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The Europeanization of America

America progesses towards the EUSSR

Whenever I post about Islamization, cultural enrichment, and the suppression of free speech in Europe, commenters are likely to remark on the difference between Europe and the United States.

“Europe is lost,” they say (a particular favorite on my posts at Big Peace).

Or: “We’re lucky things aren’t this bad in the USA.”

Or: “Wake up, America! We don’t want to be like Europe.”

Well, think again, fellows: we already are like Europe. You’re late to the game — it’s already underway here.

Five years ago I said we were roughly a decade behind Europe, and we were. But then we elected Barack Hussein Obama as our Dhimmi-in-Chief, and after that we caught up very quickly. We’ve all but closed the gap between United Socialist America and the EUSSR, and Mr. Obama is working very hard to finish the job, and maybe even pull ahead of the EUniks.

Take for example what happened yesterday to Florida pastor Terry Jones, who went to trial and was even jailed briefly because he wanted to hold a protest outside a mosque in a suburb of Detroit. Not only was he denied his First Amendment rights by a Dearborn jury, but as part of the court decision against him yesterday, Rev. Jones was prohibited for three years from setting foot on the property of the mosque or adjacent areas.

Mr. Jones has never broken the law. He has never been violent nor threatened violence. However, because what he says makes other people threaten to kill him, his right to free speech — as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution — has been denied. And because violent idiots may confront him if he exercises his right to free speech, he has been denied his Constitutional right to peaceably assemble.

This is the equivalent of what is known as an “ASBO” in the UK — an Anti-Social Behaviour Order. ASBOs have been used repeatedly against members of the English Defence League to restrict their activities and keep them from participating in demonstrations.

In Britain, however, there is no formal written constitution that forbids the government from engaging in such tyrannical behavior. The British Constitution is customary rather than formal, and the customs of the state have changed radically over the last fifty years. What is happening now in Britain is brutal and illiberal, but there is no single document to which the average law-abiding Britain can point to and say, “According to this, my rights have been violated.”

So, in a way, our situation is worse, because the highest law in the land — the United States Constitution — forbids the states and the federal government from doing exactly what was done yesterday to Terry Jones.

His case may make its way all the way to the Supreme Court, but I wouldn’t count on five justices upholding his right to speak freely. One of the justices is, after all, on record as saying that he’s not certain the First Amendment protects Koran-burning. Since the Constitution means whatever five Supreme Court justices say it means, we are at most a single Obama appointment away from the formal encoding of sharia in the Constitution.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Unfortunately for the American Left, progress — and I use the word “progress” advisedly — towards its extra-constitutional goals has been slow and intermittent. The suppression of Terry Jones has gone fairly well, but the same is not true of all American dissidents. Some of them utter right-wing words and commit non-progressive deeds, and get away scot-free.

Take, for example Derek Fenton, a New Jersey Transit worker who was fired last year for burning pages of a Koran on 9/11 at Ground Zero. Mr. Fenton has now been reinstated in his job. It took the help of the ACLU and seven months in court, but his right to do what he did has finally been acknowledged.

It’s obvious that Obama administration and its comrades in the trans-national Marxist community would like to speed up the transformation of America. Part of their impatience manifests itself as concern for the persistence and increase of hatred, bigotry, and “Islamophobia” in the USA, and now they’ve invited over some British socialists to give them some professional advice on how to handle restive freedom-loving troublemakers and bring on the socialist millennium.

According to the Center for American Progress:

The growth of Islamophobia and rising hate-rhetoric aimed at ethnic minorities and immigrant communities has become a significant feature of right-wing politics in both Europe and North America. This new politics of hate and fear represents a concerted political strategy on the part of a new right, one which presents a significant challenge to those wishing to create prosperous, tolerant and diverse societies. It cannot remain unchecked.

The Center for American Progress, in co-operation with Searchlight, will host a transatlantic conversation on the rise of identity politics and its consequences for the future of progressive politics. Bringing together leading analysts and activists from either side of the Atlantic to discuss how best to approach the rise of nationalist groups, the conversation will evaluate why Islamophobia and hate-rhetoric are on the rise in the U.S. and the UK, and the panel will share lessons from their own experiences on the most successful tactics for combating the politics of hate and fear.

