Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Western Suicide Pact

Ole Jørgen Anfindsen is the editor of the website Honest Thinking and the author of the Norwegian book Selvmordsparadigmet (“The Suicide Paradigm”). Its main focus is on evolution and human biology vs. Multiculturalism and mass immigration.

For non-Scandinavian readers, it overlaps to a considerable degree with The Perils of Diversity: Immigration and Human Nature, written by the American Professor Byron M. Roth. Prof. Roth’s fine and politically incorrect book has been reviewed by Steve Sailer, as well as by Fjordman right here at Gates of Vienna.

Below are some excerpts from “The Suicidal Paradigm — A Conversation With Ole Jørgen Anfindsen” at The Brussels Journal:

OJA: While I do not see it as inevitable that the West will eventually commit suicide, it does appear to be a quite likely outcome of today’s processes. The currently ongoing destruction of our societies is possible because people either don’t care enough to speak out against our elites, and/or because they actually believe that we are merely going through some ‘adjustments’ on our way to the multicultural paradise. Our political Titanic can only be turned around if sufficient numbers of voters demand a change.

This appears unlikely to happen in the near future, and I suspect that part of the reason has to do with a certain level of decadence that has permeated the Western mindset. Exaggerating somewhat, people care more about wealth, status, and careers than about the future of their own children. As a matter of fact, we are not even producing sufficient numbers of children for there to be any future for us at all. Unless there is a change in attitude here, our societies are doomed, and deservedly so.

I suspect we have a long fight in front of us; a fight that will ultimately be about what Western civilization is, and upon which values it should be built. As we engage in battle with those who hate the West and everything it stands for, as well as those who despise people of European descent, let us not stoop to their corrupt ways and despicable methods. Let us affirm the value of every human being, irrespective of ethnicity, race, or religion (or lack of such). Let us be caring, reasonable, and generous — without becoming utopian, stupid, or naïve. And let us, above all, seek the truth — wherever it may lead.

Read the rest at The Brussels Journal.


Lawrence said...

Suicide, no.

Extinction via assimilation, more than likely.

They will assimilate us by getting us to assimilate them. Very tricky of them.

Sol Ta Triane said...

Hey Lawrence,

Enjoy your posts.

It is suicide.

You said, "Very tricky of them."

I don't think the explorers from foreign lands are very tricky. They just know a good bargain when they see one. The fact that they get to keep a retarded culture is just the icing on the Eurocake.

This is just for the time being, though. This gravy train is gonna go off the tracks in four years time. And good.

Economic failure may be our best hope, in terms of it forcing serious civilizational argument and division. As opposed to what we have, a politically correct pseudo-unity.

jlevyellow said...

No one goes to Las Vegas with the expectation of winning any money if they understand the system. The 'house' always takes its cut. Government is the equivalent of the 'house'. The future lies in minimizing government's cut. Then, a little inflation and a whole lot of innovation can maintain our prosperity.

Why is the Government equivalent to the 'house'? The 'house' provides a venue for gambling which, as an activity, produces no growth, but merely redistributes wealth among the players. The analogy fails when government supports innovation.

How does government support innovation? Weapons development, space technology, national laboratories like Lawrence-Livermore, distribution of funds for research, and land-grant colleges. There must be other governmental functions that provide a venue for innovation, but I don't know any others.

As in thermodynamic systems, economic stability always moves us toward entropy. Innovation stirs the soup and prevents entropy from becoming the dominant direction of energy dissipation. We will have to stir for all we are worth to make things better, even a little bit.

(I can only write this way when I am very tired.)

Zenster said...

Lawrence: They will assimilate us by getting us to assimilate them.

From Star Trek: The Movie

"Now that we've got them just where they want us."

― Captain James T. Kirk ―

Lawrence said...

jlevyellow said...How does government support innovation?

There must be other governmental functions that provide a venue for innovation, but I don't know any others.

We used to support private enterprise, allowing a environment for private risk takers to take calculated long-term risks in developing their own ideas.

We still have this, of course, except the current government overlays this with the threat of heavily taxing any benefit entrepreneurs may gain from taking such risks.