Friday, April 22, 2011

A Danish Rapper in Afghanistan

Our Danish correspondent TB sends this unusual item — a rap video about the war in Afghanistan, by a Danish soldier who was there.

TB says:

This piece of music is probably not spot-on when it comes to the taste of the average GoV reader. It is a tribute to the soldiers (not only the Danes) fighting in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

The guy who recorded the number is a Danish rapper who went to war in 2009. His video “Goodbye 2009” was originally available only in Danish, but he has now posted a version with English subtitles.

The video has now been nominated at the GI Film Festival. Information about is posted at the military’s homepage, and here is the GI Film Festival presentation of the filmmaker Julius Telmer.

From the YouTube notes for the video:

The music video tells M.I.L.O.’s personal story over the course of six months which brought him from his last concert in his home country Denmark to the war in Afghanistan.

WARNING: The subtitles for this video include a few instances of foul language:


goethechosemercy said...

We have no business sending our babies into Afghanistan or any other non-Western country.
If we had any backbone, we would quarantine Western civilization, deport a frightful majority of the Muslim immigrants, and make very, very sure that such communities are barred from meaningful technical advancement.
Only isolation and the coldest of shoulders will make Islam begin to seek humility.
We send our babies away to places where there is nothing but hatred.
We have no business endangering them! None!