Our British readers’ ears have already pricked up at the mention of “Searchlight”, and yes, you are right: the upcoming extravaganza will be a real progressive kulturfest of the Left, European style. The invitation says:

Please join the Center for American Progress for a special presentation:

Fear and Hope: Understanding Identity and Combating the Politics of Fear

April 28, 2011, 10:00am — 12:00pm

Introduction: John Podesta, President and Chief Executive Officer, Center for American Progress

Keynote Address: Rt. Hon David Miliband, MP


Faiz Shakir, VP and Editor, ThinkProgress, Center for American Progress Action Fund
Nick Lowles, CEO, Searchlight
Anthony Painter, Author
Eduardo Garcia, Advocacy Associate, Campus Progress

Moderator: Tara McGuiness, VP and Director of Progressive Media, Center for American Progress Action Fund

Space is extremely limited. RSVP required.

Center for American Progress
1333 H St. NW, 10th Floor
Washington, DC 20005

For more information, call 202-682-1611.

The Center for American Progress is, well, progressive. The good old Roosevelt-Dewey-Wilson sort of progressivism — remaking the world and removing our freedoms, but all for our own good. Its motto: “Progressive ideas for a strong, just, and free America.”

Before we get to the British component, let’s examine the American half of the event. The Center for American Progress is really the Obama Administration doing business as an NGO. It’s a non-profit that was set up with the express purpose of implementing the progressive Marxists-Without-Borders agenda, but outside the confines of government. It works hand in glove with the current administration, but without all those annoying legal constraints that are sometimes imposed on actual government employees.

The SourceWatch report on CAP includes this:

The Center for American Progress was begun in 2003 with funding from philanthropists Herbert M. Sandler and Marion O. Sandler. It is a Washington, DC-based liberal think tank created and led by President and Chief Executive Officer John D. Podesta, the head of Barack Obama’s presidential transition team after the 2008 election and former Chief of Staff for President Bill Clinton.

In 2009 CAP’s Progressive Media project emerged as a major communications war room on behalf of Obama’s domestic and foreign policy agenda and CAP became a strong advocate for escalation in Afghanistan. Progressive Media is run through the Center for American Project Action Fund, the more political 501(c)4 arm of CAP. It coordindates [sic] closely with the Common Purpose Project, an effort to create message discipline among the pro-Obama organizations, with a direct tie to the White House. [emphasis added]

Mr. and Mrs. Sandler, as you may recall, helped inflate the real estate bubble while they were owners of Wachovia bank. They sold their holdings for a huge profit just before the collapse, after which Wachovia crashed and burned under its new owners. The Sandlers have thus been of enormous assistance to CAP, building a private adjunct for the new administration’s policy wonks.

UK readers who are well-versed in the details of their own subversive Marxist networks will recognize the name “Common Purpose”. A British group by the same name is responsible for the intensive globalist multicultural training given to teachers and civil servants, often under government mandate. It is tied in with the networks that intersect with the EU, the UN, and other international bodies, and is effectively a service of the globalized elites.

John PodestaJohn Podesta is familiar to most American readers. He was prominent in the Clinton administration as the President’s chief of staff, and more recently moved into the coterie around Barack Hussein Obama.

The Center for American Progress is his baby now, and his role in the “transition” never really ended. With Hillary in the Cabinet, and Mr. Podesta heading CAP, the conversion of Clinton World into Obama World proceeded smoothly — after an annoying eight-year hiatus while the Republicans pretended to run the country. The Obama version of Progressivism is more radical than Bill Clinton’s, and thus probably more to the taste of Miz Hillary.

Now let’s take a look at a couple of the distinguished guests who are jetting over from Blighty for the conference.

David MilibandDavid Miliband is the son of a Polish Communist and a well-known lefty in British politics. He was foreign secretary in the last Labour cabinet under George Brown, and had hopes of becoming party leader after Mr. Brown’s political star completed its long, lingering descent. Unfortunately, Mr. Miliband’s younger brother Ed gained the support of the unions, and beat out his big brother for the leadership of the Labour Party.

His official duties have now been greatly reduced, so he has time on his hands, and presumably must welcome this opportunity to explain to the colonials the proper way to build a full-fledged socialist state. He carries excellent credentials for the task, being a Marxist of the Frankfurt school persuasion, and a full multi-culti.

