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Camp of the Saints: The Invasion

Lampedusa refugees #13

When the mainstream media refer to the mass movement of peoples into Europe from North Africa and other Third World countries, they choose from a smorgasbord of words and phrases that are considered acceptable when describing such events. New arrivals may be referred to by one or more of the following terms:

1.Refugees: This is the most commonly used descriptive for the culture-enrichers who arrive daily at Lampedusa from North Africa. It seems fitting, because the departure of the new arrivals was prompted by civil unrest, war, and revolution.
2.Migrants who engage in migration: This may be the preferred term. It makes the arrivals sound like seasonal workers who simply move from place to place following the annual round of planting and harvesting. Alternatively, the “migration” of large groups of people can be likened to that of pastoral nomads who move around without paying much attention to national borders as they seek pasturage for their flocks. The Sami (Lapps) of Finland, Sweden, and Norway are the preferred exemplar for this process. They are often cited in multicultural literature, since they are quaint, picturesque, peaceful, and have no known predatory criminal tendencies.
3.Immigrants: This is similar to “migrants”, although it does bear the connotation of permanent residence, which may make “xenophobic” readers somewhat uneasy. To soothe these atavistic sentiments, discussion of these latest “immigrants” is generally accompanied by a full course of multicultural indoctrination.
4.Asylum seekers: For those who wish to take advantage of the EU’s human rights laws, this is the most useful term, since arrivals who are putatively seeking asylum gain preferential treatment and are much harder to deport than economic immigrants.
5.Boat people: This term has a helpful positive resonance, evoking as it does the Vietnamese boat people of thirty-five years ago. The newcomers arrive in boats, and are fleeing war and oppression; thus they become essentially the same as the Vietnamese, regardless of cultural differences — or their far greater numbers.
 And here’s one you’ll never read in the newspapers or hear on the TV:
6.Invaders: Given their numbers, their aggressive behavior, and their manifest actions as a vanguard of occupation and colonization, this term would be the most accurate descriptor of the culture-enrichers pouring in from North Africa. It cannot be used in public, however: the tenets of Multiculturalism absolutely forbid it. In fact, most Westerners are unable even to think in such terms, so effective has been their politically correct indoctrination.

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As pointed out in my previous post in this series, Italy is permitted by its agreement with Tunisia to repatriate up to sixty “migrants” a day. Let’s take a look at some recent numbers and see how all this is working out.

First, two news stories from yesterday:

178 Left Libya and Land at Lampedusa

(AGI) Palermo — A boat with 178 migrants from the sub-Saharan region was escorted by a GdF patrol boat into Lampedusa harbor.

The migrant group, reached offshore during the night, included nine women and two minors. This is the second landing at Lampedusa within few hours. Last evening, 77 Tunisians arrived from Sfax, after a 10-day stretch without illegal arrivals.

Boat Carrying 300 Immigrants Rescued Off Lampedusa

(AGI) Palermo — Another large vessel carrying about 300 immigrants has been rescued about 40 miles south of Lampedusa, where 178 refugees had arrived from Libya. There are about 300 people on the boat now assisted by Italian Coast Guard patrol boats. The exact number will only be known when the boat docks in the island’s harbour .

And from today:

800 More Migrants Reach Lampedusa

(AGI) Palermo — Another two barges brimming with immigrants reached Lampedusa last night and this morning. Almost 2,000 foreigners have landed on the island in the last 24 hours. One of the two vessels, which was carrying 360 people, reached Isola dei Conigli beach, while the other, carrying 500 passengers, was rescued about a dozen miles off the coast. Both the barges came from Libya.

Although the last article mentions a total of almost 2,000 foreigners within 24 hours, I’ll just use the figures given in these three articles: 300 + 178 + 860 = 1338 new arrivals in two days.

Thus, assuming the Italian government managed to repatriate the maximum number allowed during the same time period, we would have 1338 - (2 X 60) = 1218, or a net gain of more than 600 culture-enrichers per day. If the same rate were to continue for another six months, Italy would gain an additional 55,000 or so foreign (mostly Muslim) residents.

France and Germany will not allow Italy to ship any of this excess to other states in the Schengen area. EU human rights laws prevent the Italians from imprisoning illegal immigrants. EU laws also forbid Italy from declining to support the refugees, who must be fed, clothed, housed, and provided with other amenities at the expense of the state.

This is most assuredly an invasion.

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The Italians are attempting to alleviate the load on the ports of arrival by distributing thousands of residents of the temporary camps to more permanent facilities in other parts of the country. According to AGI:

Italy: 2,500 Refugees to be Distributed Regionally From Monday

(AGI) Rome- From Monday about 2,500 CARA (Asylum Seeker Reception Centre) residents will be transferred equally among the regions. Franco Gabrielli, delegate commissioner for the humanitarian emergency, communicated the details of the Civil Protection plan to all the regions. Abruzzo is excluded from this.

