Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Culturally Enriched Tram Ride

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In the clip below, an elderly Dutchman on a tram is savagely beaten up by “youths” for standing up to see what they are doing, and for asking what is wrong.

Many thanks to hetvrijevolkcom for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

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Blogger said...

This sort of thing happens in many big cities and it isn't just muslims, but thugs from any background where testosterone is too high. The one thing where Islam makes a difference, though, is that Islamic doctrines, which these thugs were brought up on (if not directly, they exist in the language and actions of muslims around them) is that muslims are superior and kaffur are inferior. Therefore the problem of any muslim attackers on non-msulim victims is more insidious than any other groups.


A journalist named Joakim Palmkvist at the dayly paper Sydsvenskan has written a different article in today's Paper. The story takes place late at night (23:00) in Malmo, and gives a good picture of the state of Sweden's third largest city, the former pearl of the Sound. A gem that has lost all its glory.

Terrified in Malmo

Anonymous said...

The video is a dramatic re-enactment, not raw video. Here, the "youths" are portrayed as white. There's a long close-up of the attacker's forearm and fist, repeatedly punching someone. The arm is very white, and there's a young white man shown clearly.

Then, we see some raw footage, briefly, in which one attacker is non-white. Then the reporter says the attackers are "colored" and possibly from the Antilles.

So, the re-enactment was whitewashed, but the reporter was frank about who really did the attack. Could they not find a non-white actor?

Starets said...

I've seen a few videos lately where non-whites brutally attack a white, and other whites stand by and do nothing. I don't know if that is the case here.

However, white society has to make it a cultural norm that if a white is being attacked by non-whites, all other whites (who are physically capable) will come to his or her aid. It has to become very dangerous for non-whites to attack whites, and unfortunately the western governments refuse to play their parts in doing so.

I'm sure that in past decades it was dangerous for non-whites to attack whites, but the social engineers have removed that as a cultural norm by using hate crime and anti-racism laws. Now those who might help not only have the violent situation to consider, but also the likelihood of legal repercussions for helping. Regardless of that, this can not go on; collectively we have to stand up and teach them respect. If they are incapable of respect, then fear.


Anonymous said...

I suppose this would be slightly less likely in America, now that most states have laws permitting conceal carry.

See comment #34 by Georgia Stetson on this thread of AmRen :

Just showing some potential trouble-makers he had a gun (and telling them he did not miss) was enough to make them flee.

Hesperado said...

"The one thing where Islam makes a difference..."

As I have noted before, Islam is a Super-Tribe and a Super-Gang. For the former, the members transcend existing tribes not through trying to transcend tribalism (a process unique to the modern West). but rather through offering a developed tribalism above all other tribes. For the latter, Islam offers a gang mentality of global, historical and geopolitically and ideologically supremacist proportions.

Complicating this description is another feature of Islam: its seemingly decentralized complexity, which provides ostensible ammunition for those who persist in insisting that Islam is "not monolithic" and that one cannot impute Islam as a factor when Muslims in various far-flung locales do bad things. There does seem to be something about Muslims and the mountains of dots of disturbing data they create, however, which strongly indicate -- to those of us who, as Hugh Fitzgerald once put it, do not "lack the mental pencil to connect the dots" -- a trans-differential tissue, whereby any given Muslim who is already a disposed to thuggery or worse feels added incentive in his self-identification as a Muslim -- and all that entails.

As we who have become autodidacts on Islam (by necessity, since those whose jobs it is to educate us -- our academics, news journalists, mainstream writers and politicians -- have failed us in this regard) know, there exists in Islamic texts, legal rulings (and legal rulings are the very heart of Islam), history and speech (whether sermons, fatwas, writings or demagogic harangues) a broad and deep basis for encouragement, rather than for discouragement, of such criminal behaviors and the aforementioned atmospherics that imbue them.

Of course, Muslims aren't the only tribalistic gangsters and thugs, and that is not the sole reason why the danger of Muslims is of a higher order of urgency compared with other social sources. It's just one aspect among a wonderful diversity of factors unified by the aforementioned supremacism which is unique among all peoples.