To add to his cachet, he was one of the many MPs who were caught fiddling their accounts during the notorious expenses scandal that raged in Britain a year or two ago — so he ought to feel right at home hobnobbing with the Democrat establishment in Washington DC.

Some choice selections from the Wiki on David Miliband:

Miliband stated during the programme, in a response to a question about terrorism, that “yes there are circumstances in which it is justifiable and yes there are circumstances in which it is effective, but it is never effective on its own”.

Hmm. What would he add to terrorism to create an effective policy?

In autumn 2009, as the [Lisbon] treaty came close to coming into force, Miliband was named as being under consideration for the post as EU officials regarded him as “ideal material”.

Yes, for him, as for so many other British officials in all three major parties, the British nation is passé, and national identity must be suppressed so that Britain may be folded seamlessly into Europe.

Mr. Miliband is not known as a friend of Israel, either, so he will fit right in with the Obama crowd.

Another prominent Progressive scheduled for the podium is Nick Lowles. He is the editor of the anti-fascist magazine Searchlight, and serves as the polite, respectable face of the Antifas, the “anti-fascist” anarchist gangs who violently oppose nationalists, conservatives, and any other organized group that dares to question the international Progressive agenda. The most prominent anti-fascists in Britain may be found in UAF, “Unite Against Fascism”, whose bully-boys have gained substantial publicly-expressed support from politicians of all parties, including the current “Conservative” prime minister.

Mr. Lowles also writes for The Guardian, the official mouthpiece of the Leftist establishment in Britain. As you might expect, his most urgent issues concern the British National Party and the English Defence League, who represent the growing danger of “fascism” that he has warned about for so long.

He wrote about rise of the BNP:

The emergence of the BNP is just one consequence of the change under way, and it is a change far more fundamental than many political commentators and politicians appear to register. […]

This is a phenomenon occurring across Europe and North America. In the United States, middle-American nationalism has emerged over the past 30 years, which despises the corporate elites above and the “undeserving” poor below. Across western Europe we have seen working-class voters turn towards far-right and populist parties at the expense of centre-left parties. Only a few days ago, two far right parties polled a combined 29% in the Austrian elections.

Antifascism has to change to meet this new threat. Unless we understand why the BNP is growing — and that entails accepting that its appeal is built on more than simple racism — we have little chance of defeating it.

A simple “Don’t vote Nazi” slogan is no longer enough. Of course we need to expose the true politics of the BNP leaders but we also need to address the issues on which the BNP campaign.

There is a limit to what traditional antifascism can deliver. We can certainly organise a turnout campaign to defeat the BNP in an election and through focused and localised leaflets we can undermine and expose the racism and ineffectiveness of BNP councillors and candidates. We must also get involved in the very communities where the BNP is most active, something progressives have increasingly failed to do over recent years.

More recently, Mr. Lowles wrote in a similar vein about the EDL:

The apparent willingness of the police to accommodate the EDL has had an adverse affect on many locals, including the Muslim community. Many do not trust the police to protect them, and this has bolstered calls to mobilise to defend their neighbourhoods. Compare this with the police in Bradford and Leicester, who restricted EDL demands and went out of their way to reassure target communities — and as a result reduced tensions.

I am not advocating a ban on all marches, but with freedom of speech comes responsibility. The rights of one group have to be put against the affect it has on others. […]

More worryingly, the EDL protest is likely to further alienate the Muslim community. Many Muslims will be more nervous; others are likely to be attracted by the extremist message peddled by Anjem Choudary and his Islam4UK group.


With cuts of up to 50% in the Department for Communities and Local Government, and the closing of its tension-monitoring groups, no one in the government is willing to look at the wider implications of EDL activities.

As you can see, Nick Lowles has his priorities straight. The real enemies are British nationalists of any stripe, whom he regards as essentially the same as Nazis. He’s not worried about Islamization, or terrorists — who, after all, are only reinforced and encouraged by the EDL and the BNP. Nor does he have anything to say about the grooming and pimping of white teenage girls by young Muslim men, but presumably that is also the fault of the “fascists”.

From his point of view, the important thing is to preserve and expand the trans-national socialist state, which requires the suppression of national identity and nationalist ideology. There is no room for compromise with “Nazis”, and the Muslims make strategically useful allies, since they share the same goals, albeit for different reasons: the British state must be destroyed in favor of a European state, and eventually a world state.

