Saturday, April 23, 2011

Asked and Answered

Pastor Terry Jones held a press conference on Thursday April 21, the day before his trial in Dearborn. A group of culture-enrichers gathered at the back of the crowd and heckled him loudly all the way through the proceedings.

All the shouting and screeching makes it difficult to hear anything properly in this video. To help our readers, Vlad Tepes has subtitled certain remarks and questions. At the end of the clip Vlad provides answers for a few of the questions that were bellowed by the Muslims at Terry Jones:

Hat tip: Van Grungy.


Blogger said...

I got up to 10 minutes but it just got too noisy and messy. I think he had a wonderful opportunity to answer the question "have you read the koran?" He could say: "Yes, I have read it and it is full of violence against non-believers, and it says a murdering highway robber, Muhammad, was a prophet and role model." That would have shut them up!!! LOL.

Blogger said...

A common misunderstanding about Jesus (that the muslim opponents used in this video) is that Jesus was weak and passive. This is not true. Jesus was subversive and assertive, but he used words, not swords or crimes. His sermon against the Pharisees, which have a surprising amount in common with muslims today. He would have been called "racist" by some misguided people today. The prodigal son parable includes an often missed "son running straight from pigs into God's arms". This was would be shocking to Jews and Muslims today! He would be called a bigot. How about turning holy water into wine at a wedding? Imagine turning zamzam water into wine in Mecca? Same thing.

Also, there is the story of St Patrick who lit the Spring festival fire against the pagan king's wishes, since only he was allowed to light it as they believed spring would not come if anyone else did. Was he a bigot or racist? Imagine if they were muslims not Irish?

The bottom line is that people who change the world are subversive. They break taboos, they do crazy things, they bring humour to crack open the proverbial 'egg'.

Gregory said...

More power to Terry. Our country needs to WAKE-UP ! G_D bless him in his efforts.
Imagine this: "Have you read the koran?" I bet that I have read far more of it than that big mouthed bag-head.
I have read it and I don't like what much of it says; not one damned bit.......
I hate those bag-heads because I know that muslims wear that stuff just to shove their self-perceived superiority in our faces.
Like their pedophilic religion can be superior to ANY other ideology !

Up yours bag-head!.....

Gregory said...

Can you post that somewhere in Dearbornistan? I want to get in some of muslims faces...vigorously!!

Van Grungy said...

islam is a Faberge egg.

islam is on the precipice about to roll off the edge.

Comon everybody, blow