Thursday, April 21, 2011

Camp of the Saints: New Destinations

Lampedusa: boatload of refugees #0

Despite the agreement between Tunisia and Italy to keep the refugees at home, despite the plans for joint French-Italian patrols in the Mediterranean, the boatloads of cultural enrichment keep arriving in Italy.

Two of the most recent arrivals are interesting, because they landed directly on the Italian mainland, without transiting through Sicily, Lampedusa, or any of the other islands between Tunisia and Italy. The first article concerns a landing at Crotone, on the toe of the Italian boot:

Boat With 20 People Rescued at Crotone

(AGI) Crotone — Italian Police Forces report that a a 14 mt long- boat with possibly 20 immigrants has been seen at about 20 miles off the Ionian coasts of Crotone, the local harbour office has activated rescue procedures. The Squadra Mobile, Italian special police forces are also participating to catch and eventually arrest the boat capitan. The boat’s port of departure is still unknown.

The origin of the first boat was unknown, but the second — which landed on the east coast of the Italian heel — came from Albania. Judging by the cosmopolitan nature of the passenger list, with all those Asian nationalities, it seems unlikely that North African people-smugglers were involved:
Boat of 31 Migrants Lands in Apulia’s Otranto Overnight

(AGI) Lecce — Apulia’s Adriatic coastline was the scene of further migrant landings. Last night 31 men, seven of whom minors aged between 12 and 17, were spotted by Italian coast patrols off Otranto. The party of 31 has been identified as comprising Afghan, Iraqi, Iranian, Burmese and Bangladeshi nationals. The motorboat on which they were being ferried was spotted at 0300 hours today and is thought to have departed from Albania. The pilot is described as a Russian passport holder and is currently under arrest. The 31 have been granted shelter at the ‘Don Tonino Bello’ home in Otranto and have been visited by the Italian Red Cross. They are reported as being in good health.

Hat tip: C. Cantoni.


Lawrence said...

boatloads of cultural enrichment"

So many responses (and connotations) to this statement, I don't even know where to begin.

Boatloads of "_________"

and I'll leave it at that.

Gregory said...

I don't get why the Italian navy isn't protecting its country. Just go out to the shores of thewse muslim countries and sink any boat full of people while it is still close to its originating shoreline so the survivors can swim back to shore. Destroy the danged boats!

1389 said...

Every country with any kind of a coastline or seaport needs an effective navy AND the will to use it. That means budgeting for the navy's upkeep and recruiting and training sailors and officers who have the will and the know-how to fight.

What I'm seeing here is EPIC FAIL.

Cato said...

Greetings! I have not been able to post much in recent months.

In the world of BIG BRObama and the fantasy that Islamic radicals practice "a religion of peace," and in a world where all people have a right to violate the borders of any country they choose to enter, a world that is our reality, no navy will be stopping anyone.

We can only hope that America will come to its senses and replace MAObama with a real leader, but I am not really too optimistic.