All for our own good, mind you.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

So it seems the Obama administration — oops, I mean the Center for American Progress — has invited over these fine Progressives to help them plan the American version of full state socialism.

As happened in Britain, this will be aided by an official government policy that promotes Multiculturalism and opposes “hate speech”, “intolerance”, “bigotry”, and “Islamophobia”. Like the British establishment, its American counterpart is enlisting Muslim Brotherhood front groups to help implement this agenda.

Also like the British, American Progressives intend to accomplish these ambitious projects quietly, without any particular notice in the newspapers or on TV, and without the need for Congress to pass many new laws. It simply requires the right administrative decisions, the assistance of well-funded private progressive organizations, and a few carefully choreographed judicial decisions by hand-picked judges.

Remember: the Labour Party brought more than two million Muslim immigrants into Britain over the course of a decade without causing a public stir, and with the acknowledged purpose of nailing down a permanent electoral base for Labour among the imported foreigners.

Remember: Barack Hussein Obama has already indicated his intention to bring thousands of additional Muslim immigrants into the USA every year. He is also intent on pushing through some form of amnesty for the illegals, and he may well achieve his goal, with the help of useful idiots in the Republican Party.

So don’t think it can’t happen here. It can happen here. It is happening here.

It’s been going on for a long time, but the Light-Bringer is really speeding things up.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

By the way — I didn’t refer to the name “Soros” in any of the above analysis, but if you start looking into some of the sources, it won’t be long before you find it mentioned.

So if you live in the Washington area, and don’t have anything better to do at 10am on April 28, you might want to saunter over to the 10th floor 1333 H St. NW and see what’s going on. You never know who you might run into there.

Admission is free, but you’ll need to RSVP — they say they expect the available seats to fill up very quickly.

Hat tips: for the AP story, heroyalwhyness; for UK material, Aeneas and Gaia.


Profitsbeard said...

The Michigan Supreme Court will likely overturn this unconstitutional lunacy before it reaches the SCOTUS.

Even the ACLU has take Jones's side.

This pseudo-judicial travesty will not stand.

Dan said...
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Anonymous said...

"Mr. Miliband is not known as a friend of Israel...."

The Milipedes' mother is Marion Kozak; their father, Ralph, a Marxist 'historian'. Kozak has been involved in attampts to run the blockade of Gaza.

Since I 'wised-up' to what has been/is happening, I have been amused/angered by comments from Americans about the UK's pathetic dhimmi-ness... It has been obvious to me for some while that there is very little to choose between the US and the UK (and Europe generally) in these matters. How often have I been tempted to comment "Well at least we haven't elected a muslim to head our government..."

Of course, with the likelihood that Labour will win the next election, we will have the next best thing in power....

Ray Boyd said...

@Alara said "Since I 'wised-up' to what has been/is happening, I have been amused/angered by comments from Americans about the UK's pathetic dhimmi-ness... It has been obvious to me for some while that there is very little to choose between the US and the UK (and Europe generally) in these matters. How often have I been tempted to comment "Well at least we haven't elected a muslim to head our government..."

Me too - as a Brit - but temptation has overcome me as I frequently remind them they elected a muslim. I also remind them they have over 30 well armed muslim compounds in the U.S.

Sagunto said...

Me thinks it is a historical feedback loop: the "EUropeanization" of America was preceded by the "Americanization" of Europe since the disastrous progressivist US involvement in WW-I.

Political Americanism has been - since Wilsonian times, mainly characterized by "liberating" Progressivism. The concomitant political correctness was one of the post WW-II US export products par excellence. By taking a long hard look at the policies and schemes of the EU political elites, progressivist America is staring itself right in the face.

Kind regs from Amsterdam,

RT said...

@RayBoyd and Alara:

"We" will always have our 2nd amendment rights. Too bad "you" gave up your equivalent so timidly.

an EDL buck said...

@ RT, we in England DONT have a bill of rights, so shut up and learn something about the UK before making such a crass comment. (D***Head)

In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

In hoc signo vinces†

I blame this ...