Interestingly enough, France has begun the process of deporting Tunisians who have managed to get through its cordon at the Italian border. Some of them are even being deported to Italy, as their proximate point of departure. There’s no word whether the French are laboring under a daily limit on the number of allowed deportations.

According to Hurriyet:

France Begins Expelling Tunisian Migrants

France has begun deporting Tunisian immigrants, four days after asking for revisions to Europe’s open-borders treaty to confront a flood of refugees fleeing unrest in North Africa.

“Tunisians have started being sent back to their home country,” the Interior Ministry’s press office said on Friday. “Others have been sent back to Italy in conformity with an agreement reached with Italy. We don’t have any figures to provide.”

French police have conducted round-ups of Tunisians the past three nights in Paris and Marseille where they have congregated. At a park on the edge of Paris where about 400 Tunisians were camped out, police showed up after dark last night to conduct identity checks. They filled five vans with young men, but wouldn’t speak to reporters on the scene.

Notice that France is acting ahead of any changes to the Schengen Agreement, or other authorization from Brussels. This is normal behavior for the French and the Germans, who are the dominant states of the EU, and thus may ignore the rules when they deem it in their national interest.

Presumably Silvio Berlusconi made his recent deal with Nicolas Sarkozy in hopes of gaining access to a trickle-down application of the new rules to Italy. It will be interesting to see if the Italians become more aggressive and less fastidious in their own border enforcement.

The Maltese, however, are unhappy with Italian policy even in its current state. According to ANSAmed:

Maltese Minister: Italian Policy ‘Rubbish’

Valletta (Malta), April 27 — Malta’s Interior Minister Carmelo Mifsud Bonnici has called Italy’s policy of granting temporary residence permits to migrants from Tunisia “rubbish”.

Talking during a conference in Valletta on “the Libyan migration crisis”, Bonnici used harsh words against italy’s choice, saying that “the decision is not at all in Italy’s national interest”.

But what is Mr. Bonnici worried about? Is Malta a more attractive destination than Italy, so that the free-roaming migrants are likely to move there?

Malta is a tiny country with no mainland to which it can relocate its cultural enrichment. It is already overloaded with refugees in huge open-air camps, so it is presumably desperate to prevent the arrival of any more boat people.

The main plot, however, is currently being worked out in two-party consultations between France and Italy. The French and the Italians are practical people, and are not as deeply afflicted with political correctness as their more northerly neighbors. Under a fig leaf of EU legality, I expect some sort of common modus operandi to be worked out over the next few weeks, using various incentives — some nice, some not quite so nice — to induce the invaders to return whence they came, and to dissuade others from emulating their example.

But we shall see.

Hat tips: Insubria and C. Cantoni.


Dymphna said...

Seems like geography has become an awful destiny for poor beseiged Italy.

So how about they turn a cold shoulder to all these invaders?

I don't know how well the rail system functions in Italy, but here's ONE possible destination for new arrivals:

...a mountainous semi- autonomous region in north-western Italy. It is bordered by France to the west, Switzerland to the north and the region of Piedmont to the south and east.


The climate of the region is severe, especially when compared with other places in the Western Alps. This is probably due to the mountains blocking the mild winds from the Atlantic Ocean. Places with the same altitude in France or western Switzerland are not as cold as the Aosta Valley.

Aosta Valley

They could set up some tent cities in the middle of nowhere, supply these folks with warm coats and good walking shoes. Not their fault if the invaders take off, right?

Imagine the indignation of the Calvinistic Swiss?

Italy does NOT deserve what is happening. The immoral abandonment by the EU is horrific. Hollowed-out bureaucrats are permitting incalculable damage to be inflicted on Italians while they dither in Brussels.

I hope this object lesson is not lost on member states who are watching Italy play the role of Saint Sebastian for them.

Perhaps they will also remember that in a union of states, there is no such thing as an innocent bystander.

First they inundated Italy...

Blogger said...

A week ago 500 prisoners escaped from an Afghan jail. It's quite possible that we can except a large influx of these escapees arriving on the northern shores of Australia in the next few months, claiming 'persecution'.

Zenster said...

The situation in Italy will only worsen until these invading boats start getting sunk in open waters.

Sad? Yes. Necessary? Without doubt.

In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

In hoc signo vinces†

GoV is spot on with the Camp of the Saints documentation, sealing of the external European frontiers will become the predominant political issue for all the nations of Europe.

While NATO is off playing Maghreb mercenary it has left the backdoor wide open to invation, NATO should have been deployed to defend the European frontiers.

Demographics should now be at the top of the European military strategists lexicon. said...

There is no need to seal a boiling pot of water, to get the frogs out and prevent them from entering.

As the water became too hot, the frogs will self-deport themselves out.

Just use Zenter suggestions.