Friday, April 29, 2011

Terry Jones Takes Advantage of a “Free Speech Zone”

As you may remember, a week ago today a jury in Dearborn, Michigan denied pastor Terry Jones the right to demonstrate against sharia in front of the Islamic Center of North America. Mr. Jones was briefly jailed for his trouble after refusing to pay a $1 “peace bond”.

He vowed to return to Dearborn in a week to demonstrate in front of City Hall, and he kept his word. This time he chose to protest in one of the city’s specially designated “free speech zones”. Counter-protesters across the street were unhappy with Mr. Jones’ exercise of his First Amendment rights, and broke through the barrier for a few moments in an attempt to accost the hated Koran-burner from Florida. Some of the “youths” threw bottles and shoes at the pastor, and several were arrested.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for YouTubing this video:

Note: the young reporter who narrates most of this video repeatedly uses the word “podium” when she in fact means “lectern” — an all-too-common error nowadays, alas.

Hat tip: RE.


Van Grungy said...

Could you tell that woman reporter was conscious of actually being a woman in that position if the crowd had broke the line and overran the 'pulpit'?

jeeze, what a natterbox..

philip.zhao said...

Oh, boy ! Since when the world has started ZONING, and we have NO-FLY ZONE, NO-MOSQUITO ZONE,
How about a NO-OBAMA ZONE ?

Shaunantijihad said...

The so called "free speech zone" is supposed to extend from Canada to Mexic,o it's called the US Constitution - looks like the Communists and dhimmis have not just Europe but also America by the balls.

Profitsbeard said...

Good to know that people will try to stop free speech that defends the Constitution and opposes despotic theocratic terror.

I wish ICE actually functioned because I'm sure dozens of anti-Constitutionalist 'cultural enrichers' could have been caught and deported immediately.

Zenster said...

So, now that the First Amendment is under threat once more, where are all the Liberals who went to the barricades in defense of the "Free Speech Movement"?

Those in the 1960s were very keen on individuals exercising their right to say all sorts of offensive things. How is it then that they suddenly fade into the woodwork when someone else expresses their comparatively polite opposition to shari'a law which would be just as happy to see the complete and total elimination of Free Speech throughout the entire world?

The towering hypocrisy of this is deeply offensive to every rational notion of liberty and freedom.

Finally, Pastor Jones is to be commended for risking his life in the effort to expose Islam's supporters for the violent, hysterical, screeching mob-mentality bunch of thugs that they usually are wherever they go.

I have often noted how the typical retarded American skinhead neo-Nazis would most likely have been bundled into the cattle cars well ahead of the Jews.

Does anyone care to imagine just how loudly many of those in the protesting crowd would complain if they suddenly found themselves living under totalitarian shari'a law?

Were it not so incredibly dangerous and toxic to everybody's Constitutional rights, seeing these abject morons cowering under the whips and rods of patrolling Islamic morals police would be well worth the laugh.

Sadly, there is usually no turning back at that point and we are, instead, forced to somehow educate these delusional psychotics. A strenuous and thankless task at best.

Merrilee said...

Thanks! I've been looking for coverage. I found where someone said they were told by a policeman there was no place to park and that Jones was not in town,even as he was receiving blow-by-blow from his wife. Then I saw Reuters an hour later.

Professor L said...

Don't trample on our beliefs -- Counter-protest chant.

Does irony have no end? They drown him out, and complain about their beliefs being trampled.

And the counter-protesters displayed a paucity of American flags. One wonders if their own constitution is of any concern to them. At all.