In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

In hoc signo vinces†

@an EDL buck,

An Act Declaring the Rights and Liberties of the Subject and Settling the Succession of the Crown. It is often called the English Bill of Rights (1689).

jeppo said...

"Since the Constitution means whatever five Supreme Court justices say it means..."

Exactly right, which is why the neocons' "proposition nation" meme (that the US is just a random collection of people with no common race, religion, language, culture or history, and is only held together by allegiance to a piece of paper) is such a pernicious lie.

Any Americans delusional enough to believe that their freedom of speech or right to bear arms are constitutionally "guaranteed" ought to consider the contrary views of Sonia Sotomayor, Elena Kagan et al. Because it's only their interpretation of the 1st and 2nd amendments--not yours--that counts.

As for the American triumphalists snorting that "Europe is lost", no, it is YOUR country that is lost. America is finished as a white-majority nation, and therefore as a First World society and part of the West as we know it. Europe may have its own problems with liberalism, socialism, PC-MC and the importation of millions of hostile Muslims and other Third Worlders, but they are trifling compared to the economic and demographic catastrophe that is 21st Century America.

And the Europeans, unlike the Americans, still have some fight in them. While a bunch of same-old-same-old, open borders-loving neocons jostle for the 2012 Republican nomination, there are now strong and growing conservative-nationalist political parties in almost all European countries, true patriots adamantly opposed to Islamization or any further non-European immigration.

There is simply no American equivalent to the BNP, Front National, Vlaams Belang, Sweden Democrats, True Finns, PVV, Danish and Swiss Peoples Parties, Austrian Freedom Party, Liga Nord, etc etc. And while there is no guarantee that Europe will survive this century as a First World, white-majority continent, it is certain that America won't. The only question is what country will the future US most closely resemble, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa or Lebanon? Probably a melange of all four.

This is why, unlike most conservatives, I support the EU. The EU is needed to supplant American leadership of what remains of the West, just like the euro is needed to replace the US dollar as the world's primary reserve currency. It's not that the EU, at least in its current incarnation, is necessarily a good thing (it's not), it's that a powerful institution is needed to defend the interests of white people and carry Western Civilization forward, and the modern-day US sure ain't up to the job.

On a brighter note, Happy Easter everyone!

Pat H. said...

Apparently the courts in Michigan haven't heard the SCOTUS decision regarding the Westboro Baptist Church and free speech.

While nothing is certain, surely any lawyer he may have will overturn this at the appellate level.

One would think.

RT said...

Brits are rather sensitive about having their ancient rights abrogated. Don't blame America,do something about it.

EscapeVelocity said...

We'll always have Paris, jeppo.

EscapeVelocity said...

I support the EU. The EU is needed to supplant American leadership of what remains of the West, just like the euro is needed to replace the US dollar as the world's primary reserve currency.


jeppo said...
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jeppo said...
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jeppo said...
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nuum said...

"... to discuss how best to approach the rise of nationalist groups..."

or how to destroy democracy.

jeppo said...
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Anonymous said...

You are incorrect in stating we do not have a written constitution in the UK. In fact we have the Magna Carta from 1256 and the Bill of Rights of 1689. Both of these documents played their part in the content of your own documents of independence. The Bill of Rights and related laws are still in place and overall applicable but because they guarantee freedom and empowerment to free men these laws are being usurped by the criminal NWO and their British traitors.


jeppo said...
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jeppo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gort said...

Regarding the Bill of Rights of 1689, it does provide for the right of self defense. From Wikipedia:"no royal interference in the freedom of the people to have arms for their own defence as suitable to their class and as allowed by law (simultaneously restoring rights previously taken from Protestants by James II)"

Thus, the Crown cannot deny subjects the right to be armed. But, there seem to be no such restriction on the Parliament.

I understand that today British burglars seem to have the right to ply their trade but their victims have been relieved of the right to defend themselves.

At least in the USA we still have the right to be armed. There is argument, especially among "progressives" about that right, but that is a perilous argument.

We have the right to keep and bear arms, not for hunting or sport, but for the day "they" come to take them away.


jeppo said...

Yeah, it does seem pretty ridiculous, doesn't it? Here's a comment I left at another website expanding on the EU-is-good-for-whitey theme, in a post titled "The West Should Be Forgotten". Feel free to laugh some more!

