she is building a marbled mansion.
MMMMM. Now what is wrong with that?
MY dad left everything to my Mother which is our cultural norm. Seems that our Government allows the kids of immigrants to drive top of the range vehicles whilst giving their mother money. Should I write to my MP? Well I would but he is a useless prat who doesn't respond.
She is a pauper in Britain but seriously rich in her home village in India.
Guess Pakistanis are much the same. How else do apparently poor Pakistani or Indian men in the UK pay the equivalent of £25k for the wedding of a daughter to a Pakistani man, mainly a cousin, in the home village who then is granted UK residence?
Thing must change and now.

In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

In hoc signo vinces†


The welfare state that sponsored and encouraged Islamization throughout the West every step of the way, ...

What of the laissez-faire economics and the principle of the free movement of people?

The democratically constituted U.K. welfare institutions (education/housing/subsistance) and there budgets were misappropriated and subverted by both the ultraliberal left and right to illegally fund their mass economic/jihad immigration projects understanding the politics of this makes your statement a nonsense.

The call should be for the prosecution of the political elite for the misappropriation of taxpayers money and the public purse that was used to aid and abet mass economic/jihad immigration. Mass immigration that was motivated by their own political desires against the will of the British people and the National interest.

Sagunto said...

In his 1941 book, "Road to Serfdom" Nobel prize winning economist F. A. Hayek honoured the vision of Hilaire Belloc's 1913 book "The Servile State".
He said: "Even much more recent warnings [against Socialism, Sag.] which have proved dreadfully true have been almost entirely forgotten. It is not yet thirty years since Hilaire Belloc, in a book which explains more of what has happened since in Germany than most works written after the event, explained that `the effects of Socialist doctrine on Capitalist society is to produce a third thing different from either of its two begetters - to wit, the Servile State."

Belloc said, in other words, that you get the worst of both worlds: a parasitical master class, using the power of the State to control the people. What Belloc reformulated, knowingly or - more probably - unknowingly, was in fact the classical "laissez faire" theory about class struggle throughout the ages. A theory that was hijacked and violated by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.
The "masculine" version of this 3rd way, this Servile State, is fascism; the "feminine" version is welfare state progressivism.


In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

In hoc signo vinces†


Need your help to catch up, not to sure what you mean by classical "laissez faire" theory is this an implied statement that a corruption of the laissez faire theory is a paving stone on the road to serfdom.

Sagunto said...

4Symbols -

You are spot on, yes, that is exactly what was implied.

I'm a bit pressed for time now, but I hope to be of some service by providing you with a link to Ralph Raico's lecture on Liberalism.

He's an old man, but a grand old man, so bear with him. He says something about F. A. Hayek near the 4minute mark, and shows his astute appreciation of modern media (around the 14:55min mark).

He also has some very interesting things to say about the economic history of the Low Countries.


Kind regs from Amsterdam,

In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

In hoc signo vinces†


Ralph Raico's lecture covers a lot of ground I would have liked him to plough a bit deeper on some of the points having said that he does not short-change his audience.

Over the past thirty years in the U.K. socialism has not been the main vehicle on the road to serfdom that old red Trabant has been well out powered by the pseudo-laissez faire Juggernauts driven by the parasitical master class, the end of the road is approaching!