Thursday, April 28, 2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 4/28/2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 4/28/2011The White House has released what it says is a scan of President Obama’s “long form” birth certificate. However, some independent document analysts maintain that it is an obvious digital composite, put together using Photoshop or a similar application, and altered to make the data entered in the boxes apply to Mr. Obama.

In other news, in the wild, wonderful, wacky lunatic asylum formerly known as the United Kingdom, a pub singer on the Isle of Wight was arrested by police on suspicion of racially aggravated harassment after performing the disco song “Kung Fu Fighting”. His performance sparked a complaint from some Oriental passers-by.

Meanwhile, an animal rights group at the University of Illinois maintains that the word “pet” should no longer be used, but should be replaced by “animal companion”, so as to preserve the dignity of the relationship between humans and other species. When describing animals who are not our companions, the organization also wants to replace the word “wild” — which can have negative connotations — with “free-ranging”.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see this article on the posthumous trial of William S. Burroughs in Turkey. I encourage everyone to read it. It's important because it's the mirror image of some of the issues we've been discussing in the West, especially the recent attack on Piss Christ.

Obviously, for the Turkish government to put a distinguished and dead American author on trial is hilarious, but the issues raised by the Piss Christ vandalism are less clear to some social conservatives in the West.

When some people "take the bait," that makes the Counterjihad less appealing to a larger audience. This was why I pointed out that Ann Barnhardt's rant, in which she seemed not to know the difference between Mapplethorpe and Serrano, would discredit her and koran-burning in general, in the eyes of people who know more about art than Islam.

Please, everyone, read the news item on Burroughs, laugh, and then realise how important it is to avoid the hick factor that's on display here.