"What we need is a new, post-Cold War definition of “The West” that includes all of Europe and the European diaspora. “The West” is a highly useful shorthand term, a codeword even, meaning White Christian civilization worldwide, and “Westerners” are White Christians wherever they might live. “The West” should definitely *not* be forgotten.

The core of the West is Europe, 40 nations excluding 5 microstates and Turkey (of course), and the rest of the West includes all other nations with White European majorities: Russia, Canada, the US, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina and Uruguay. However, the latter two, even though by most accounts both have large White majorities, are probably better classified as Latin American rather than Western nations, with Latin America being a European/African/Amerindian hybrid civilization, as opposed to the purely European character of the West. So the West includes 45 nations.

Though the West is undoubtedly a Christian civilization, “Christian” in this sense doesn’t just mean practising or believing Christians, but as an exclusionary term which doesn’t include Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists or any other non-European religions. Even though Christianity is central to the West’s identity today, the West as a unique civilization predates Constantine’s imposition of Christianity on the Roman Empire by more than 800 years, dating back to the Greco-Persian wars of the early 5th Century BC.

The ultimate Greek victory in those wars preserved the political independence of Greece, and first established the civilizational division between the West (Europe) and the East (Asia). An ideological divide between West and East (the rudimentary democracy of Greece vs the despotism of Persia) has also more-or-less persisted to the present day as well.

But it’s the racial, religious and linguistic unity and distinctiveness of Europe and the West that has primarily differentiated it from the rest. Europeans are Caucasians, generally with light-coloured skin, eyes and hair, aka White people, as opposed to their darker neighbours. Europeans are Christians, as opposed to their mainly Muslim neighbours. And Europeans are mostly speakers of Indo-European languages, as opposed to their mainly Turkic and Semitic neighbours."


Baron Bodissey said...

reiverdave --

I sat for O-level and A-level examinations in History way back in the 1960s, when a secondary education in England was still a thing worth having.

I was taught by my History masters that England (and later Great Britain) had no single document as its constitution, but several documents from different eras (such as the Magna Carta and the Bill of Rights), plus customary institutions (for example, the House of Lords, whose ancient powers were recently all but abolished).

When my teachers and classmates spoke of "the Constitution", they were referring to those things. That's the difference that I was highlighting. Americans have a single document laying out their rights in clear terms -- which document has been abrogated repeatedly in recent decades by our tyrannical usurpers.

jeppo said...

Continued from above...

"The survival of Western civilization going forward is dependent on two main imperatives: Preservation and unity. To preserve the West, first and foremost, Third World immigration must be ended completely and permanently. Non-Whites and non-Christians living in the West should be encouraged to leave, or at the very least made to understand their subordinate status in our White Christian civilization. The racial and religious nature of our society must be preserved at all cost.

The unity of the West must be achieved as well, lest our constituent parts be swallowed by rival civilizations: Europe by the Muslim Middle East and North Africa, Russia by Muslim Central Asia, North America by Mestizo/Mullato Latin America, and Australasia by Muslim/Buddhist Southeast Asia.

By my count there are 4 major, and primarily Western, transnational organizations that can be used to further the project of Western unity: the OECD, NATO, the EU and the G8. The OECD is the West’s economic arm, with 28 of its 34 nations being Western. Russia, the last major White nation not yet a member, is negotiating to join the OECD, and eventually all 45 Western nations should join.

NATO is the West’s military arm, with 27 out of its 28 members being Western (the exception being Turkey). NATO should continue to expand eastward and eventually include Russia. The inclusion of Russia will shift NATO’s centre of gravity from the North Atlantic to the European continent, and weaken American dominance of the alliance, both good things IMO. A future expanded NATO, synonymous with the Greater West, will use the militaristic flank states (the US and Russia) to defend the European core and project European power around the world in the interests of White people everywhere.

The EU is the only one of these 4 organizations that is exclusively Western, all 27 of its members have overwhelming White Christian majorities. The EU should continue to expand eastward to the borders of Russia and Turkey, but no further, eventually including all 40 European nations. Needless to say, the Turkish application for membership should be rejected out of hand. A powerful and united EU is needed to succeed American leadership of the West, and the euro should replace the US dollar as the world’s primary reserve currency. Leadership within the EU should naturally fall to Germany and its Northern European neighbours.

The G8 is the West’s equivalent of a board of directors, including the 7 major White Christian nations plus Japan (honourary Whites). No further expansion is needed. The G8 is notable for the nations it *doesn’t* include, namely China and India, nor any country from Latin America, Africa or the Muslim world.

Three of these four organizations include non-Western nations, but they can still advance White interests implicitly while using the non-White nations as “beards” to disguise their true intentions. In short, I envision a German-dominated Europe within a Europe-dominated West within a Western-dominated world. But all this will be for nought if Third World immigration to the West isn’t stopped once and for all. Job number one is preserving the unique racial, religious and cultural character of the West."

Sorry about the multiple comments. Stupid Blogger!

urah2222 said...

To: Center for American Progress
Re" So-Called "Islamophobia"

Yo Center -

All'y'all seem to be neglecting the biggest cause - Islam, a civilization so outside the ken of American citizens that its actions scare Americans S&%$less.It is NOT PARANOIA when the lights on the Police Cruiser behind you come on or the knife approaches your neck.

Dr. Shalit

Kevin Stroup said...

Islamophobia my butt. If I am in fear of a murderer, am I a murderophobia? Islam is a clear and present threat based upon the ideology it espouses and the the actions that it dictates to its adherents. What part of "We want to kill you" are Westerners having a hard time understanding.
Sorry Jeppo, I have to disagree with you. America is in for hell, but so is Europe. Do not kid yourself. ALL white majority countries are decadent and weak. This only invites aggression. Always has, always will.

Dan said...
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EscapeVelocity said...

Latin Americans are primarily Europeans and almost 100% Christian.

Sorry Jeppo, the US isnt going to be majority non European or non Christian in the 21rst Century. That isnt clear with regards to Europe.

Good luck with that propositional nation building (the EU).


re. "O-level and A-level examinations in History"

Maybe something interesting here:

Not without humor?

philip.zhao said...

When Exodus takes place in America, where do Americans go?

Rollory said...

"Latin Americans are primarily Europeans and almost 100% Christian."

Utterly false. Stop lying.

La Raza is indeed a race, separate and distinct from Europeans, created by the systematic mixing of male Europeans and female American Indians.

"Sorry Jeppo, the US isnt going to be majority non European"

It is and that is baked in the cake at this point whether you want to admit it or not. California is already well past this point. Texas is already there as regards children under 2 and there's no reason to expect that situation to reverse itself - wait 20 years and that will be the best-case ethnic balance of the street gangs. Same situation in any number of other states among the southern 30 or so. In the average-sized town in Virginia where my parents live, Wikipedia claims the ethnic balance as being 10% hispanic; talking to a teacher who actually works in the schools reveals that two thirds of the students are hispanic.

The USA is a dead man walking. The bullet has already done the damage, it's just taking a while for the autonomic systems to shut down.

"When Exodus takes place in America, where do Americans go?"

What're you talking about? What's an American? Everybody in the world is American. Everybody can come here. American doesn't mean anything. You want a nation of your own, that can exclude somebody, anybody? What are you, some kinda racist? Evil! Evil! Evil! Look, conservatives say so, it must be true:

EscapeVelocity said...

Guess you dont consider the Spaniards Europeans.

The best move Spain ever made was giving preferential immigration status to Latin American Latino Hispanics.

Maybe you could import Mexican Catholics instead of South Asians and North African Muslims to prop up your Welfare States?

Rollory said...
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Rollory said...

EV: 1+1 = 3!

R: [puts two apples on the table] Count.

EV: No, no, 1+1 = 3!

Until you address the evidence and genetic studies discussed in Unamusement's article, there's nothing further to say.

Dan said...
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EscapeVelocity said...

Tainted blood arguments are foolish.

Most what are considered US White Euros have African and Native American and Mestizo blood.

By your argument the US is already a bastion of half breed non Europeans.

It's not like that hasnt been common beliefs among Europeans. Its been that way for centuries. It's base European Anti-Americanism.

EscapeVelocity said...

Then you actually visit Argentina, Chile, and Colombia and get a clue.

It actually is comforting to know that if Europe falls, we still have almost the entire Western Hemisphere, to carry on with European/Western/Christian civilization.

Hell, many Europeans might even flee to South America, just like the Nazis did post WW2.